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Bad Girls Club
Genre Reality television
Created by Jonathan Murray
Opening theme "Love Me or Hate Me" by Lady Sovereign
(Season 1)
"Bad Girls" by Tokyo Diiva
(Season 2–present)
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 76 (List of episodes)
Producer(s) Bunim/Murray Productions
Location(s) Los Angeles, California
Running time 60 minutes (Season 3–present)
Original channel Oxygen Network
Original run December 5, 2006 (2006-12-05) – present
Followed by Bad Girls Road Trip
Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too
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The Bad Girls Club is an American reality television that premiered on the Oxygen Network in December 2006. The show was created by Jonathan Murray and is produced by Bunim/Murray Productions (the same company that produces the reality series The Real World). The show's premise follows seven women with a number of personal, behavioral, and psychological problems — deemed "bad girls" — as they live together for four months. Cameras record their relationships and their attempts to accomplish specific goals. The show is currently in its fourth season, which premiered December 1, 2009.[1]


Season 1


Original Bad Girls
  • Zara Sprankle
  • Leslie Ramsue (Episode 1–15)
  • Ripsi Terzain (Episode 1–4)
  • Kerry Harvick
  • Aimee Landi
  • Jodie Howell (Episode 1–20)
  • Ty Colliers (Episode 1–10)
Replacement Bad Girls
  • DeAnn Witt (Replaced Ripsi; Episode 6+)
  • Joanna "JoJo" Hernandez (Replaced Ty; Episode 16+)
  • Andrea Laing (Replaced Leslie; Episode 16+)
Reunion Host
Original Bad Girls Club Season 1 Cast. From left to right, Kerry, Zara, Jodie, Aimee, Ty, Leslie and Ripsi.

Early departures

  • Ripsi: Following a night of binge drinking with Zara, Ripsi attacked Kerry and Jodie until the other roommates stopped her. The following day, she claimed to have no memory of the events. The roommates held a house meeting and decided to send her home. She returned for the reunion special, and successfully asks for forgiveness from Kerry.
  • Ty: During a group beach trip, Ty and Aimee argued about who should carry their raft on the way back to the car with Leslie trying to settle them down, but Ty became enraged and spat in Aimee's face. It soon turned physical when Ty hit her and they started to fight until the other girls were able to break it up. Ty was sent home that night for starting the fight. She returned for the reunion special, and got into an argument with Aimee.
  • Leslie: She felt her roommates were doing nothing to create change in their lives and that it would be best for her to leave the show and continue college. She returned for the reunion special.
  • Jodie: With the other housemates making offensive comments about her, Jodie felt the house was "toxic" and made the choice to leave the house. She left the house only telling Joanna.

Season 2

Original Bad Girls Club Season 2 Cast. From left to right, Jennavecia, Darlen, Lyric, Cordelia, Neveen, Tanisha and Hanna.


Original Bad Girls
  • Darlen Escobar
  • Tanisha Thomas
  • Neveen Ismail
  • Cordelia Carlisle
  • Jennavecia Russo (Episode 1–14)
  • Hanna Thompson
  • Melissa "Lyric" Greene (Episode 1–8)
Replacement Bad Girl
  • Andrea Sharples (Replaced Lyric; Episode 13–21)
Reunion Host

Early departures

  • Lyric: Fearing that her roommates' destructive behavior would have a negative influence on her, Lyric left the show on her own terms. She returned for the reunion special, only to be removed moments after getting involved in a heated argument with Tanisha.
  • Jennavecia: Upon joining, the roommates were assigned mandatory jobs. One of the rules of the house is that if a girl quits the job, she must be sent home. After their boss docked their pay, Jennavecia felt it was unfair and quit the job via email. As a result of her email, Jennavecia was asked to leave. She returned for the reunion special.
  • Andrea: Cordelia's drinking and wild behavior took its toll on Andrea, as she took to her blog to vent her emotions. Andrea left her blog unattended, and Cordelia stumbled upon it. At first Cordelia wasn't going to say anything, but upon hearing that Andrea had been talking behind her back, she told the others about the blog. The housemates then turned on Andrea when they found out that Andrea had written blogs about all of them. Despite her attempted apologies, Andrea was unable to resolve it with her roommates, so she decided to leave the house. She returned for the reunion special, and apologizes to Cordelia, who forgave Andrea.

