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The Care Bears (TV series)
Format Animated children's television series
Created by Linda Denham
Elena Kucharik
Starring Billie Mae Richards
Jim Henshaw
Dan Hennessey
Chris Wiggins
Melleny Brown
Luba Goy
Eva Almos
John Stocker
Tara Strong
Country of origin  United States
No. of episodes 101
Running time 30 min. (per episode)
Production company(s) Atkinson Film-Arts (pilots)
DIC Entertainment (1985-1986)
Nelvana (1986-1988)
Distributor TV syndication:
SFM Entertainment (1988, Nelvana episodes only)
20th Century Fox (DiC episodes)
Lionsgate (Nelvana episodes)
Original channel ABC (1986-1988)
First-run syndication (DiC - 1985, Nelvana - 1989-1990)
Disney Channel (1990-1997)
Toon Disney (1998-2002) Tiny Pop (2004-present)
Original run September 1985 – July 20, 1988

The Care Bears was an animated television series based on the the Care Bears toys. Episodes of the series ran between 1985 and 1988 on various networks and in syndication. This is the only Care Bears series produced by Nelvana, although Sabella Dern Entertainment produced the series revival, Care Bears: Adventures in Care-a-Lot.


Airing history

DiC Entertainment, produced the first 22 episodes which were syndicated from September 1985 on through 1986. DiC subcontracted the animation of these episodes to Nelvana.[citation needed]

Then, starting on September 13, 1986, Canadian animation company Nelvana, who had made the first two movies in 1985 and early 1986, took over with a spin-off called, The Care Bears Family, which ran on ABC's Saturday-morning lineup until July 20, 1988. These episodes were also aired on Global in Canada until around the early to mid 2000s. In fall 1988, both the DIC and Nelvana produced episodes (along with two TV specials by Atkinson Film-Arts) were combined with new Nelvana episodes into a single syndication package called simply "Care Bears" which aired until 1990. This is the version that was seen on the Disney Channel who ran it for the next few years until circa 1997. In April 1998, its sister station, Toon Disney, re-ran the syndication package version until September 1, 2002.

Since 2002, Care Bears has aired on Cartoon Network's sister channel, Boomerang, outside North America. In Canada, the series airs on CBC/Radio Canada under the local title, Les Calinours. It is currently aired on Tiny POP in the UK.


The Care Bears live in a faraway place up in the clouds called Care-a-lot, which constitutes a part of the Kingdom of Caring. With the help of the Cousins and their Buddies, they go all around the world on Missions in Caring whilst Professor Coldheart (DIC episodes), or No Heart (Nelvana episodes), try to thwart their plans.


  • The Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins
  • The villains:
    • DiC episodes: Professor Coldheart, his assistant Frostbite, and Frostbite's aunt, "Auntie Freeze".
    • Nelvana episodes: Wizard No Heart, his assistant Beastly, and his niece, Shreeky.

