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The Collapse of Chaos  
Author Jack Cohen and Ian Stewart
Country UK
Language English
Subject(s) chaos theory
Publisher Penguin Books
Publication date 2000
Pages 495
ISBN 978-0-14-029125-4
OCLC Number 247326335

The Collapse of Chaos: discovering simplicity in a complex world (2000) is a book about chaos theory written by biologist Jack Cohen and mathematician Ian Stewart.

In this book (originally published in 1994) Cohen and Stewart give their ideas on chaos theory, particularly on how the simple leads to the complex, and conversely, how the complex leads to the simple. This book dovetails with other books written by the Cohen-Stewart team, particularly by expanding on topics mentioned in Figments of Reality.

As with other Cohen-Stewart books, topics are illustrated with humorous science fiction snippets dealing with a fictional alien intelligence, the Zarathustrians, whom Cohen and Stewart use as metaphors of the human mind itself.


  • Jack Cohen and Ian Stewart: The Collapse of Chaos: discovering simplicity in a complex world, Penguin Books, 1994, ISBN 978-0-14-029125-4


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