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The Beautiful Sounds of Revenge
Studio album by Lo-Pro
Released May 25th, 2010
Recorded 2005-2009
Genre Hard rock, rock
Label 413 Records
Producer Pete Murray
Professional reviews
Lo-Pro chronology
Letting Go
The Beautiful Sounds of Revenge

The Beautiful Sounds of Revenge is the second full-album by Lo-Pro, scheduled to be released on May 25, 2010.[1] It is their third formal release of music, after their self-titled release in 2003 and the Letting Go EP in 2009.



The band released their first, self-titled album in 2003, and then toured in support of it throughout 2004, until Geffen dropped them from their label. The band then continued to work on music from 2005 through 2009, occasionally streaming a song or two they were working on from their myspace account. Many plans, such as a live DVD or an acoustic cd were considered, but ultimately dropped for the time being. Eventually, the music that was worked on during this time was used for 2 releases: 6 songs were put on the Letting Go EP, which was sold in hard copy form at concerts starting July 2009, and released digitally in October 2009 to "tide fans over", while other work was saved for a 2nd full album, The Beautiful Sounds of Revenge.

Lead singer Pete Murray, in December 2009, reported via his Twitter account that he was listening to the album masters[2], hinting that the album was done or very close to it. In mid-February their official website read "Almost There. Almost"[3] and then in early March it's release date of May 25th 2010 was announced. The band is still yet to release an official track listing.

Confirmed tracks

  1. Alive[4]
  2. Ingenious[5]
  3. Waiting (tentative title)

The first song confirmed for the album was titled "Alive". This song was on the physical version of the bands Letting Go EP that was sold exclusively on their summer 2009 tours, but was later left off the digital distribution version later sold on I-Tunes in October 2009. When asked about this, lead singer Pete Murray confirmed that it was pulled off in favor of putting it on The Beautiful Sounds of Revenge. This also makes it unlikely then that any of the other songs from the Letting Go EP to be on the this release.

On December 31, 2009, the band posted a video that contained 2 songs also to be on the upcoming LP. One was a new version of "Ingenious", a song that had been debuted and streaming in demo form as far back as 2005 when they first started recording music after their first album. The other song was a new, previously unheard track named "Waiting".[6] The video was taken down a few days later.

On March 8, 2010, it was announced that "Alive" will be the first single off the album. It will be hitting radio stations March 30th 2010..[7]

Unreleased tracks

After Lo-Pro finished making and touring their first release of music, they had been quoted as saying they were working on "over 26 songs" for future release. It is unknown how many of these tracks will be on the album, or how many of them were put on the Letting Go EP instead, but below are songs that have been made available, played live, or mentioned in various ways since starting to work on music in 2005.


Studio recordings

  1. Blame Me - (2006)
  2. This is Not Goodbye (Acoustic) - (2007)
  3. Consider This (Acoustic Filter Cover) - (2007)
  4. Clean the Slate (Acoustic) - (2007)
  5. You Lie - (2007)*
  6. This Way (Acoustic) - (2008)
  7. Get Out of My Way - (2008)
  8. Drive (The Cars cover)* - (2008)

A * denotes it appeared on lead singer Pete Murray's Myspace

Live recordings

  1. All I Have (Acoustic) - (2008)

Non-recorded live tracks

  1. Pushed Aside - (Confirmed by band's set-list)



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