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World Premiere Toons
What a Cartoon! Show
The Cartoon Cartoon Show

Format Variety show
Created by Fred Seibert
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 63
Running time 22 minutes
Original channel Cartoon Network
Original run February 20, 1995 (1995-02-20) – August 25, 2000 (2000-08-25)

World Premiere Toons (later known as What a Cartoon! Show, now known as The Cartoon Cartoon Show), is the mid-1990s animation showcase that appeared on Cartoon Network. It served as the launching point for multiple animated shows including Dexter's Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, Cow and Chicken, The Powerpuff Girls, Courage the Cowardly Dog, and Mike, Lu & Og.



World Premiere Toons was an animation project conceived and produced by Fred Seibert, the original creative director of MTV and Nickelodeon who served as the president of Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc., prior to founding Frederator Studios. Its mission was to return creative power to animators and artists, by recreating the atmospheres that spawned the great cartoon characters of the mid-20th century. Each of 48 short cartoons mirrored the structure of a theatrical cartoon, with each film being based on an original storyboard drawn and written by its artist/creator.

Each of the shows' creators worked with the internal Hanna-Barbera "Creative Corps" Art Director Jesse Stagg and designer Kelly Wheeler to craft a series of high quality, limited edition, fluorescent art posters. The Corps launched a prolonged Guerrilla mailing campaign, targeting animation heavyweights and critics leading up to the launch of World Premiere Toons. The first poster campaign of its kind introduced the world to the groundbreaking new stable of characters.


The first World Premiere Toon broadcast in its entirety was The Powerpuff Girls in Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins, which made its world premiere on February 20, 1995 during a television special called the World Premiere Toon-In (termed "President's Day Nightmare" by its producers, Williams Street). The special was hosted by Space Ghost and the cast of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, and featured comic interviews and a mock contest with the creators of the various cartoons. The Toon-In was simulcast on Cartoon Network, TBS Superstation, and TNT. The special, without the Powerpuff Girls cartoon or any of the clips from the other WPT cartoons featured in the special, was later included in the Space Ghost: Coast to Coast Volume 3 DVD. The version with the other WPT cartoons was eariler included on Cartoon Network Video videotapes. Most of the WAC shorts that were voted into shows had more than 1 short. In fact, Cow and Chicken and Courage the Cowardly Dog were the only exceptions. Shake & Flick (a WAC short set in Rome about a conceited poodle and a ferocious flea) was nominated for a run by Cartoon Network, but it was Johnny Bravo that won the contract. Shake & Flick, however, still received popular reception even though it never went past being a one-shot, and Cartoon Network never found the proper way to continue it past its WAC pilot.

The What a Cartoon! experiment introduced many of today's top animation talent and was repeated several times. The Big Cartoon DataBase cites What a Cartoon!/World Premiere Toons as a "venture combining classic 1940s production methods with the originality, enthusiasm and comedy of the 1990s." A similar program, also created by Fred Seibert, was introduced on Nickelodeon in 1998, titled Oh Yeah! Cartoons. Two years before in 1996, another Nickelodeon show premiered similar to the show known as KaBlam!.

The What a Cartoon! shorts ended with silent clips of the cartoons squeezed in with the credits and sometimes the cartoon's full title would show up along with the clips above the credits. A vast majority of the shorts have never received their own runs as series on the Cartoon Network schedule (especially if the short only had one original What a Cartoon! pilot). In fact, some shorts were even created as the type that were better off as one shots and would never perform well beyond stand alone status (like Awfully Lucky which centered around a pearl that granted good luck, and bad luck following each moment of good luck it brought). However, Cartoon Network launched I Am Weasel in 1997 and Ed, Edd n Eddy in 1999 with no What a Cartoon! short making them, the 2 only all original Cartoon Network programs during the 90s not to be introduced through an original short. More recently, the pilot shorts appearing on Cartoon Network's viewer's poll, which lost votes (excluding Whatever Happened to Robot Jones?) were retconned into The Cartoon Cartoon Show anthology.

