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The Drouth is an American-format quarterly periodical published in Glasgow, Scotland. Founded in 2001 by Mitchell Miller and Johnny Rodger it is one of the newer Scottish arts magazines.

Although its title is Scots (Eng: The Thirst) the magazine is published mostly in Scottish Standard English though features and fiction do regularly appear in languages such as French, Italian, Spanish, Scots and Gaelic.

The Drouth is unusual for a Scottish magazine in refusing to publish poetry, arguing that as poetry covers a good portion of other magazines’ content, its efforts are better focused on other art-forms. The poetry rule is retained with occasional exceptions, although this has always been commissioned directly by the editors, as is the majority of content. It has a particular focus on literature, film and politics but also covers visual art, music, architecture, photography and comix, as well as giving generous space to creative fiction.

In general, the magazine takes an aggressively non-institutional stance and tends to hold itself apart from other magazines in Scotland. It is nevertheless very active in the Scottish arts scene, sponsoring a number of events across Scotland and Glasgow’s West End Festival. Every issue features a guest editor (usually someone of distinction in a given field) and guest cover artist.

Notable contributors

  • Owen Dudley Edwards
  • Roberto Fabbricciani
  • John Gray
  • Dorian Grieve
  • Murray Grigor
  • Sileas na Keppoch
  • Simon Kovesi
  • Paul O’Keeffe
  • Juana Ponce de Leon
  • Jake Mahaffy
  • George Monbiot
  • Ashley Shelby
  • David Stenhouse
  • Sherien Sultan

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