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Many solo albums have been released by members of The Beach Boys: Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Mike Love, Bruce Johnston and Blondie Chaplin have all produced solo albums. Bruce Johnston had two album releases prior to joining the band, and one while on hiatus from the group in 1977, Going Public. The same year Dennis Wilson released Pacific Ocean Blue. Carl Wilson also released two albums, Carl Wilson in 1981 and Youngblood in 1984. Mike Love released Looking Back with Love in 1981. In 1988, Brian Wilson released his first solo album, Brian Wilson. He has since released a further six studio albums and two live albums. Blondie Chaplin, a member of the band from 1972 to 1973, released two studio albums in 1977 and 2006.


Dennis Wilson



Pacific Ocean Blue (August 22, 1977) Caribou Records - US: #96 (1977) US: #8 (2008) UK: #16 (2008) Norway: #5 (2008)
Tracks: River Song; What's Wrong; Moonshine; Friday Night; Dreamer; Thoughts of You; Time; You and I; Pacific Ocean Blues; Farewell My Friend; Rainbows; End of The Show


Date of release Title Label Chart positions
December, 1970, UK "Sound of Free"/"Lady" Stateside Records never charted
September, 1977, Europe "River Song"/"Farewell My Friend" Caribou Records never charted
October, 1977, US "You and I"/"Friday Night" Caribou Records never charted

Carl Wilson


Carl Wilson (1981) Caribou Records - US: #185
Tracks: Hold Me; Bright Lights; What You Gonna Do About Me?; The Right Lane; Hurry Love; Heaven; The Grammy; Seems So Long Ago
Youngblood (1983) Caribou Records - never charted
Tracks: What More Can I Say; She's Mine; Givin' You Up; One More Night Alone; Rockin' All Over The World; What You Do To Me; Young Blood; Of The Times; Too Early To Tell; If I Could Talk To Love; Time

U.S. Singles

Date of release Title Label Chart positions
March, 1981 "Hold Me"/"Hurry Love" Caribou Records never charted
June, 1981 "Heaven"/"Hurry Love" Caribou Records never charted
March, 1983 "What You Do To Me"/"Time" Caribou Records #72 - Billboard Hot 100
July, 1983 "Givin' You Up"/"It's Too Early to Tell" Caribou Records never charted

U.K. Singles

Date of release Title Label Chart positions
April, 1981 "Heaven"/"The Right Lane" Caribou Records never charted
May, 1983 "What You Do to Me"/"Time" Caribou Records never charted

Mike Love


Looking Back With Love (October 8, 1981) Boardwalk Records - never charted
Tracks: Looking Back With Love; On And On And On; Runnin' Around The World; Over And Over; Rockin' The Man In The Boat; Calendar Girl; Be My Baby; One Good Reason; Teach Me Tonight; Paradise Found

Unreleased albums

In late 1978, Mike Love made his first attempts at a solo album, recording First Love and Country Love simultaneously. Only one song has been released from these sessions, "Brian's Back", on the 1998 compilation album Endless Harmony. Recently, Love has recorded another album, first titled Unleash The Love, which then changed to Mike Love, Not War. One song from this album has also been released, "Cool Head, Warm Heart", in 2006 on Songs from Here & Back, a Beach Boys album which was only available at Hallmark stores. "Cool Head, Warm Heart" has been performed by The Beach Boys in concert.


Date of release Title Label Chart positions
September, 1981, U.S. "Looking Back With Love"/"One Good Reason" Boardwalk Records never charted
November, 1983, U.K. "Jingle Bell Rock"/"Let's Party" Creole Records never charted