List of Care Bears episodes


Pilots: 1983–1985

1. The Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings (April 1983) (syndication)

2. The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine (April 1984) (syndication)

3. The Care Bears Movie (March 1985)

Atkinson Film-Arts specials

1. The Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings (April 1983) (syndication)

2. The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine (April 1984) (syndication)

DiC episodes

All episodes are from 1985, and are 15 minutes long.
Ep. # Episodes Plot Air date
1 Camp (DiC series premiere)R, CD During summertime, the children are preparing for the camp along with their coach and the Care Bears join in. They have been told to sleep in the tents, but they never understand. He tells a scary story about the flying phantom and that scares them away. The two boys are making a plan to make a totem pole in a different way, no matter what they think. September 14
2 Birthday C, BS The boys are not very pleased when they hear their mother announce them that they will have a sister. So, they plan to wreck the place until the Care Bear Family arrives.
3 Braces TT, R, CD It is so embarrassing for Joey that he complains about having braces after his departure from the dentist. The Care Bears try to make him feel better, but it doesn't work. September 21
4 Split Decision FS, R, CD There is a boy with eyeglasses who is teased by the bullies, but supported by a girl named Mary. As the Care Bears descend, they decide to be on his side.
5 Lucky Charm TT, BS, MM Proud Heart Cat is so upset that her garden is about to be ruined. She and the other Care Bear Family members see that an unlucky girl is so worried that she was going late for school. September 28
6 Soap Box Derby FS, LL, CD Bedtime Bear manages to pull the cloudy blanket off of the telescope's lens, so the Care Bears can see the view more easily. Hearing the boys brag about making a car, a couple of girls with pigtails are often teased. With the help of the Care Bears, the girls build a car out of a crate and decorate it with color. This makes the boys treaten to cheat amongst the raceway.
7 The Last Laugh C, DD, LL Cheer Bear is so depressed that she loses her trying to cheer Grumpy Bear up because of his severe grump. When the other Care Bears and the Care Bear Cousins who play in the playground see so, they have a big abiltiy to cheer both of them up by making a comedy show called "Laugh Night". It often doesn't work on him, but makes her feel better for a few tries and they leave the show. Swift Heart Rabbit convinces her that when anyone cares, nobody gives up, so in her final chance, she makes Grumpy Bear feel better by giving him heart-shaped flowers which then helps him smile and make the clouds whiter. October 5
8 The Show Must Go On FS, LL, SiS Patty, who's dressed up as a ballerina with fairy wings on her back, is so excited to perform in the show, but she can't do it without her dad who should be sitting on the seat. While the Care Bears are trying to cheer her up, the Care Bear Cousins help him cancel the work he is doing and they manage to fire the Cousin Call to make the boss feel nicer.
9 The Forest of Misfortune LE, LL, FoF The Care Bears and the Care Bear Cousins are having a great time in the Forest of Feelings. The fun is spoiled when Professor Coldheart and Frostbite plan to freeze this place, but trying not to harm the Care Bear Family, they send the fortune telling machine into the forest. When they try it out, Love-a-Lot Bear reads the fortunes that tell them something good. She also reads one that comes from a bottle. Bedtime Bear warns the other Care Bears and the Care Bear Cousins that the forest is almost frozen and they all save it and Treat Heart Pig as well by using their beams which cause Professor Coldheart and Frostbite to leave. October 12
10 Magic Mirror D, R, MM
11 Daydreams D, DD, FoF October 19
12 Runaway LE, DD, FoF
13 Mayor for a Day D, LL October 26
14 The Night the Stars Went Out SS, BS, MM
15 The Magic Shop TT, BS, MM A blond-haired girl named Wendy first meets Professor Coldheart who builds up the magic shop and asks him what he is doing and he initially turns to be nice for her so after their talk, she leaves him. Then in the next day, she enters the shop with two of her friends. November 2
16 Concrete Rain LE, LL, SiS
17 Dry Spell SS, R, SiS Two of the kids named Elaine and Joey are so depressed because there is no water. They feel so alone in the cavern and have been first met by Share Bear who has a lighting helmet on her head. November 9
18 Drab City FF, BS, FoF When some of the Care Bears and some of the Care Bear Cousins see the city that's turnig colorless, they try to care for the people who feel the same thing and refuse to say what is good. However, a girl who wears a pink coat with blackish-brown hair tied in a ponytail named Jill, so colorful unlike other people, asks the Care Bear Family if they can make the city colorful again before they all turn colorless. It just fails as the other Care Bears and the other Care Bear Cousins reach to the same place, so they use the beams to make them friends again and to put the rainbow crystal into the pit to make the entire city completely colorful.
19 Wedding Bells C, R November 16
20 The Old Man and the Lighthouse FF, DD, BS
21 The Cloud Worm SS, BS Love-a-Lot Bear plans with the other Care Bears to "spread out and search Care-a-Lot" when they all hear a mysterious noise. In their search, she discovers a giant worm that eats clouds and tries to beg him not to damage Care-a-Lot because she knows it's a delicate place. After her first attempt, she brings the other Care Bears with her as her allies and together, they try to beg the Cloud Worm to stop eating the clouds. When he refuses, Care-a-Lot is ambushed and the Care Bears who drive their cloud cars save the ones who fall from the ambush. Altogether, they use a Care Bear Stare to form a rainbow that can punish the Cloud Worm until he confesses. As he complains that he's hungry, they bring him back into his own area where he can eat his own clouds in case the day gets cloudy. November 23
22 The Girl Who Called Wolf (DiC series finale)FF, LL, SiS

