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As you enter Rablesk, you will disocver from the inhabitants that there Gate of Earth is closed, preventing citizens from travelling. As mentioned by the citizens, you will need to obtain the Key of Earth from the Castle of Aran, and use it to unlock the gate.

Castle of Aran

The castle of Aran is to the east of Rablesk. There are two monsters in the castle; the Chimera, and the statue, the former being more dangerous.

In the baserment, accessible by looping around the first floor, there are two items. The south-east corner has a Topaz, while the north-east has a Psyte sword.

From the first floor, you will need to head straight north to reach the third floor. Once there, you can head south and loop to the west to collect two items (A power seed and a potion) or to the right for the fourth floor.

The fourth floor has two cheses as well. The north-east chest has a potion, and the central chest (accessibly from the south-west of it's room) has an opal.

To reach Romus, head to the south-west corner of the fourth floor and go north. Talk him to fight.

Romus has two attacks; he will either shoot lightning at you or use a health draining attack. If the lightning attack inflicts too much damage, you will have to purchase a B Protect item from the shop in Rablesk, and stock up on healing items. Your basic attack might not inflict much damage. If this is the case, try using magical attacks. If you still have trouble defeating Romus, head to the southwest corner of Rablesk, through the path of trees and speak with the two people there. You will obtain the whistle, which can instantly defeat Romus.

When the battle is complete, you will receive 240 Gold and 528 experience. You will also find the Key of Earth, and the castle will no longer be infested.

Cave of Earth

The Cave of Earth is located south-west of Rablesk. The enemies in this cave are undead, and much more dangerous than those found in Castle of Aran.

With the Key of Earth, you can unlock the gate that was previously blocking the path. On the first branch, you can head right to collect A Seed and Antidote. Head left to continue, but avoid the following chest since it is an extremely powerful Mimic.

Within the case, you will encounter Pison, a bounty hunter hired by one of the rivals. Follow the same tactic as Romus; increase your defense, and use your most powerful attack. Since Pison is much weaker than Romus (and only has a single whip attack), you should have no problem defeating him to get 120 Gold and 264 experience.

The path behind Pison contains a B Fire and a Magical herb. Continue to the end of the tunnel and head south-west to reach Bonro.



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