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The Dark Side of the Moon is a 1990 science fiction/horror/action movie. It was directed by D. J. Webster, written by Carey Hayes and Chad Hayes, and starred Robert Sampson, Will Bledsoe, Joe Turkel, Camilla More, John Diehl, Wendy MacDonald, Alan Blumenfeld, and Ken Lesco.


Video box description

“SpaceCore One was to have a routine mission; a further exploration of the lunar surface, and examination of areas as yet uncharted. The strange power they encountered was completely unexpected. Why should any place on the moon be different from any other place? And yet, something was there, unseen, uncaring, overwhelming...and waiting. For eons it has been there...feeding on human souls from the darkest corridor of the dark side. Beyond our vision but not our reach. A place where time and space converge and evil is incarnate. An inexplorable force of unimagined darkness hovering at the shadowy tip of reality. Now the SpaceCore crew must confront the unthinkable and escape the inescapable, caught up in a dark triangle of pure force, traveling a deadly path, taking with them the ultimate evil...a resident from THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON.”


The Bermuda Triangle is actually a time and space warp that leads to another triangular area on the dark side of the moon. The two triangles are connected by an invisible triangular corridor through space. All the vessels that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle—from ships that sank there to space shuttles that splashed down there—were transported to the moon (which is why they’ve never been found).

When God banished the Devil from Heaven, the Hell to which the Devil was sent was actually the dark side of the moon. The Devil now feeds on the souls of any mortals who enter the Bermuda Triangle or the space corridor between Earth and the moon.


The film was released on videocassette by Vidmark Entertainment on May 30, 2009. The film has never been released on DVD and as of January 13, 2010, Lions Gate Home Entertainment has no current plans for a DVD release.

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