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The Battle of the Bridges was a battle that took place on 2 August 1990 in Kuwait following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.

At 04.30 on 2 August 1990 the Kuwaiti Army command ordered the Armored Brigade 35 to stop the columns of the advancing Iraqi Republican Guard in the city of Al Jahra West of Kuwait City.

Due to lack of preparedness the armored brigade was only able to mobilize one of its two Chieftain tank battalions, a company of BMP-2 armored vehicles and a single 155-mm artillery battery. The Iraqi force consisted of the a full strength division of the Iraqi Republican Guard.

The Iraqis were moving in convoys rather than deployed in pre-battle formation and as a result, when the attack came it caught them by surprise and the Hammurabi Armoured division (Iraqi Republican Guard) was stopped from crossing the Sixth Ring. In the afternoon, running low on ammunition and lacking the administrative support necessary to effect a resupply, the Kuwaiti brigade withdrew to Saudi Arabia where they were welcomed by the Saudis.

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