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The Day after Tomorrow
Also known as Into Infinity
Genre Science-fiction drama
Format Special
Written by Johnny Byrne
Directed by Charles Crichton
Starring Brian Blessed
Joanna Dunham
Don Fellows
Martin Lev
Katherine Levy
Nick Tate
Narrated by Ed Bishop
Composer(s) Derek Wadsworth
Steve Coe
Country of origin United Kingdom
Language(s) English
Producer(s) Gerry Anderson
Editor(s) David Lane
Cinematography Frank Watts
Camera setup Single
Running time 52 mins
Production company(s) Gerry Anderson Productions
Original channel NBC
First shown in United States
Original airing December 9, 1975 (1975-12-09)

The Day after Tomorrow (also known as Into Infinity in the United Kingdom) is a 1975 British science-fiction television special produced by Gerry Anderson between the two seasons of Space: 1999. It stars Brian Blessed, Nick Tate, Joanna Dunham, Katharine Levy and Martin Lev. It aired in the United States on NBC as part of the network's "Special Treat" children's series in December 1975, and in the UK on BBC1 in December 1976.



Two families, led by Dr Tom Bowen (Blessed) and Captain Harry Masters (Tate), depart a space station on a mission of discovery beyond the Solar System aboard the starship Altares. Their original destination is Alpha Centauri; however, once their work there is complete, the families decide to travel further into space. After a meteor shower disables its computer guidance system, the ship's "photon drive" kicks in. This sends the Altares out of control at near-light speed, with no way to return to Earth.

After an unspecified period of time, the drive fails in the vicinity of a dying red giant star on the brink of going supernova. Captain Masters goes into the ship's reactor to repair the drive, finishing the job just as the star begins to collapse. Although the Altares escapes the explosion, it is unable to maintain its intended course back to Earth. The occupants are instead caught in the gravitational well of a black hole; unable to reach the faster-than-light speeds required to break free, they are pulled into it and hurled into another universe.


The Day after Tomorrow was created as a dramatic narrative to familiarise children with the theories of Albert Einstein. However, Gerry Anderson formatted it as a pilot for a potential TV series (for which the title of the special would have become "Into Infinity"). The idea was not followed up, leaving this episode as the only one produced.

Home release

The sole legal home release of the programme is a DVD distributed by Fanderson, the official appreciation society dedicated to the works of Anderson, along with another of his pilot films, Space Police (which, after development, became the TV series Space Precinct).

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