Nelvana episodes

Ep. # Episode Name
1 Care-a-lot's Birthday (Nelvana series premiere)1
2 Grumpy's Three Wishes1
3 The Great Race1
4 Home Sweet Homeless1
5 Lost at Sea (15 min)2
6 The Sleeping Giant (15 min)2
7 The Big Star Round-up2
8 The Camp Out (15 min)2
9 I, Robot Heart (15 min)2
10 Bravest of the Brave2
11 The Long-Lost Care Bears7
12 Birthday Bear's Blues7
13 Grams Bear's Thanksgiving Surprise12
14 Order on the Court (15 min)10
15 The All-Powerful Mr. Beazly (15 min)7
16 The Cloud of Uncaring9
17 The Wrath of Shreeky10
18 Bright Heart's Bad Day (15 min)10
19 The Magic Lamp (15 min)4
20 Desert Gold (15 min)7
21 The Gift of Caring (15 min)7
22 The Two Princessess (15 min)9
23 The Cloud Monster (15 min)6
24 Grumpy the Clumsy (15 min)11
25 The Purple Chariot (15 min)11
26 The Caring Crystals (15 min)4
27 The Best Way to Make New Friends (15 min)9
28 Care Bear Town Parade3
29 Hearts at Sea8
30 No Business Like Snow Business6
31 The Factory of Uncaring11
32 The Lost Gift (15 min)4
33 Lots-a-Heart's Wish (15 min)4
34 The Showdown9
35 Caring for Spring6
36 The Turnabout (15 min)7
37 Cheer of the Jungle (15 min)12
38 Beautiful Dreamer / The Show Must Go On (15 min)9
39 The Care Bears Carneys(15 min)3
40 The Pirate Treasure (15 min)4
41 Grin and Bear It (15 min)7
42 The Perils of the Pyramid (15 min)4
43 Bedtime for Care-a-lot (15 min)4
44 The Fountain of Youth (15 min)12
45 Treat Heart Baba and the Two Thieves (15 min)5
46 Doctor Brightenstein's Monster (15 min)5
47 The Care Fair Scare (15 min)3
48 The Mystery of the Phantom (15 min)5
49 Under the Bigtop (15 min)3
50 The Most Ancient Gift (15 min)5
51 Ski Trouble (15 min)6
52 The Care Bear Exercise Show (15 min)10
53 The Care-a-lot Games (15 min)3
54 Grams' Cooking Corner (15 min)12
55 The Care Bears Book of Facts and Fables (15 min)12
56 The Thing That Came to Stay (15 min)8
57 The Space Bubbles (15 min)11
58 Cheer Bear's Chance (15 min)8
59 A Hungry Little Guy (15 min)8
60 King of the Moon (15 min)11
61 On Duty (15 min)10
62 Secret of the Box (15 min)4
63 The Frozen Forest (15 min)6
64 Grumpy's Little Friend (15 min)9
65 One Million C.B. (15 min)5
66 Tugs the Brave (15 min)5
67 Coconut Crazy (15 min)11
68 Bad Luck Friday (15 min)5
69 Food Frolics (15 min)5
70 It's Raining, It's Boring (15 min)6
71 A Day Without Tugs (15 min)8
72 The Fabulous Safety Game (15 min)8
73 A Rhyme In Time (15 min)8
74 Songfellow Strum and his Magic Train (15 min)3
75 Music Video (15 min)3
76 Care Bears Nutcracker Suite (Nelvana series finale) (November 5, 1988, Disney Channel also aired it as a three-parter)

DVD releases

(All DiC episodes have been released by UAV; 20th Century Fox has started to reissue them since 2007. The entire series from Nelvana is not yet complete; numbers after each episode [see above] are given as a guide to what can found on each collection. Further, all episodes released on DVD (with the exception of the DIC episodes) are based on the combined syndication package, including "The Land Without Feelings" which was released with two commemorative plushies for the franchise's 25th anniversary.)

The DiC episodes - UAV

  • Bedtime Stories (BS)
  • The Last Laugh (LL)
  • Care Bears to the Rescue (R)

The DiC episodes were released under the following volumes.

  • Daydreams (DD) (includes episode Last Laugh mislabeled as The Show Must Go On)
  • Celebration (C)
  • Forever Friends (FF)
  • Fun In The Sun (FS)
  • Starry Skies (SS)
  • Dreamland (D)
  • Tenderheart Tales (TT)
  • Land of Enchantment (LE)

The DIC episodes have been re-released a Third time. With the following titles.

