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The Daily Buzz
Format News program
Starring Mitch English
(2002 - Present)
Holly Hannula
(2008 - Present)
Kia Malone
(2005 - Present)
Andy Campbell
(2007 - Present)
Country of origin  United States
Running time 180 minutes (Three hours)
Original channel Syndication
The CW Plus
Original run 2002 – Present
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The Daily Buzz is a nationally syndicated breakfast television news and infotainment program produced in Winter Park, Florida by ACME Communications and shown largely on The CW or MyNetwork TV affiliates. It started on September 16, 2002 with 10 stations and has grown to encompass 39% of American television audiences. The show is known for a more informal atmosphere than its counterparts.

The three-hour program is broadcast every weekday morning. It is currently carried in 162 U.S. television markets, most of which come from The CW Plus programming service that serves smaller market stations. Some of the stations that carry the show only broadcast a portion of the program (usually these stations air a morning newscast produced by another station in the market, preempting the national show). Unlike other network morning shows, The Daily Buzz provides opportunities to break for local news and weather during the show.


Studio changes and relocations

When the show began, it was broadcast out of WBDT in Dayton, Ohio. The show moved to Orlando in August 2004, where it was broadcast out of the studios of WKCF in Lake Mary, Florida. In early-2007, WKCF moved to WESH's studios in Winter Park, after Hearst-Argyle Television acquired WKCF to create a duopoly with WESH.

In mid-April 2007, The Daily Buzz moved to a temporary location inside the Disney-MGM Studios, when their previous studios were acquired by Trinity Broadcasting Network and Good Life Broadcasting for new studios for their stations, WTGL-TV (now WHLV-TV) and WLCB-TV (the present-day WTGL), respectively. [1] In the Orlando area, the show also changed stations, from WKCF to WRDQ, which is co-owned with WFTV.

The show was broadcast from Disney for six weeks until the new permanent studios were completed at Full Sail University in Winter Park.[2] The new set was completed on June 15, 2007, and the show began broadcasting live from Full Sail on Tuesday, June 19.



Current hosts

  • Mitch English - Show Co-Anchor, Weather Anchor, "Rumor Control" and "Mitch's World/World Record Roundup" (2002-present)
  • Kia Malone - Show Co-Anchor "Plugged into the News" Correspondent (gives updates on the quarter hour) (2005-present; formerly of KWTV in Oklahoma City)
  • Andy Campbell - Show Co-Anchor, "News By The Numbers," and "Campbell's Soup" (2007-Present)
  • Holly Hannula - (2008-present)

Past hosts

  • Andrea Jackson - Show Co-Anchor, "Out The Door" and some movie reviews (2002-2009 now creator of WakeUpCallTV, an application for Iphone).
  • Clayton Morris - Show Co-Anchor, also "Clayton's Reality", "Keeping Them Honest" and "News By The Numbers" Correspondent (2002-2007, now at Fox News Channel)
  • John Brown - Co-Anchor (2004-2006, now at KTVI in St. Louis)
  • Dao Vu - "Plugged into the News" Correspondent (2003-2005, former anchor of The Weather Channel's Weekend View now at WCCB.)
  • Ron Corning - Co-Anchor (2002-2004, and guest appearance, 2006;former Co-Anchor of WNYW's Good Day New York, now at News 12 in New York)
  • Peggy Bunker - Show Co-Anchor (2002-2003 Now at KDVR in Denver, CO)

Guest hosts/Host tryouts

Here is a list of people that have auditioned for on-air positions as a "guest host" in the past:

  • John Sencio in September 2006
  • Nick Vavas on June 6, 2006
  • David Folk Thomas on June 8 and 9, 2006
  • Reid Lamberty on June 26 and 27, 2006
  • Rick Black on June 29 and 30, 2006

Guest weather anchors

When Mitch English is out on assignment or vacation, there is a guest Meteorologist or Weather Anchor that will fill in. This includes:

  • Elizabeth Hart - Guest Weather Anchor and Guest "Mitch's World/World Record Roundup" Correspondent (2007; now at WKMG in Orlando)
  • Mark Mathis - Guest Weather Anchor and Guest "Mitch's World/World Record Roundup" Correspondent (2006)
  • Andy Carson - Guest Weather Anchor and Guest "Mitch's World/World Record Roundup" Correspondent
  • Richard Nunn - Guest Weather Anchor and Guest "Rumor Control" and "Mitch's World/World Record Roundup" Correspondent (2005; now at WJXT in Jacksonville)

Current and Past segments

  • Who Dat True features Mitch giving basically true or false questions. If the statement is true, it's WHO DAT TRUE, if false, it's BUNK. The segment starts off with Mitch making a reference to either a cemetery or a bakery.
  • Mitch's World has Mitch giving his take on a story in the news. He ends the segment with a punchline related to the story.
  • World Record Roundup has Mitch asking a question about a current world record.
  • Plugged Into The News has Kia giving the latest headlines from Cable News Network and the Associated Press.
  • Mitch's Reality has Mitch running through moments from one of the week's reality shows.
  • Mr. Moviefone: Russ Leatherman of the popular Moviefone service reviews the weekend's new box office releases
  • Buzz Cuts: a look at the latest CD releases and music news
  • News By The Numbers: Andy gives news items related to given numbers
  • Campbell's Soup (formerly Keeping Them Honest) is Andy's clearing house for the most ridiculous news of the day.
  • Rumor Control: Mitch discusses the validity of a rumor e-mailed to him
  • Keeping them Honest: Andy exposes possible cases of ethical corruption, failed promises, and other anomalies from various sectors. Similar to the Anderson Cooper 360 segment of the same name.
  • Old School: The Daily Buzz pokes fun at vintage commercials, PSAs and instructional/educational films.
  • debt and financial segments with guest Tim Wilkins
  • Viewer Calls: 2 frame animated phone calls sent in by the viewers.
  • Trash or Worth The Cash: Mitch tests a product featured in TV infomercials to determine if the product is worth the investment.
  • eBay or Not: Mitch hosts a spoof game show (played by Kia, Andy and Andrea) figuring out if given descriptions are for actual items on the auction site.
  • Lifetime Dramatic Moment: A short, unintentionally-humorous clip from a Lifetime Television movie is shown.
  • What the Hell? is segment that features strange or humorous (usually unintentional humor) videos from TV and the Web and shows them out of context to provoke humor.

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