Episode list

Animator Episode title Characters introduced Plot synopsis Additional information and/or release date
Joe Orrantia & Elizabeth Stonecypher Podunk Possum - One Step Beyond Podunk Possum, Major Portions A possum named Podunk acquires an abandoned farm with 3 chickens to lay eggs for him, and has to defend them from a fried chicken titan, Major Portions. However, he is unaware of a major alien conspiracy. July 1, 1997
Genndy Tartakovsky Dexter's Laboratory Dexter, Dee-Dee, and Mom Dee-Dee and Dexter battle turning each other into animals, using Dexter's latest invention. February 26, 1995
The Big Sister Dexter prevents giant Dee-Dee from attacking the city. Marked First appearance of Dexo-Robo. Released on March 10, 1996. It was also shown on the VHS release of Cats Don't Dance.[citation needed]
Old Man Dexter Dad Dexter wants to be older so he can stay up late watching TV with his family. March 17, 1996
Dimwit Dexter Dexter has a mental lapse due to brain exhaustion and acts like a baby. April 14, 1996
David Feiss No Smoking Cow, Chicken and the Red Guy (originally known as the Devil). Chicken is saved from damnation of smoking by Super Cow, who is his sister, Cow. Released in November 12, 1995. This episode has been nominated for an Emmy.
Lost Cat A crazy talking purple cat is reeking havoc in town. May 18, 2000
Van Partible Johnny Bravo Johnny Bravo. Johnny Bravo tries to score with a zookeeper girl by capturing a runaway gorilla. March 26, 1995
Johnny Bravo and the Amazon Women Johnny Bravo is left stranded in an island filled with beautiful tall women, and their bodyguard elephant. January 1, 1997
Mr. Monkeyman Jungle Boy, King Raymond. Jealous King Raymond stains the hero Jungle Boy's reputation by impersonating him and causing mayhem. October 9, 1996
Craig McCracken Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins The Powerpuff Girls, Fuzzy Lumpkins. The Powerpuff Girls fight to stop Fuzzy Lumkins' plot to turn everything into meat. February 20, 1995
Crime 101 The Amoeba Boys The girls aid bumbling Amoeba Boys in becoming able criminals. January 28, 1996
Butch Hartman Short Pfuse Pfish and Chip. Pfish and Chip (A carefree shark and a short tempered lynx) attempt to stop their foe, The squeaky laughing Mad Bomber. The only problem is their chief needs to take his nap and demands quiet.
Blammo, the Clown The bomb squad face a clown bomber, with several gag bombs. They also find themselves taking care of the chief's teddy bear while hes at the circus with his mother.
Hillbilly Blue Eustace and Mordechai. Crawdad Eustace is fed-up with being treated as food and goes with possum pal Mordechai on a cross-country trip to New Orleans and being "served" in royal fashion. Features several appearances by Elvis, a notable trademark in Hartman's The Fairly OddParents. Released on August 21, 1996.
Gramps Gramps, his grandchildren. Gramps tells his grandchildren about his battle against invading aliens, and gets corrected by the children repeatedly.
Seth MacFarlane Larry and Steve Larry and Steve. Steve, a homeless dog, is adopted by dimwit Larry (the only man to understand what he's saying), and lives disaster after disaster when Larry takes him shopping. Style developed into MacFarlane's Family Guy. Released on April 20, 1997.
John R. Dilworth The Chicken From Outer Space Courage the Cowardly Dog A fearful dog tries to stop an alien chicken's plans to invade Earth while in his owners' farm. Nominated for Oscar. Released on December 31, 1995.
Zac Moncrief Lost Control Godfrey and Zeek. A giraffe and a pig leave their zoo home and visit a residual water treatment plant to retrieve the remote control they accidentally flushed down the toilet. 1996
Paul Parducci, James Giordano & R.J. Reiley Home Sweet Home Zoonatiks, Mr. Hackensack. A bear named Bill, a monkey named Knuckles and a turtle named Shelby try to enter the all-star Hackensack Zoo and fit their accommodations. This short is animated in style of the 1990's Nick at Nite bumpers.
Jon McClenahan Drip Dry Drips Fat Cats. Brothers Louie and Elmo set a laundry business, expecting to earn some cash. They get a request from the President, but accidentally destroy his suit. September 10, 1995
Mikhail Shindel Mike, Lu & Og Mike, Lu, Og. A cast away girl named Mike asks for native inventor Og to build a car to get across the island. He also builds a specially improved model for princess Lu, which runs too fast for her. Released in 1996 (estimate).
William Hanna Wind-Up Wolf Updated versions of the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf. The Big Bad Wolf uses his robot minion to finally get the Three Little Pigs. The Jetsons make a cameo in this short. Released on May 14, 1995.
Hard Luck Duck Hard Luck Duck, Crocodile Harley. Hard Luck Duck, after venturing away from Crocodile Harley's watch, is a hungry fox's target to be cooked. Slight similarity to Yakky Doodle. Released on April 16, 1995.
Joseph Barbera Stay Out The Flintstones' Dino. Dino tries to keep the house cat outside for the night.
The Great Egg-Scape Dino takes care of a baby dinosaur, and tries to prevent him for growing more.
