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The Ellen Show
Format Sitcom
Created by Ellen DeGeneres
Mitchell Hurwitz (co-creator)
Carol Leifer (co-creator)
Starring Ellen DeGeneres
Jim Gaffigan
Emily Rutherfurd
Martin Mull
Kerri Kenney
Cloris Leachman
Country of origin  United States
No. of episodes 18
Running time approx. 22 minutes per episode
Original channel CBS
Original run September 24, 2001 – January 11, 2002
For the syndicated television talk show, see: The Ellen DeGeneres Show. For DeGeneres's first sitcom, see Ellen (TV series).

The Ellen Show was a television sitcom starring Ellen DeGeneres that aired during the 2001-2002 season on CBS. It was DeGeneres' second attempt at a sitcom, after These Friends of Mine/Ellen on ABC (1994-1998), but it was unable to garner strong ratings and was quickly cancelled.

After coming out of the closet as a lesbian on her first sitcom, DeGeneres' character on The Ellen Show, Ellen Richmond, was also a lesbian, although the show did not focus as heavily on the character's sexuality as did the final season of her first sitcom.

The Ellen Show also starred Cloris Leachman, Martin Mull, Jim Gaffigan and Emily Rutherfurd.



Ellen Richmond decides to trade the stresses of her fast-track, big-city lifestyle for the slower pace of her quieter hometown, where she is known and loved. It remains to be seen, however, whether or not returning to her hometown, a fishbowl of a place, and her eccentric mother, Dot, and scatter-brained sister, Catherine, is the best course of action. At home, Ellen becomes reacquainted with her senior prom date, Rusty, who thinks they can pick up where they left off (which, since she's a lesbian, seems unlikely), and her befuddled high school teacher, Mr. Munn. Though worlds apart from the people who love her, Ellen begins to adjust to a very different way of life.



The show was created by Carol Leifer and Mitchell Hurwitz, who co-wrote the pilot episode.

Guest Stars


The Ellen Show consisted of 18 episodes, it was canceled mid-way through its first season. The final 5 episodes of the series were never aired, but are available on DVD.

  1. Pilot
  2. Walden Pond
  3. Chain Reaction
  4. Vanity Hair
  5. The Move
  6. Muskrat Love
  7. Joe
  8. Cathy's Taffy
  9. Missing the Bus
  10. Alive and Kicking
  11. Ellen's First Christmess
  12. A Bird in the Hand
  13. Just the Duck
  14. Shallow Gal
  15. Gathering Moss
  16. A Matter of Principal
  17. Where the Sun Doesn't Shine
  18. One for the Roadshow

DVD Release

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment released the complete series on DVD in Region 1 in a 2-disc boxset on July 11, 2006.

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