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"The Cold"
The West Wing episode
Episode no. Season 7
Episode 145
Written by Debora Cahn (teleplay)
Debora Cahn & Lauren Schmidt (story)
Directed by Alex Graves
Production no. 2T6213
Original airdate March 12, 2006
Guest stars

Ron Silver
Patricia Richardson
Lily Tomlin
Brett Cullen
Stephen Root
Ron Canada
Steve Ryan
Dean Norris
Matthew Del Negro
Diana-Maria Riva
Melinda McGraw

Season 7 episodes
  1. The Ticket
  2. The Mommy Problem
  3. Message of the Week
  4. Mr. Frost
  5. Here Today
  6. The Al Smith Dinner
  7. The Debate
  8. Undecideds
  9. The Wedding
  10. Running Mates
  11. Internal Displacement
  12. Duck and Cover
  13. The Cold
  14. Two Weeks Out
  15. Welcome to Wherever You Are
  16. Election Day Part I
  17. Election Day Part II
  18. Requiem
  19. Transition
  20. The Last Hurrah
  21. Institutional Memory
  22. Tomorrow
List of The West Wing episodes

"The Cold" is episode 145 of The West Wing. This episode contained the final performance of cast member John Spencer (Leo McGarry).


As the news emerges that Santos is ahead in California and tied nationally, Donna rushes to Josh's hotel room to share it; they end up kissing until Santos bursts in on them; "Is it true?", he wants to know. Everyone is on a high. The Democrats gleefully learn that Vinick has a cold; however this is being kept dark by Vinick's aides. He's under a lot of pressure now to lean further to the right. The religious wing are ready to take the reins, especially as they are now falling behind in the polls. But Vinick is reluctant to lose his trusted advisors, Bruno and Sheila Brooks .

CJ finds out that romance could be blossoming between Donna and Josh, however, she has no idea that Will and Kate have embarked on a relationship, despite their lamentations "We're really bad at this!"

The President summons Santos, Leo, and Vinick to the White House, to brief them on the Kazakhstan situation. Before meeting with the candidates, the President has a private meeting with Leo to discuss the situation, after which Josh asks Leo whether everything is okay. Leo replies with 'yea', the character's final line.

Bartlet meets with the candidates and informs them that they cannot wait until after the election to send in troops, and that whoever wins the election will inherit the situation. Vinick muses aloud that he will lose his tax cuts, and Santos' education plan is off the table.

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