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The Code of Honor is a novel written by Frank Staff and edited by TJ Hans. The book is about a group of 4 friends that follow a 'Code of Honor' that writes out what they view as Morals. The story takes place in a city called Mortalis in the year 2081.

--Caution: Reading any further could spoil sections of the book if you have not read past chapter 3--

--The thoughts and opinions of the characters are based on live people however they may not reflect the direct views--



Mortalis, the city of the future. Where death seemed to be a myth. The government was steady and projectile weapons were banned and replaced with crude lasers produced by EleRifles by EleTek the most powerful company of the city. However, not all was flawless and soon EleTek collapsed after blueprints are leaked and people begin to create more powerful and deadly weapons out of EleRifles. Society collapsed and gangs now rule the streets while officers try to uphold the flimsy law of a collapsed government. The air is heavy with sex, drugs, and violence but in all of it, in the thick blood that runs the streets and cakes on the sidewalk there shines a light of hope upon the beaten and the damned.

Character Biography

Lucidius, Scotty - One of the four centralized characters. Wanted by the Police and "Death Row's Reapers." He's quick witted and highly skilled in hand to hand combat. Always has his blade by his side. Lucidius / Scotty's personality was based on Frank Staff, the writer.

Kumori, TJ - The second of the four centralized characters. Wanted under the accusations of vigilantism and murder. Believed to have saved many policeman lives, so searches have been scarce. His various sniper rifles are always seen on his back. Kumori / TJ's personaity was based on TJ Hans, the editor

Clubby, Rob - The third of the four centralized characters. Wanted by the Police and stalked by an insane man. Large and fairly muscular man who specializes in brute force. His signature Trench Coat and Shotgun will always be seen with him. Driver of the teams only vehicle. Clubby / Rob's personality was based on Robert Peterson, close friend to both TJ and Frank

Nicole - The last of the four centralized characters. One of the only 2 females who are directly associated with The Group. Known for stealing Lucidius' blade on numerous occasions. This character was introduced in the first chapter, and a horrific incidence. This character's personality was based on someone who would get along well with the group, but otherwise not related to anyone.

Chapter 1 plot

A lot has happened in the first few pages of the book. All 4 of the centralized characters were introduced, as well as Kumori's girlfriend Selene. The chapter begins with Nicole's very disturbing introduction. She's being sexually assaulted by a man who will not give his name. Clubby is out on patrol, and was somehow tipped off of something happening within the household. He knocks on the door, and the hooded figure answers. Seeing the girl, he realizes what is going on. Strapped with various guns, he grabs the man by his choke and proceeds in arming his Desert Eagle. He shoots downwards, knocking off the mans kneecaps. He then loosens his grip on the mans kneck, allowing him a last scream before snapping his kneck. Clubby then offers the girl to come back with him, where someone can fix her up, and where she could stay, for at least the night. He goes outside and gets in his Jeep, allowing the girl to get into the passenger seat.

Then the intro switches to Kumori. He's on a rooftop observing a police officer standing on a corner. His gaze switches over to three men who clearly did not like the officer for one of them drew a crowbar, and the other two wielded knifes. Before the man with the crowbar could do any harm, Kumori shot the man in the temple with his XM500. He then proceeded in shooting one of the startled men in the eye and the other one in the base of the skull as he attempted in running away. He called 911 on a disposable cell phone and tossed it down to the ground below for the police to track the call and take care of the injured police officer.

Following Kumori introduction was Lucidius. He is walking upon a rooftop when a gang of people begin to harass a boyfriend and girlfriend on the ground below. They tore the two apart and then knocked the boy over before curb stomping him, a reference to Gears of War. The men then attempted to grab at the girl before they were startled by Lucidius' impressive entrance.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" the downed man asked his assailant. The character pulled his hood down so his bandana could be seen.

"Well sir, I believe my name is Lucidius," the black bandana replied.

"What da fuck kinda name is Lucidius?" said the second man.

"The last on you’ll ever hear," said Lucidius coldly, before drawing his D.Eagle and pulling the trigger. The second man flinched and then opened his eyes, realizing that instead of a gunshot, an empty ‘click’ came from the gun.[1]

Attempting to dodge out of the way of an incoming bullet from a .38 Special, he gets nicked in the arm. Aggravated, he draws his machete and embeds the blade in the assailants head, before drawing his


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