  • Forest of Feelings (FoF)
  • Sharing in the Sunshine (SiS)
  • Carousel Of Dreams (CD)
  • Magical Moments (MM)

The complete DIC series (with its original opening and closing titles) is now available from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment as a single boxset entitled the "Care-a-Lot Collection".

The Nelvana episodes - Lions Gate/FHE

  • Adventures in Care-A-Lot (February 17, 2004) (1)
  • Kingdom of Caring (February 17, 2004) (2)
  • Festival of Fun (February 1, 2005) (3)
  • Magical Adventures (February 1, 2005) (4)
  • Bears Share a Scare (July 12, 2005) (5)
  • Season of Caring (July 12, 2005) (6)
  • The Gift Of Caring (March 28, 2006) (7)
  • Hearts at Sea (July 11, 2006) (8)
  • Friends Forever (March 6, 2007) (9)
  • Fitness Fun (August 28, 2007) (10)
  • King of the Moon (July 1, 2008) (11)
  • Give Thanks (October 28, 2008) (12)

Nelvana DVDs Included with toys

  • #101 - A Care Bear's look at Food Facts and Fables / The Thing that came to Stay
  • #105 - The Care Bears Exercise Show / Cheer Of the Jungle
  • #106 - Care-A-Lot's Birthday
  • #107 - The Wrath of Shreeky
  • #108 - Bedtime For Care-A-Lot / The Cloud Monster
  • #109 - Space Bubbles / Cheer Bear's Chance
  • #110 - Beautiful Dreamer / The Lost Gift
  • #111 - The Most Ancient Gift / Coconut Crazy
  • #112 - The Great Race
  • #113 - Lotsa Heart's Wish / Order on the Court
  • #115 - The Turnabout / The Best Way to Make New Friends
  • #117 - The Long Lost Care Bears
  • #118 - Grams Bear's Thanksgiving Surprise
  • #119 - Desert Gold / Bad Luck Friday
  • #120 - Music Video / Lost at Sea
  • #121 - Ski Trouble / Under The Big-Top
  • #125 - King of the Moon / On Duty
  • #135 - Grumpy's Three Wishes
  • #137 - The Magic Lamp / The Purple Chariot
  • #138 - Song Fellow Strum and His Magic Train / The Sleeping Giant
  • #139 - Caring For Spring
  • #141 - The Camp Out / Doctor Brightenstein's Monster
  • #142 - The Care Bears Exercise Show
  • #143 - Coconut Crazy
  • #145 - The Care Bears Book of Facts and Fables
  • #146 - The Two Princesses

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The Care Bears is a Canadian-produced animated series based on the toy line, the Care Bears.


Common catchphrases

  • Lotsa Heart Elephant: And that's the truth!
  • Baby Hugs Bear: Oh, goody, goody, gosh!
  • Grams Bear: This reminds me of a story.
  • Brave Heart Lion: CHARGE!!!!
  • Champ Bear: Hey, sports fans!


The Turnabout

Shrieky: Beastlyyyyyyyyy! We've got to find the Care Bears' lighthouse!
Beastly: But, Shrieky, how am I supposed to find it in all this fog that No Heart has made?
Shrieky: I don't care how you find it... just find it, furball! Uncle No Heart wants us to get that Caring Beacon. Without it, the Care Bears will never be able to find their way home!
Beastly: But how are we going to find our way back home?
Shrieky: We'll use the Caring Beacon, you FOGHEAD!
Beastly: Oh, yeah!
Shrieky: Now know that! [She hits Beastly with her mirror before their flying machine goes out of control, crashing near the lighthouse.]

Care-a-lot's Birthday

Baby Hugs Bear: I’m scared, Tugs.
Baby Tugs Bear: Aw, don’t worry, Hugs. I’m not gonna take this hanging-up. I’ll think of a way to get us out of here.
Baby Hugs Bear: I knew I could count on you, Tugs. What’s your idea?
Baby Tugs Bear: My idea? Well, uh…how about a tumbling act?
Baby Hugs Bear: A tumbling act?
Baby Tugs Bear: Yeah, you know, like acrobats? (As Beastly is listening) We could do forward rolls and walk on our hands and leap from the ceiling—
Baby Hugs Bear: What kind of an escape plan is that, Tugs?
Baby Tugs Bear: It’s not. It’s a show for Care-a-lot’s birthday. What do you think?

