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"The Breach"
Star Trek: Enterprise episode
The Breach (ENT episode).jpg
Archer speaks to a patient
Episode no. Episode 47
Written by Chris Black
John Shiban
Directed by Robert Duncan McNeill
Production no. 221
Original airdate April 23, 2003
Guest stars

Corey Mendell
Nicole Forester
Adam Paul
Joan Pringe
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez
Kenneth Feinberg

Episode chronology
← Previous Next →
"Horizon" "Cogenitor"

"The Breach" is the 21st season-two episode of Star Trek: Enterprise. It originally aired on April 23, 2003.


The Enterprise is asked to evacuate three Denobulan geologists after the controlling government is taken over by a militant faction.

Plot summary

At the request of the Denobulans, Enterprise goes to rescue a group of geologists from a planet now being run by xenophobic militants. All off-worlders must go. Being an experienced spelunker, Travis leads Tucker and Reed on the rescue mission underground. They have three days before the government comes after them.

While in orbit, Enterprise comes to the aid of a transport suffering from a dangerous radiation leak. The most seriously injured of the various aliens is Hudak– an Antaran, whose species has long been in conflict with the Denobulans. Though suffering from a fatal case of radiation poisoning (if left untreated), he refuses help from Phlox– who reluctantly complies, since Denobulan medical ethics places the patient's wishes above all other considerations. Phlox, for his part, is upset at the mutual hatred between the two species (it is a long standing source of tension between him and his son Metis) but since Hudak refuses to be treated, Phlox cannot do so.

Underground, Travis gets injured while saving Reed and Trip from sliding down an abyss. Leaving Travis behind, Reed and Trip find the Denobulan geologists. Time is running out, but the scientists don't want to leave. Trip uses cunning diplomacy (i.e. he threatens to use his phase pistol) to get the geologists to safety.

With diplomacy of his own, Phlox follows Archer's orders to try to help Hudak. Eventually, Hudak agrees to Phlox’s lifesaving procedure. Though the transport will now have three Denobulans aboard, a détente is reached– both sides are willing to share the ship.

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