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The Chinese Album
Studio album by Spacehog
Released March 10, 1998
Genre Glam rock
Length 41:40
Label Sire Records
Warner Bros. Records
Producer Bryce Goggin
Professional reviews
Spacehog chronology
Resident Alien
The Chinese Album
The Hogyssey

The Chinese Album is the second album from the expatriate British alternative rock band Spacehog. It was released on Sire Records on March 10, 1998.

Track listing

  1. "One Of These Days"
  2. "Goodbye Violet Race"
  3. "Lucy's Shoe"
  4. "Mungo City"
  5. "Skylark"
  6. "Sand In Your Eyes"
  7. "Captain Freeman"
  8. "2nd Avenue"
  9. "Almond Kisses" (featuring Michael Stipe)
  10. "Carry On"
  11. "Anonymous"
  12. "Beautiful Girl"


  • The Chinese Album was considered for a soundtrack and basis of a film called "Mungo City" (later called "The Chinese Movie"). It was to be about a band that moves to Hong Kong for success after getting rejected by a New York record company. Unsatisfied with the final script, Spacehog dismissed any plans for shooting.
  • Spacehog wrote and recorded 20 songs for The Chinese Album. Among these are the b-sides "Final Frontier", "Isle of Manhattan", and "Cryogenic Lover" which were released as European singles.
  • The beginning of "Mungo City" references the "Ministry of Plenty" from 1984 (novel)

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