Brian Wilson


Brian Wilson (July 12, 1988) Sire Records - US: #54
Tracks: Love And Mercy; Walkin' The Line; Melt Away; Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long; Little Children; One For The Boys; There's So Many; Night Time; Let It Shine; Meet Me In My Dreams Tonight; Rio Grande
I Just Wasn't Made for These Times (August 15, 1995) MCA Records - UK: #59[1]
Tracks: Meant for You; This Whole World; Caroline, No; Let the Wind Blow; Love And Mercy; Do It Again; The Warmth of the Sun; Wonderful; Still I Dream of It; Melt Away; 'Til I Die
Orange Crate Art (with Van Dyke Parks) (October 24, 1995) Warner Bros. Records - never charted
Tracks: Orange Crate Art; Sail Away; My Hobo Heart; Wings of A Dove; Palm Tree And Moon; Summer In Monterey; San Francisco; Hold Back Time; My Jeanine; Movies Is Magic; This Town Goes Down At Sunset; Lullaby
Imagination (June 16, 1998) Giant Records - US: #88; UK: #30[1]
Tracks: Your Imagination; She Says That She Needs Me; South American; Where Has Love Been?; Keep an Eye on Summer; Dream Angel; Cry; Lay Down Burden; Let Him Run Wild; Sunshine; Happy Days
Live at the Roxy Theatre (June, 2000) Brimel Records - UK: #199[1]
Tracks: Little Girl Intro; The Little Girl I Once Knew; This Whole World; Don't Worry Baby; Kiss Me, Baby; Do It Again; California Girls; I Get Around; Back Home; In My Room; Surfer Girl; The First Time; This Isn't Love; Add Some Music to Your Day; Please Let Me Wonder; Band Intro; Brian Wilson; 'Til I Die; Darlin'; Let's Go Away For Awhile; Pet Sounds; God Only Knows; Lay Down Burden; Be My Baby; Good Vibrations; Caroline No; All Summer Long; Love And Mercy; Sloop John B; Barbara Ann; Interview With Brian
Pet Sounds Live (June 11, 2002) Sanctuary Records - UK: #107[1]
Tracks: Show Intro; Wouldn't It Be Nice; You Still Believe in Me; That's Not Me; Don't Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder); I'm Waiting for the Day; Let's Go Away For Awhile; Sloop John B; God Only Knows; I Know There's an Answer; Here Today; I Just Wasn't Made for These Times; Pet Sounds; Caroline No
Gettin' in Over My Head (June 22, 2004) Warner Bros. Records - US: #100; UK: #53[1]
Tracks: How Could We Still Be Dancin'?; Soul Searchin'; You've Touched Me; Gettin' In Over My Head; City Blues; Desert Drive; A Friend Like You; Make A Wish; Rainbow Eyes; Saturday Morning In The City; Fairy Tale; Don't Let Her Know She's An Angel; The Waltz
Smile (September 28, 2004) Nonesuch Records - US: #13; UK: #7[1]
Tracks: Our Prayer/Gee; Heroes and Villains; Roll Plymouth Rock; Barnyard; The Old Master Painter/You Are My Sunshine; Cabin Essence; Wonderful; Song For Children; Child Is Father of The Man; Surf's Up; I'm In Great Shape/I Wanna Be Around/Workshop; Vega-Tables; On A Holiday; Wind Chimes; Mrs. O'Leary's Cow; In Blue Hawaii; Good Vibrations
What I Really Want for Christmas (October 18, 2005) Arista Records - US: #200
Tracks: The Man with All the Toys; What I Really Want For Christmas; God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen; O Holy Night; We Wish You a Merry Christmas; Hark the Herald Angels Sing; It Came Upon a Midnight Clear; The First Noel; Christmasey; Little Saint Nick; Deck the Halls; Auld Lang Syne; On Christmas Day; Joy to the World; Silent Night
That Lucky Old Sun (September 2, 2008) Capitol Records - US: #21; UK: #37[2]
Tracks: That Lucky Old Sun; Morning Beat; narrative: Room with a View; Good Kind of Love; Forever She'll Be My Surfer Girl; narrative: Venice Beach; Live Let Live; Mexican Girl; narrative: Cinco de Mayo; California Role; narrative: Between Pictures; Oyxgen to the Brain; Can't Wait Too Long (excerpt); Midnight's Another Day; Going Home; Southern California


Sources: Billboard and

Date of release Title Label UK US Hot 100 US AC
March, 1966 "Caroline, No"/"Summer Means New Love" Capitol Records 32
April, 1987 "Let's Go to Heaven in My Car"/"Too Much Sugar" Sire Records
July 11, 1988 "Love and Mercy"/"He Couldn’t Get His Poor Old Body To Move" Sire Records
January 19, 1989 "Melt Away"/"Being With The One You Love" Sire Records 40
November 24, 1995 "Do It Again"/"'Til I Die"/"This Song Wants To Sleep With You Tonight" MCA Records
May 19, 1998 "Your Imagination"/"Happy Days" Giant Records 20
September 20, 2004 "Wonderful"/"Wind Chimes" Nonesuch Records 29[1]
2004 "Good Vibrations"/"In Blue Hawaii" Nonesuch Records 30[1]
2004 "Good Vibrations"/"Our Prayer" (Live)/"Good Vibrations" (Live) Nonesuch Records
2004 "Our Prayer" (Freeform Reform mix) Nonesuch Records 124[1]
December 5, 2005 "What I Really Want For Christmas"/"We Wish You a Merry Christmas"/"Brian's Christmas Message" Sony BMG 66[1] 29
December 5, 2005 "Deck the Halls" 8
August 19, 2008 "Midnight's Another Day"/"That Lucky Old Sun"/"Morning Beat" Capitol Records
July, 2009 "What Love Can Do" 429 Records

