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There are 3 modes of play: Safe area, enemy-infested area, and in-battle.

When the player is in a safe area, usually in a city, they can walk around as much as they want. The player can talk to NPCs, buy and sell items, search for hidden items, and rest at an inn. Also the player may duel the other characters, or even convince one to assist in the search for the runes.

When the player is in an enemy-infested area, the Magic Crystal item in the top-left appears. That crystal shows where enemies are, where cities and dungeons are, and where a rune is located. If a white dot gets too close to the center, a battle will break out. The player must move around quickly while grabbing chests and finding the way, since the enemies are always getting closer.

When the player is in battle, the perspective shows the character and ally, if any, from behind looking at one to three enemies. Players then select an option and take turns with the enemy and ally. The goal is to kill the enemy and not die in the process. The player can attack, defend, cast a spell, use an item, or run. If the player wins, their character gets experience points and gold. If he loses, half of his/her money will be gone. If the player loses to one of the other main characters, his/her rune will be taken by that character. One common tactic before talking to a potential playable ally is to save the game first, then to talk to see if that character is hostile, and if s/he is, reset the game.

Gaining experience results in attaining levels which improve a character's skill. Buying better weapons and armor with the money improves a character's fighting ability. Note that due to space constraints, most equipment you obtain is severely abbreviated.



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