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The Dio Laugh 

The Dio Laugh is a means of substituting the phrase "That's what she said". It is used to either make people laugh or to draw attention to oneself. It can also be used to disturb the general peace of a large area. It was created by 2 teenagers by the names of Dan Mullikin and Cody Hicken. It began as a small inside joke between 2 friends, but is now a multi-state phenomenon. The concept of the Dio laugh was spawned off singer Ronnie James Dio. It also started the lesser known "speaking in Dio". Overall, the Dio Laugh and its spinoffs are in no way related to Dio by any tangible means.



The Dio Laugh first started in Waukesha, Wisconsin, in May of 2009. It was spawned off the looks and voice of the heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio. Two friends, Dan Mullikin and Cody Hicken, were listening to Dio on Hicken's computer. Mullikin, after the song, spontaneously uttered the first ever heard Dio laugh. After some laughing by both parties, Hicken asked "What was that?" To which Mullikin said "Wouldn't it be funny if Dio did that?" At first, it was only done amongst Mullikin and Hicken in privacy, but it began to escalate when other friend [1]Zach Mckelvey heard it for the first time, in Mid-June of 2009. Mckelvey, Mullikin, and Hicken eventually began to shout the Dio laugh at passing cars, to anger passing motorists. When Mullikin got his first car, the reverse was done to pedestrians, or what are now known as Dio-bys. This got Waukesha residents to notice the laugh faster than ever. To date, there have been an estimated 1,000+ Dio-bys in residential Waukesha, with at least 2 dozen of those being on tape. Today, many residents of Waukesha have experienced a Dio-by at some point after July of 2009. When Mckelvey moved to Michigan in late February of 2010, the laugh went with him. Mckelvey "explained to his new pricipal who Dio was".


There is no correct way to do the laugh, but the accepted way is to emulate its creator, Dan Mulikin, as closely as possible. It is hard to describe the sound made, but when done correctly, it sounds like a hyperactive horse whinnying.

Speaking in Dio

Speaking in Dio formed alongside the Dio laugh, for the same reasons. Its main purpose is to make everyday words and phrases more creepy-sounding and perverted. Again, it is in no tangible way affiliated with Dio. Speaking in Dio is not as hard to emulate as the laugh. It involves replacing the "s" sound(s) in a word with an "sch" sound, like the one in the word "Deustch". Comparitievely, it is an exaggerated version of Sean Connery's voice, and has often been compared to just that. Sean ConneryUp until recently that has stayed more or less between Hicken and Mullikin. But Mullikin broke this trend by reciting a speech in Dio, in his 6th hour Crime & Law class. There was much laughter by all who had heard.


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