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The Black Wall Street Records
Founded 2004
Founder Big Fase 100
Distributing label Warner Bros. Records[citation needed]
Genre Hip hop
Country of origin United States
Official Website

The Black Wall Street Records is a recording company founded by Game and his half-brother Big Fase 100.




The name "The Black Wall Street" is adopted from what was the racially segregated Greenwood neighborhood of Tulsa, Oklahoma. During the oil boom of 1920's, Greenwood was home to several prominent black business men, many of them multimillionaires.[1]


After leaving G-Unit Records, Game hoped to launch The Black Wall Street, co-founded by his half-brother Big Fase 100, to compete with his former label and label mates. Big Fase 100 eventually left the label officially after internal problems with The Game. Though the company hasn't released an album, it has released several mixtapes including the Black Wall Street Journal and BWS Radio series. The label is thought to have had a distribution deal with Capitol Records, though it now has distribution through Warner Bros. Records.[citation needed] Former artists who have been on the label include: Eastwood, Glasses Malone, Techniec, Cyssero, Vita, Charli Baltimore and Young Life.


  • Game - A rapper from Compton, California, and the co-founder of The Black Wall Street.
  • Juice[2] - Rapper from Phoenix, Arizona. Signed to Black Wall Street after Game was touring Arizona, and received Juice's demo. Juice has released a mixtape, Death Certificate, hosted by DJ Skee,[3] The mixtape was nominated for four Mixtape Justo Awards.[4] Juice recently released his second mixtape, Position of Power. Juice just released his third mixtape "American Me: Voice of the People", and is working on his debut studio album 'The Anticipated'.[4]
  • Clyde Carson[2] - An Oakland-based rapper and member of rap group The Team. Carson is signed to the label through Capitol Records. He is currently working on his debut album Theatre Music.[5]
  • X.O.[6] - Rapper from Altadena formerly known by the Name Scipio. Signed to Black Wall Street in 2008. He released his Mixtape named Slugz N Stitchez in Feb. on Black Wall Street.[7]
  • Elijah[8] - Fourteen year old rapper signed by Game. His debut mixtape Old Boy, hosted and mixed by DJ Maleek, was expected in late February, but currently has no set date.
  • Southsider[9] - Rapper from the South signed in 2008.
  • The Menace[10] - Rapper from Compton who is working on his next album Menace to Society.

DJs & producers

  • Ervin 'EP' Pope - Los Angeles producer EP Pope signed a production deal to Black Wall Street in 2008. He has produced tracks on Doctor's Advocate, In My Own Words and is known for playing the piano/keyboard on a large portion of Kanye West's The College Dropout and various other production credits on albums such as Diddy's Press Play and Common's Finding Forever.[2]
  • Nu Jerzey Devil - Signed to The Black Wall Street label in 2004. Nu Jerzey Devil has produced on Fat Joe's Me, Myself & I on a track titled Breathe & Stop featuring The Game. Along side X.O. Nu Jerzey Devil released his debut mixtape Art of the Devil.[2]
  • DJ Skee - The Black Wall Street's DJ, Skee has been worked on every mixtape for Black Wall Street since You Know What It Is Vol. 3 came out. He has hosted the Envy Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center and done mixtapes for outside artists too, such as Omar Cruz, Bishop Lamont and various upcoming artists. DJ Skee has a radio show on Power 106 with DJ Reflex.
  • Tre Beats[2]
  • DJ Haze - Haze, born and raised in Parkslope has revised the East coast with flavors for an acquired taste. This DJ brings collaborations from North, South, East and West.[2][11]
  • DJ Kris-Stylez - Kris-Stylez is the official show/tour DJ for Game.[2][12]
  • DJ Maaleek - Black Wall Street Europe's official DJ.[13]


  • The Black Wall Street Journal Vol. 1[14]
  • BWS Radio Vol. 1[15]
  • Black Wall Street Radio Vol. 2[16]
  • BWS Radio Vol. 3 (Free Game)[17]
  • BWS Radio Vol. 4 (The Black Wall Street Takeover)[18]
  • BWS Radio 5 (The Westcoast King Lives On)[19]
  • BWS Radio 6 (Code Red) (Level Six)[20]


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