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The Bible in English
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Early Modern English (1500-1800)
Modern Christian (1800-)
Modern Jewish (1853-)

The Anchor Bible project, consisting of a Commentary Series, Bible Dictionary, and Reference Library, is a scholarly and commercial co-venture begun in 1956, when individual volumes in the commentary series began production. Having initiated a new era of cooperation among scholars in biblical research, over 1,000 scholars—representing Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, secular, and other traditions—have now contributed to the project. Their works offer discussions that reflect a range of viewpoints across a wide theological spectrum. The Anchor Bible project continues to produce volumes that keep readers current on recent scholarship and are grounded in analysis. The works bring advances in science and technology to bear on biblical materials, making historical and linguistic knowledge related to the interpretation of the biblical record available to experts and students alike. As of 2005, more than 120 volumes had been published, each edited by David Noel Freedman, General Editor and published by Doubleday (part of Random House, Inc.). In 2007, Yale University Press purchased the Anchor Bible Series. Yale now publishes backlist titles and new titles as the Anchor Yale Bible Series.[1][2]


Anchor Bible Commentary Series

The Anchor Bible Commentary Series, created under the guidance of William Foxwell Albright (1891–1971), comprises a bookwise translation and exegesis of the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament and the Intertestamental Books (Apocrypha). For each biblical book, the series includes an original translation (with annotations, including alternative translations) of ancient texts, using modern knowledge of the ancient languages; overviews of the historical, critical, and literary evolution of the text; an outline of major themes and topics; a verse-by-verse commentary; treatment of competing scholarly theories; historical background; and photographs, illustrations, and maps of artifacts and places associated with biblical figures and sites. Lengthy or complex biblical books are covered in more than one volume.

A work in progress, as of 2006, the series has produced over 80 volumes, some of which are updates of earlier works. The series is 99% complete; the second half of Exodus was released in early December 2006, and the remaining volumes (e.g., Nahum) are in production. Additionally, many new volumes, such as Proverbs 10–31, are in the final stages of production. Others such as II Chronicles and Revelation are under contract.

Anchor Bible Dictionary

The Anchor Bible Dictionary contains more than 6,000 entries from 800 international scholars. It has illustrations and line-art throughout, and is also available on CD-ROM from Logos Bible Software or Accordance for the Macintosh. The "Dictionary" includes articles on the Dead Sea Scrolls, early Jewish-Christian relations, the historical Jesus, sociological and literary methods of biblical criticism, feminist hermeneutics, and numerous entries on archaeological sites, as well as bibliographies with citations listed individually at the end of each article.

Anchor Bible Reference Library

The Anchor Bible Reference Library is an open-ended series composed of more than thirty separate volumes with information about anthropology, archaeology, ecology, geography, history, languages, literature, philosophy, religions, and theology, among others.

Works in the Anchor Bible Commentary Series

Works in the Anchor Bible Commentary Series include:


Tanakh ~ Old Testament ~ Hebrew Bible

  • Genesis, E. A. Speiser, 1964
  • Genesis, Ronald S. Hendel (in production)
  • Exodus 1–18, William H. Propp, 1999
  • Exodus 19-40, William H. Propp, 2006
  • Leviticus 1–16, Jacob Milgrom, 1998
  • Leviticus 17–22, Jacob Milgrom, 2000
  • Leviticus 23–27, Jacob Milgrom, 2001
  • Numbers 1–20, Baruch A. Levine, 1993
  • Numbers 21–36, Baruch A. Levine, 2000
  • Deuteronomy 1–11, Moshe Weinfeld, 1991
  • Deuteronomy 12–34, Moshe Weinfeld (in production, expected to be two more volumes)
  • Joshua, Robert G. Boling and G. Ernest Wright, 1982
  • Judges, Robert G. Boling, 1974
  • Judges, Jack Sasson, (in production)
  • Ruth, Edward F. Campbell Jr., 1975
  • 1 Samuel, P. Kyle McCarter Jr., 1980
  • 2 Samuel, P. Kyle McCarter Jr., 1984
  • 1 Kings, Mordechai Cogan, 2001
  • 2 Kings, Mordechai Cogan and Hayim Tadmor, 1988
  • 1 Chronicles, Jacob M. Myers, 1965
  • 1 Chronicles 1–9, Gary N. Knoppers, 2003
  • 1 Chronicles 10–29, Gary N. Knoppers, 2004
  • 2 Chronicles, Jacob M. Myers, 1965
  • 2 Chronicles, Gary N. Knoppers (in production)
  • Ezra-Nehemiah, Jacob M. Myers, 1965
  • Ezra-Nehemiah, Tamara Cohn Eskenazi (in production)
  • Esther, Carey A. Moore, 1971
  • Job, Marvin H. Pope, 1965
  • Psalms I 1–50, Mitchell Dahood, 1966
  • Psalms II 51–100, Mitchell Dahood, 1968
  • Psalms III 101–150, Mitchell Dahood, 1970
  • Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, R.B.Y. Scott, 1965
  • Proverbs 1–9, Michael V. Fox, 2000
  • Proverbs 10–31, Michael V. Fox, (in production)
  • Ecclesiastes, Choon-Leong Seow, 1997
  • Song of Songs, Marvin H. Pope, 1977
  • Isaiah 34–35,40–66, John L. McKenzie (1969)
  • Isaiah 1–39, Joseph Blenkinsopp, 2000
  • Isaiah 40–55, Joseph Blenkinsopp, 2002
  • Isaiah 56–66, Joseph Blenkinsopp, 2003
  • Jeremiah, John Bright, 1965
  • Jeremiah 1–20, Jack R. Lundbom, 1999
  • Jeremiah 21–36, Jack R. Lundbom, 2004
  • Jeremiah 37–52, Jack R. Lundbom, 2004
  • Lamentations, Delbert R. Hillers, 1972
  • Lamentations, 2nd ed., Delbert R. Hillers, 1992
  • Ezekiel 1–20, Moshe Greenberg, 1983
  • Ezekiel 21–37, Moshe Greenberg, 1997
  • Ezekiel 38-48, Jacob Milgrom (in production)
  • Daniel, Louis F. Hartman and Alexander A. DiLella, 1978
  • Hosea, Francis I. Andersen and David Noel Freedman, 1980
  • Joel, James L. Crenshaw, 1995
  • Amos, Francis I. Andersen and David Noel Freedman, 1989
  • Obadiah, Paul Raabe,1996
  • Jonah, Jack M. Sasson, 1990
  • Micah, Francis Andersen and David Noel Freedman, 2000
  • Nahum, Duane Christensen (in production)
  • Habakkuk, Francis I. Andersen, 2001
  • Zephaniah, Adele Berlin, 1994
  • Haggai and Zechariah 1–8, Carol L. Meyers and Eric M. Meyers, 1987
  • Zechariah 9–14, Carol L. Meyers and Eric M. Meyers, 1992
  • Malachi, Andrew E. Hill, 1998

New Testament

  • Matthew, W. F. Albright & C. S. Mann, 1971
  • Matthew, John P. Meier (in production)
  • Mark, C.S. Mann, 1986
  • Mark 1–8, Joel Marcus, 2000
  • Mark 8–16, Joel Marcus, 2009
  • Luke 1–9, Joseph Fitzmyer, 1982
  • Luke 10–24, Joseph Fitzmyer, 1985
  • John 1–12, Raymond E. Brown, 1966
  • John 13–21, Raymond E. Brown, 1970
  • Acts of the Apostles, Johannes Munck, 1967
  • Acts of the Apostles, Joseph Fitzmyer, S.J, 1998
  • Romans, Joseph Fitzmyer, S.J, 1993
  • 1 Corinthians, William F. Orr and James Arthur Walther, 1976
  • 1 Corinthians, Joseph Fitzmyer, 2008
  • 2 Corinthians, Victor P. Furnish, 1984
  • Galatians, J. Louis Martyn, 1997
  • Ephesians 1–3, Markus Barth, 1974
  • Ephesians 4–6, Markus Barth, 1974
  • Philippians, J. Reumann, 2008
  • Colossians, Markus Barth and Helmut Blankes, 1995
  • Letters to the Thessalonians, Abraham J. Malherbe, 2000
  • First and Second Letters to Timothy, Luke Timothy Johnson, 2001
  • Letter to Titus, Jerome D. Quinn, 1990
  • Letter to Philemon, Joseph Fitzmyer, 2001
  • Hebrews, George Wesley Buchanan, 1972
  • Hebrews, Craig Koester, 2001
  • The Epistles of James, Peter, and Jude, Bo Reicke,1964
  • Letter of James, Luke Timothy Johnson, 1995
  • 1 Peter, John H. Elliott, 2001
  • 2 Peter and Jude, Jerome H. Neyrey, 1993
  • The Epistles of John, Raymond E. Brown, 1982
  • Revelation, J. Massyngberde Ford, 1975
  • Revelation, Craig Koester (in production)

Intertestamental Books ~ Apocrypha

  • Daniel, Esther and Jeremiah: The Additions, Carey A. Moore, 1977
  • Tobit, Carey A. Moore, 1996
  • Judith, Carey A. Moore, 1985
  • The Wisdom of Solomon, David Winston, 1979
  • Wisdom of Ben Sira, Patrick W. Skehan and Alexander A. DiLella, 1995
  • 1 and 2 Esdras,Jacob M. Myers, 1974
  • 1 Maccabees, Jonathan A. Goldstein, 1976
  • 2 Maccabees, Jonathan A. Goldstein, 1983