Robert Alvarez No Tip Pizza Boy. A delivery boy must deliver a pizza to Antarctica safe and sound and before times runs up, or else, he will receive no tip. After going through no end of danger to deliver it, he gets no tip and goes insane.
School Daze Tumbleweed Tex. A Wild West outlaw needs to finish the fourth grade, and deal with his obnoxious class rival, little Timmy.
John McIntyre Kitchen Casanova A first time cook is preparing a dinner for his date, but trouble arises when the wind flips the pages from his cookbook. December 31, 1996
C. Miles Thompson Boid n' Woim Boid, Woim. A worm hitch-hikes in the middle of the California desert alongside a Bird that secretely wants to eat him.
Mike Milo Bow Wow Bucaneers Bloo's Gang, conformed by Bloo, Simon and Scully Bloo and his dog friends sneak out of their owner's houses at midnight to set on a pirate adventure in the city.
Ignoramooses Sherwood and Pomeroy Two mooses (called Ignoramooses by a watching specialist) believe they're going to be adopted by a rich hunter, and wreak havoc in his manssion.
Ralph Bakshi Malcolm and Melvin Malcolm and Melvin Melvin is an alienated loser, until he meets Malcolm, a trumpetist cockroach.
Babe, He Calls Me Melvin's saga continues, as his partnership with Malcolm is compromised by an urban superhero's intrusion. Meanwhile, Melvin's mother aids a criminal after being unable to meet with her son. Bakshi disowned both shorts upon release.
Rob Renzetti Interlude with a Vampire Mina and the Count The Count (presumably Count Dracula) is forced to play with a 7 year old girl in her room, after a mix-up in the schedule with his victims. Sequels to this cartoon would be featured on season 2 of Oh Yeah! Cartoons making it the only short to appear in both cartoon variety shows.
Greg Miller Whatever Happened to Robot Jones? Robot Jones Robot Jones collects information about students. August 25, 2000
Eddie Fitzgerald Tales of Worm Paranoia Johnny, the worm, and Sally, his girlfriend Johnny is a peaceful and forgiving worm until a human steps on him repeatedly. As a result, the worm becomes paranoid and angered at the human race, seeking revenge. Style reminiscent of John Kricfalusi's The Ren and Stimpy Show. Kricfalusi is listed with a "Special Thanks" credit.
Patrick A. Ventura Short Orders Yuckie Duck Yuckie Duck works as a cook and waiter in a dirty restaurant, and delivers unappealing orders to the demanding customers. March 5, 1995
I'm On My Way Yuckie Duck Yuckie Duck works as a paramedic, but does more harm than good to his patients
Out and About Sledgehammer O'Possum A troublemaking possum frustrates a dog's plans to enjoy a quiet summer day out. Sledgehammer O'Possum appeared in another short, What's Going On Back There?
Look Out Below George and Junior A bird crashes a light bulb so it doesn't disturb his sleep and sits in the empty socket. George and Junior, the building's janitors/engineers, are sent to fix it. This short was a re-imagining of the original George and Junior cartoons
George and Junior's Christmas Spectacular George and Junior are forced to deliver Santa's presents to the kids, as they fail to deliver one of Santa's letters. August 6, 1995
Meinert Hansen A Clean Getaway Captain Buzz Cheeply, Slide Captain Buzz Cheeply and his robot sidekick, Slide, must escape a planet whose inhabitants have abnormally sized foreheads but small sized brains, while finding a place to do their laundry. Was banned from most airings due to references to beer, but was still allowed to be shown at times.
Jerry Reynolds and Russ Harris of Perennial Pictures Film Corporation Rat in a Hot Tin Can O. Ratz, Dave D. Fly A rat and his fly companion try to find a place to stay for the night during winter in the city.
Don Jurwich, Jerry Eisenberg and Jim Ryan Yoink! of the Yukon Yoink The mounted police of the Yukon has its uniforms stolen. Yoink and Sergant Thumbsworth Tharplung is sent to retrieve them.
Eugene Mattos Raw Deal in Rome Shake and Flick A flea named Flick has a personal agenda with a local performer, a Dog named Shake, in an anachronistic Rome setting. Art direction by Butch Hartman. Was nominated to be adapted into a series, but lost to Johnny Bravo. Released on June 19, 1995.
Mike Wellins Strange Things A robot finds a job as a janitor, but winds up working for an obnoxious police officer. He also must remember that if it says "Dont Touch", don't touch. A CGI short, the only one in the series not to use traditional animation. The character designs and storytelling somewhat resemble those of the Disney/Pixar movie Wall-E. Released on January 22, 1997.
Jeret Ochi and Victor Ortado Snoot's New Squat Snoot and Al Snoot, the flea-like extraterrestrial whos can imitate pop culture, finds a new home at a pain-suffering dog Al (Who drives his doctor crazy). Art direction by Butch Hartman, hence Snoot's commander bears similarities to Jorgen Von Strangle, the boss fairy from Hartman's Fairly Oddparents. A reference to the popular movie Forrest Gump is made by Snoot when Al runs away and he morphs into a girl and shouts the same way as Jenny does to Forrest.
Bruno Bozzetto Help? Jof A cat that pinches his finger while sewing asks for help at the hospital, but its ruthless personnel offer only pain. May 6, 1997

