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"The Chanukah Song" is a series of humorous songs written and performed by Adam Sandler. All variations center on the theme of Jewish children feeling alienated during the Christmas season, and Sandler's listing of Jewish celebrities (both real and fictional).


Part I (1994)

This version appeared on Sandler's 1996 comedy album What the Hell Happened to Me?.

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During the final verse, performed originally on Saturday Night Live and on a radio cut, Sandler sings the line "Drink your gin and tonic-ah, but don't smoke marijuan-icah." On the uncut album version, and during various concert appearances, the line was changed to "Drink your gin and tonic-ah, and smoke your marijuan-icah." The uncut version, despite the reference to marijuana, receives most radio airplay today; another radio edit skips completely over the gin and tonic/marijuana line altogether.

Part II (1999)

The "Chanukah Song, Part II" was recorded live at Brandeis University for Sandler's 1999 album Stan and Judy's Kid.

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Part III (2002)

Included on the Eight Crazy Nights soundtrack featuring vocals from actor Rob Schneider and the children's choir The Drei-Dels.

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Also, in an unedited version that Sandler sings at some of his comedy shows, he replaces the lyric "As for half-Jewish actors, Sean Penn is quite the great one. And Marlon Brando's not a Jew at all, but it looks to me like he ate one" with "Gwyneth Paltrow's half-Jewish, but a full-time Oscar winner. Jennifer Connelly's half-Jewish, too, and I'd like to put some more in her". This edition is not played on radio versions. However, the music video shows a background screen shows a picture of Sandler licking his lips as the Jennifer Connelly lyric is sung, with shocked laughter coming from the audience. This version is hidden about four minutes after the edited version on the Eight Crazy Nights soundtrack.

Covers and spoofs

In the season 3 The Office episode "Diwali", Michael Scott (Steve Carell) parodies Sandler by performing "The Diwali Song" during a Hindu Diwali festival.

In 2009, a cover of the song by Neil Diamond was released on A Cherry Cherry Christmas.[4] This version featured several changes in lyrics, including the change from "Tom Cruise isn't but I think his agent is" to "Tom Cruise isn't, but Jesus Christ is".


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