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After going through the gate of earth, you should reach Borno. Here, you can recruit your first companion, but you may also encounter companions that want to challenge you for either fame or for runes; if you do, they will remain hostile for a long time within the game.

If you spoke with a person within Rablesk, you can meet up with him in Borno. First, head to the building just left of the bar. Speak with the person there, and he will mention that Borno has gone to another building. After a hunting trip throughout the city, he will finally return to his home and give you the map.

When you are powerful enough to defeat Androids either by yourself or in a group of two, head to the southwest to the village of Zellis. To the west of Zellis is the Cave of Melenam.

Cave of Melenam

The Cave of Melenam contains the first rune, and will be marked on the crystal ball. When you enter the cave, head to the east for the rune. You will have to approach the rune from the north to collect it. This rune allows teleporting to villages that you have already visited.

To proceed further in the cave, you will need to return to Zellis and speak with a person found in the inn. He wants to head to the City of Melenam, but has trouble because of the monsters. With him, return to the cave and head to the west. After going through the stairs and following tunnel, he will unlock the path to Melenam.

Proceed onward to Melenam. The city is in ruin, and any objects within chests are free to take. Proceed to the other end of the city to reach another cave.

To Eygus

As you enter another set of caves to reach Eygus, you will eventually encounter Pison again. He is stronger this time around, and will also use a healing ability once when he runs low on health.

When you reach the surface, head to the northwest. Speak with the sage in the northeast corner to open another path to the mainland.



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