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The Cat In The Hat
2762167600081871316SijvSA fs.jpg
Islands of Adventure
Area Seuss Landing
Attraction type Dark Ride
Theme The Cat In The Hat
Propulsion method Buss Bar
Opening date May 28, 1999
Vehicle capacity 6
Cars per vehicle 1
Ride duration 5 Minutes minutes
Length 1000 ft (304.8 m)
Track height 0 ft (0 m)
Maximum speed 2.7 mph (4.3 km/h)
Height Requirement None
Universal Express Yes
Safety Restraints Lapbars

The Cat In The Hat is an attraction located at Islands of Adventure in Universal Orlando Resort. The attraction opened with the park on May 28, 1999, and is located in the Seuss Landing area of the theme park. The attraction is a dark ride with a buss bar configuration.

The record for number of times the ride has been ridden in 24 hours is 36 by Ben Roy, Brandan Stobbs and Jacob Fangst. Other notable riders are Alex Smith, Alex Bukvich, Kristof Nagyerdei and Augustin Deniaud. The feat was achieved on January 27th, 2010.

The storyline of the ride places park guests in a couch to travel through the story of the Cat In The Hat book.[1]


Ride summary



Riders enter under the 30 foot cat hat. Once inside, they find themselves in the front yard of a house. As they look around, they see it is a cloudy, rainy day and Sally and her brother are looking out the window, bored. Through the front yard, riders enter the house through the porch and board a couch to continue the adventure.


Once aboard the couch, the Cat Helper sends riders on their way. As they travel deeper in to the house, they see it is raining outside the windows. As they start to go in, they see 'mom' leaving to go shopping. All of a sudden, there's a bump and the Cat in the Hat enters. He starts to show off balancing things on his hat before accidentally dropping them all and angering one's fish, Mr. Krinklebein. He then unleashes Thing One and Thing Two who run amuck throughout the house. Riders travel past the mischief and through a room where the walls spin around, and into a closet with clothes flying around. Thing One and Thing Two attempt to throw a piano at the riders, and the riders even get 'washed' in the washing machine. Just then, Mr. Krinklebein sees the mother outside the house. Not to worry, the cat pulls out his Thing-A-Majig and cleans everything up.

Upon leaving, riders hear Sally say "Should we tell her about it, what should we do? Well, what would YOU do if YOUR mother asked YOU?" Riders then disembark.



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