Season 3

Original Bad Girls Club Season 3 cast. From left to right, Whitney, Amber M., Kayla, Amber B., Ailea, Tiffany and Sarah.

Season changes

For Season 3, Oxygen announced that the show's format would be expanded from a half hour to one hour. This is the season where the most celebrity appearances occurred. Also, this is the first season where the girls take a vacation to Cancun, Mexico.


Original Bad Girls
  • Sarah Michaels
  • Amber Buell
  • Tiffany Torrence-Davis
  • Whitney Collings (Episode 1-12; 13)
  • Amber Meade
  • Ailea Carr (Episode 1-12; 13)
  • Kayla Carter (Episode 1-5; 10)
Replacement Bad Girl
  • Ashley Weaver (Replaced Kayla; Episode 7+)
Guest Bad Girl(s)
  • Tanisha Thomas (Season 2; Episode 6)
Reunion Host

Early departures

  • Kayla: Kayla and Amber M. got into a disagreement over leaving a tip at a restaurant and continued to argue over who was right on the way home. Kayla became angry and hit Amber M's arm and the two began then began to slap fight in the car. Amber M. asked Amber B. to pull the car over so she and Kayla could get out and fight. When they got out of the car, Kayla kicked Amber M. and they began to fight until Amber B. stopped them. When they got home, the girls told the other housemates what had happened and Kayla felt that everyone was taking Amber M's side, so she left the house, before being sent home for breaking the rules. She returned in the tenth episode for the Bad Girls Club promo photo shoot, and made amends with the Ambers. She then returned for the reunion special, which lead to an argument and fight with Ashley.
  • Whitney: After growing tensions and an argument in Cancun, Whitney and Amber M. got into a hair-pulling fight in a street outside a club. The girls broke it up, but Amber M. tried to hit Whitney with her shoe. Whitney then attacked Amber M., kicking her when Amber M. was down. The police got involved after hearing complaints about the fight, and they advised Whitney to leave the country, and the producers told her to leave the show as well. Whitney returns in episode 13 from Mexico to the house to gather her belongings, and also returns for the reunion special.
  • Ailea: During the fight between Amber M. and Whitney, Ailea jumped in, pulling Amber M.'s hair and kicking her in the face and stomach. Though she admitted to it, she was not punished with Whitney, which angered Amber M. and eventually Tiffany. Tiffany called a house meeting in which she confronted Ailea for her part in the brawl. Ailea apologized to Amber M., but Amber M. felt that her apology was insincere and asked her to leave the house as well. She returns in episode 13 to the house to gather her belongings and also returns for the reunion special.

Season 4

Original Bad Girls Club Season 4 Cast. From left to right, Annie, Portia, Natalie, Kate, Kendra, Florina and Amber.

The fourth season premiered on Oxygen on December 1, 2009. The two-part reunion special will air part one on March 16, 2010, and part two on March 23, 2010, with Perez Hilton returning as the host.[2]


Original Bad Girls
  • Amber Lynn
  • Florina "Flo" Kaja (Episode 1-10)
  • Kendra James
  • Natalie Nunn (Episode 1-11)
  • Kate Squillace (Episode 1-12)
  • Annie Andersen
  • Portia Beaman (Episode 1-4; 7)
Replacement Bad Girl
  • Lexie Marie (Replaced Portia; Episode 5+)
Guest Bad Girls
  • Amber Meade (Season 3, Episode 13-14)
  • Amber Buell (Season 3, Episode 13-14)
Reunion Host
  • Perez Hilton[2]

