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The Duel Of The Century
Produced by Shaw Brothers Studio
Release date(s) 1981
Running time 95 Minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Mandarin

The Duel Of The Century is a 1981 martial arts film, created in Hong Kong's famous Shaw Brothers Studio.


The main characters, Lu Xiaofeng and Sun Chien investigate a series of murders, which occur in relation to and epic duel that is supposed to take place. The plot thickens when Jiang Rainyin, a friend of Lu Xiaofeng and Sun Chien accuses Ye Gucheng of murdering his brother. Ye Gucheng is a close friend of Lu Xiaofeng and he clearly realizes that an impostor of Ye is committing a brutal series of murders which Ye is accused of committing. The impostor is eventually revealed as a pawn of Eunuch Wang, who wants to kill the king so that he can place Ye Gucheng's impostor in power, so that the Lama Clan he belongs to can establish a new dynasty. The duel between Ye Gucheng (the impostor)and Jiang Rainyin at the end of the film is staged by Eunuch Wang, to distract the royal servants, while he and his accomplices assassinate the king. Lu Xiaofeng eventually straightens things out and the real Ye Gucheng is revealed as innocent and Eunuch Wang is brought to justice.

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