Al Jardine


Live in Las Vegas (2001)
Tracks: Dance, Dance, Dance; Do You Wanna Dance; Catch a Wave; Hawaii; Do It Again; Darlin'; Wild Honey; Come Go With Me; Surfer Girl; Don't Worry, Baby; Shut Down; Little Deuce Coupe; I Get Around; In My Room; Girl Don't Tell Me; Break Away; Sail On Sailor; God Only Knows; Sloop John B; Wouldn't It Be Nice; Good Vibrations; Heroes & Villains; Help Me, Rhonda; Surfin' USA; Barbara Ann; Fun, Fun, Fun; California Energy Blues


Date of release Title Label Chart positions
December 2002 "PT Cruiser"/"PT Cruiser" (a capella)/"PT Cruiser" (track) CQ never charted

Bruce Johnston


Surfers' Pajama Party (1962) Del-Fi Records
Tracks: Surfer's Delight; Kansas City; Mashin' the Popeye; Gee But I'm Lonesome; Green Onions; Ramrod; Last Night; Surfer Stomp; What'd I Say; Something On Your Mind
Surfin' Round the World (1963) Columbia Records
Tracks: Surfin' Round the World; Maksha at Midnight; Down Under; Cape Town; Biarritz; Jersey Channel Islands, Pt. 7; The Hamptons; Virginia Beach; Surf-A-Nova; Hot Pastrami, Mashed Potatoes, Come on to Rincon-Yeah!!; Malibu; Surfin's Here to Stay
Going Public (1977) Columbia Records
Tracks: I Write the Songs; Deirdre; Thank You Baby; Rendezvous; Won't Somebody Dance With Me; Disney Girls; Rock and Roll Survivor; Don't Be Scared; Pipeline


Date of release Title Label Chart positions
February 1962 "Do the Surfer Stomp (Part One)"/"Do the Surfer Stomp (Part Two)" Donna never charted
April, 1962 "Soupy Shuffle Stomp"/"Moon Shot" Donna never charted
March, 1963 "The Original Surfer Stomp"/"Pajama Party" Del-Fi never charted
August, 1977 (UK) "Pipeline"/"Disney Girls" CBS Records #33 (UK)
September, 1977 "Pipeline"/"Disney Girls" + "Pipeline"/"Deirdre" (12") Columbia Records never charted
1977 "Rendezvous"/"I Write the Songs" Columbia Records never charted

David Marks


Work Tapes (1992)
Tracks: Siren Song; Ocean Liner; I Wanna Be Your Driver; Fool's Guarantee; Over My Head; Doctor Of Love; Bamboo Shack; Early In The Morning; Have Love Will Travel; Hollywood Joe
Something Funny Goin' On (2003) Quiver Records
Tracks: Second Wind; Stowaway; Put Yourself In My Place (live); Mixed Drinks & High Emotions; High Side Of Normal; Crenshaw Blvd.; You Can't Talk To Me; The Legend; Put Yourself In My Place; Still Life In Motion; Land Of Opportunity
I Think About You Often (2006) Quiver Records
Tracks: Like 1969; Bamboo Shack; Light Of The Spirit; I Fall Into The Grace; Big Wave; Stowaway; I'm So Clever; Pretty Eyes; Dancin' In The Mirror; I Ain't Goin' Surfin'; Have You Ever Been Duped; I Think About You Often

Blondie Chaplin


Blondie Chaplin (album) (1977) Asylum Records
Tracks: Bye Bye Babe; Can You Hear Me; Crazy Love; Woman Don't Cry; Loose Lady; Be My Love; Lonely Traveller; Riverboat Queen; Say You Need Me; For Your Love; Gimme More Rock 'N' Roll
Between Us (Blondie Chaplin album) (2006) Big Karma Records
Tracks: Between Us; Heal The Rage; Hurricane; So Hard; Mother Smother; Children Of War; Love Power; Heads On Fire; Love You Till I Die; Crawl


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