Early departures

  • Portia: While the girls were on their way home from speed dating, Portia and Natalie got into a heated argument over Natalie's lifestyle. When the girls got home, Natalie refused to enter the house until Portia had calmed down. Portia overheard Natalie talk about her parenting skills through a window and became furious. She ran outside and attacked Natalie until the producers broke up the fight. Portia was immediately sent home that night. She later returned in the seventh episode for the fourth season's promotional photoshoot.
  • Flo: Flo decides to leave after a confrontation with Kendra. As she was leaving, Amber, Kendra, Annie, and Natalie started to throw water balloons at her. Flo ran after them while the girls ran and hid in the house. Flo returned for the season 4 "Clip Show", showing unseen footage of the season.
  • Natalie: A night of partying in Santa Barbara ended with a fight between Natalie and Kendra over a ticket for having an open alcoholic beverage on the street. Amber, who was attempting to break them up, got involved in the fight as Natalie began to pull her hair and hit her. All the girls returned to the house without Natalie, who hitchhiked a ride to an unknown location and left the show. Natalie returned for the season 4 "Clip Show", showing unseen footage of the season.
  • Kate: After being constantly picked on by the other girls, Kate decided she was going to leave. She then went to give Annie a hug good-bye, but punched her in the face. Amber then went after Kate, and she attempted to hit Amber as well, but her punch was blocked. Amber and with the help of Lexie began to attack Kate, before the fight was broken up and Kate was sent home.

Season 5

On January 21, 2010 it was announced that the show had been renewed for a fifth season. It will be set in Miami instead of Los Angeles.[3] Casting began on January 23, 2010.[4]

List of episodes


The series is the most-watched Oxygen original series ever, averaging 595,000 P18-49, a 31% increase over season one. The show averaged 439,000 among women aged 18–49; 321,000 among women aged 18–34 and 791,000 total viewers P2+. "The Bad Girls Club" also achieved a network milestone, becoming the first Oxygen original series episode to break the one million-viewer mark.[citation needed]

The show's third season also set records for Oxygen, The premiere drew a 0.8 household rating, averaging 807,000 total viewers. Among viewers 18-49, “Girls” drew 568,000 viewers; 405,000 viewers were women 18-49 and 337,000 were women 18-34, according to Nielsen Media Research data. The show came in as the network's highest-rated season premiere ever, beating out "Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood."[5]

Season four broke the record once again, after the third episode titled "No More Mr. Nice Girl" aired, the show became the network's most-watched telecast among women 18 to 34 and the most-watched non-finale program among viewers and adults 18 to 49. The show averaged a 1.35 household rating and 1.42 million total viewers, a total that included 527,000 females 18 to 34. The show also marked only the second time the NBC Universal service surpassed the seven-figure mark with that key group, when measured on a live+ same-day basis. It also pulled in some 744,000 females 18 to 49[6]


Bad Girls Road Trip

Bad Girls Road Trip is a spin-off from Oxygen's original show, The Bad Girls Club. It premiered June 12, 2007. It stars season one veterans, Zara Sprankle, Aimee Landi, and Leslie Ramsue, who tour their respective hometowns, searching for casting opportunities for Season 2 of The Bad Girls Club, as well as checking up on their former housemates. The show was canceled after just one season due to low ratings.[citation needed]

Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too

It was announced on January 10, 2010 that another spin-off would premiere in March 2010 called Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too. It will feature three former Bad Girls Club stars; Amber Meade, Sarah Michaels (both from Season 3) and Kendra James (Season 4) "trying to find the man of their dreams" out of 13 eligible bachelors. Comedian Bret Ernst will host the eight one-hour episode season.[7]

Other media appearances

Mobile games

In 2007 Oxygen released a 3G mobile game based on The Bad Girls Club in partnership with Artificial Life, Inc.[20][21] The 3G game will feature 3D avatars based on the Bad Girls as well as photo-realistic locations based on the actual house.


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