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After reaching Eygys, the exit in the norht-east of the city allows you to reach Pell.


The coastal city of Pell doesn't contain any runes, but is a mid point that can be used for resting. Explore the buildings and learn about the characters within the city.


The country of Guntz is located to the east of Pell, and contains one of the runes.

The second rune is guarded by the sage at the north of the town. When you try to speak with him, he will refuse to give you the rune. Continue speaking with him, and he will tell you to provide Guntz with water in exchange for the rune.

Return to Pell, and enter the bar. Speak with the digger and escort him to Guntz.

When you speak with the sage, the digger will fill the moats with the underground water. You will then receive the water rune, which allows you to heal within battle. You will hear the next rune is to the east, in the country of Patrof.


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