Works in the Anchor Bible Reference Library

Works in the Anchor Bible Reference Library include:

  • Susan Ackerman, Warrior, Dancer, Seductress, Queen: Women in Judges and Biblical Israel. 1998. ISBN 0-385-48424-0
  • Joseph Blenkinsopp, Pentateuch: An Introduction to the First Five Books of the Bible. 2000. ISBN 0-385-49788-1
  • Raymond E. Brown, Death of the Messiah: From Gethsemane to the Grave (2 Vol. Boxed Set). 1994. ISBN 0-385-47177-7
  • Raymond E. Brown, An Introduction to the New Testament . 1997. ISBN 0-385-24767-2
  • Raymond E. Brown, Birth of the Messiah: A Commentary on the Infancy Narratives in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, 2nd edition. 1999. ISBN 0-385-49447-5
  • Raymond E. Brown, An Introduction to the Gospel of John. 2003. ISBN 0-385-50722-4
  • James H. Charlesworth, Apocalyptic Literature and Testaments (The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha, Vol. 1). 1983. ISBN 0-385-09630-5
  • James H. Charlesworth, The Old Testament: Pseudepigrapha Volume 2. 1985. ISBN 0-385-18813-7
  • James H. Charlesworth, 'Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls'. 1992. ISBN 0-385-24863-6
  • James H. Charlesworth, The Good and Evil Serpent: The Symbolism and Meaning of the Serpent in the Ancient World. 2006. ISBN 0-385-49696-6
  • Bruce Chilton, Rabbi Jesus: An Intimate Biography. 2000. ISBN 0-385-49792-X
  • Bruce Chilton, Rabbi Paul: An Intellectual Biography. 2004. ISBN 0-385-50862-X
  • Bruce Chilton, Mary Magdalene: A Biography. 2005. ISBN 0-385-51317-8
  • John J. Collins, Scepter and the Star: The Messiahs of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Other Ancient Literature. 1995. ISBN 0-385-47457-1
  • James L. Crenshaw, Education in Ancient Israel: Across the Deadening Silence. 1998. ISBN 0-385-46891-1
  • David Laird Dungan, A History of the Synoptic Problem: The Canon, the Text, the Composition, and the Interpretation of the Gospels. 1999. ISBN 0-385-47192-0
  • David Noel Freedman, The Nine Commandments: Uncovering the Hidden Pattern of Crime and Punishment in the Hebrew Bible. 2000. ISBN 0-385-49986-8
  • Shimon Gibson, The Cave of John the Baptist: The Stunning Archaeological Discovery That Has Redefined Christian History. 2004. ISBN 0-385-50347-4
  • Jonathan A. Goldstein, Peoples of an Almighty God: Competing Religions in the Ancient World. 2002. ISBN 0-385-42347-0
  • Bentley Layton, The Gnostic Scriptures: A New Translation with Annotations and Introductions. 1995. ISBN 0-385-47843-7
  • Amihai Mazar, Archaeology of the Land of the Bible: Volume 1: 10,000-586 B.C.E. 1990. ISBN 0-385-23970-X
  • John P. Meier, A Marginal Jew: Rethinking the Historical Jesus
v. 1, The Roots of the Problem and the Person. 1991. ISBN 0-385-26425-9
v. 2, Mentor, Message, and Miracles. 1994. ISBN 0-385-46992-6
v. 3, Companions and Competitors. 2001. ISBN 0-385-46993-4
v. 4, Law and Love, 2009. ISBN 0-300-14096-7
  • Gregory Mobley, The Empty Men : the Heroic Tradition of Ancient Israel. 2005. ISBN 0-385-49851-9
  • Jacob Neusner, Introduction to Rabbinic Literature. 1994. ISBN 0-385-47093-2
  • Brian Peckham, History and Prophecy: The Development of Late Judean Literary Traditions. 1993. ISBN 0-385-42348-9
  • Lawrence H. Schiffman, Reclaiming the Dead Sea Scrolls: The History of Judaism, the Background of Christianity, the Lost Library of Qumran. 1995. ISBN 0-8276-0530-7
  • Alan F. Segal, Life after Death: A History of the Afterlife in Western Religion. 2004. ISBN 0-385-42299-7
  • Ephraim Stern, Archaeology of the Land of the Bible: Volume 2: The Assyrian, Babylonian, and Persian Periods (732-332 BCE). 2001. ISBN 0-385-42450-7.


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