[The Bears and Brave Heart Lion are discussing on how to rescue Hugs and Tugs.]
Lotsa Heart Elephant: I have an idea! I have an idea!
Tenderheart Bear: What’s your idea, Lotsa Heart?
Lotsa Heart Elephant: Uh, mmm, er, uh…I think I forgot, and that’s the truth.

Grumpy's Three Wishes

Noble Heart Horse: All this uncaring is getting way out of hand...but we'll put a stop to it, if it takes every last member of the Care Bears Family to do it!

(after he has found an eight-leaf clover)
Grumpy Bear: I've got a Mission...don't you?

Grumpy Bear (in his so-called mood): "Good mission"...huh! All I ever get to do is help people when they're grumpy.

No Heart: I am evil...I am No Heart! (cackling evilly as amulet glows) Not even the goodness of Care-a-lot can stand the power of my amulet!

[Inside the Hall of Hearts, Grumpy decides against running away after having let everyone down.]
Grumpy Bear (to Alvin, the boy he tries to help): It's up to me to do my duty...and protect Care-a-lot.

The Great Race

[Before the race, Noble Heart Horse announces Lotsa Heart's name, and Cozy Heart Penguin, Love-A-Lot Bear and Swift Heart Rabbit say "Hooray!" for him.]
Lotsa Heart Elephant: Yippee! Yahoo! I'm in, I'm in! Oh, I could be King of the Kingdom of Caring! (hugging Swift Heart)
Swift Heart Rabbit (after struggling away): Don't get your hopes up, Lotsa. A turtle with two left feet could beat you.
Lotsa Heart Elephant: That may be so, Swift Heart, but I'm gonna try and try.

True Heart Bear: Swift Heart, even I could win with a headstart like this. Could you please get going?
Swift Heart Rabbit: I’m still warming up, True Heart.
True Heart Bear: You look warm enough to me.
Swift Heart Rabbit: Don’t rush me. Every muscle has to be perfectly limbered up. (doing jumping jacks) I’ll show that Beastly who’s the fastest!

Swift Heart Rabbit: Nice try, Beastly, but like I said, Swift Heart Rabbit is un-beatableeeeeeee! (racing off, crashes into some cacti)

Beastly: I won? I WON! (jumping happily) I'm the greatest...just for the throne! I'm King for a day!
True Heart Bear: Ah, ah, ah. Not so fast, Beastly. It was a photo-finish.
Beastly: Give me that!
True Heart Bear: Lotsa Heart is the winner by a trunk.
(Care Bears cheer)
Beastly: No, I won fair and square. (struggling to get crown off Lotsa Heart's head)
Cheer Bear, Swift Heart Rabbit, Friend Bear and Funshine Bear: "Fair and square"? Huh! Beastly, you cheated!

(at end of episode)
Swift Heart Rabbit: Everyone, I'd like to apologise.
Lotsa Heart Elephant: Apologise? Whatever for, Swift Heart?
Swift Heart Rabbit: My overconfidence almost cost us the race and all of Care-a-lot. And I want to thank King Lotsa Heart for beating Beastly and for teaching me a valuable lesson: it takes more than just speed to win a race. It takes lots of heart, and that's the truth.
(The Bears and the rest of the Cousins laugh in unison)

The Nutcracker Suite

  • True Heart Bear: Good grief! Look who it is! It's the dastardly Rat King!
  • Rat King: That's right and you must be those teddybears who were trying to foil my plans! (He laughs loudly)
  • Birthday Bear: Oh No we're not! You are ruler aren't you?
  • Rat King: Indeed I am!
  • Cheer Bear: Don't be ridiculous! You cast spells on cats, dogs, octopuses, cows, sheep, foxes, turtles, badgers...
  • Rat King: Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!
  • Grumpy Bear: Okay then, 1: You're a very greedy despicable rodent, 2: You're a big bad ugly king and 3: You cast too many spells. So you must return things back to normal, Rat King.
  • Rat King: Never! (turns True Heart Bear into a panda), Never! (turns a banana into a caterpillar), NEVER!!! (tries to cast a spell on a knight's armour but didn't work) Or perhaps on the second thought.
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