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The Bachelorette
Format Competitive reality show
Starring Chris Harrison (host)
Trista Rehn (Season 1)
Meredith Phillips (Season 2)
Jennifer Schefft (Season 3)
DeAnna Pappas, (Season 4)
Jillian Harris (Season 5)
Ali Fedotowsky (Season 6)
Country of origin United States
Running time 120 minutes
Original channel ABC
Original run January 8, 2003 (2003-01-08) – present
Related shows The Bachelor

The Bachelorette is a spin-off of the American competitive reality dating game show, The Bachelor. In its January 2003 debut on ABC, the first season featured Trista Rehn, the runner-up date from the first season of The Bachelor, offering the opportunity for Rehn to choose a husband among 25 bachelors. The 2004 season of The Bachelorette again took the runner-up from the previous season of The Bachelor. After last airing on February 28, 2005, the series returned to ABC during the spring of 2008, following an absence of three years.[1]



  • Season 1 (2003)
Trista Rehn, the runner-up of the first season of The Bachelor, selected Ryan Sutter and the season's finale broadcast was one of the most-watched programs in the history of reality television.[2] They got married and have two children together.[3][4]
Meredith Phillips, who was let go of by bachelor Bob Guiney in season 4 of The Bachelor, chose Ian Mckee.[5] However, they ended their relationship in February 2005.[6]
  • Season 3 (2005)
Jennifer Schefft, selected by Andrew Firestone in season three of The Bachelor,[7] got a second chance at love, after her relationship with Firestone ended,[8] in The Bachelorette's third season. She chose Jerry Ferris, an art gallery director, over fellow finalist John Paul Merritt in a first live final rose ceremony.[9] During this last episode, Jerry proposed to Jen. She rejected his proposal, however, stating that the chemistry was not there.[10]
DeAnna Pappas, who first appeared in season eleven of The Bachelor, but was yet rejected by bachelor Brad Womack,[11] chose Jesse Csincsak over Jason Mesnick.[12] They were set to wed on May 9, 2009 but the couple announced their break-up in November 2008.[13] On season 13 of The Bachelor which features Jason Mesnick as a single father looking for a second chance at love, Pappas makes a surprise return.
Jillian Harris, who was rejected by bachelor Jason Mesnick in season 13 of The Bachelor, was the fifth bachelorette. She is also the first bachelorette from Canada. The fifth season premiered on May 18, 2009. On the season finale, Jillian received a proposal from Ed Swiderski. A supplement to the finale, "After The Final Rose", aired on Tuesday, July 28.[14] Contestant Jake Pavelka was chosen to be the next "Bachelor".
  • Season 6 (2010)
Ali Fedotowsky, who walked away from bachelor Jake Pavelka, will be the sixth bachelorette.[15] The season will premiere in May 2010.

The Bachelorettes

Season Bachelorette Occupation "Winner" Runner-Up Proposal Status of Relationship
1 Trista Rehn physical therapist Ryan Sutter Charlie Maher Yes They were married in December 2003. They remain together and have two children.
2 Meredith Phillips makeup artist Ian Mckee Matthew Hickl[16] Yes They were engaged at the end of the show but ended their relationship in February 2005.
3 Jennifer Schefft publicist Jerry Ferris and John Paul Merritt No She rejected all bachelors.[10]
4 DeAnna Pappas real estate broker Jesse Csincsak Jason Mesnick Yes Their wedding was set for May 9, 2009, but they broke up in November 2008. Finalist Jason Mesnick was featured on the 13th season of The Bachelor.
5 Jillian Harris interior designer Ed Swiderski Kiptyn Locke Yes They are currently engaged and living together in Chicago.[17] Contestant Jake Pavelka was featured on the 14th season of The Bachelor.
6 Ali Fedotowsky advertising account manager

References in other shows

  • In the cartoon Family Guy (7th Episode of the 4th Season, "Brian the Bachelor"), Brian is selected to become a contestant in The Bachelorette. He initially finds the show stupid and offensive but ends up falling for Brooke the bachelorette (voiced by Jessica Biel) and is chosen by her, only to have her break up with him soon after the show ends.
  • In the cartoon South Park (6th Episode of the 6th Season, "Professor Chaos"), a contest with workings similar to The Bachelorette is held to determine who will be Stan, Kyle and Cartman's new friend since their old friend Kenny has died.


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