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The Cartoon Cartoon Show is the programming block that airs 15 Cartoon Cartoons on Cartoon Network. The block began airing in 2005 and has appeared on weekends at 8AM and 12PM ever since. The block also appears on weekdays at 2PM.

# Name Premiere Date End Date Episode Count
1 Dexter's Laboratory April 28, 1996 November 20, 2003 78
2 Johnny Bravo July 7, 1997 August 27, 2004 67
3 Cow and Chicken July 15, 1997 July 24, 1999 52
4 I Am Weasel July 29, 1997 September 16, 1999 79 / 61
5 The Powerpuff Girls November 18, 1998 March 25, 2005 79
6 Ed, Edd n Eddy January 4, 1999 November 8, 2009 72
7 Mike, Lu & Og November 12, 1999 August 18, 2000 26
8 Courage the Cowardly Dog November 12, 1999 November 22, 2002 52
9 Sheep in the Big City November 17, 2000 April 7, 2002 27
10 Time Squad June 1, 2001 November 26, 2004 26
11 Grim & Evil August 24, 2001 October 18, 2002 17
12 Whatever Happened to Robot Jones? July 19, 2002 November 14, 2003 14
13 Codename: Kids Next Door December 6, 2002 January 21, 2008 81
14 The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy June 13, 2003 November 9, 2007 78
15 Evil Con Carne July 11, 2003 October 22, 2004 15

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