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The Flower of Evil
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Cover, The Flower of Evil volume 1 -->
(Ak-eui Kkot)
Genre Romance
Author Lee Hyeon-Sook
Publisher South Korea Daiwon C.I. Inc.
Magazine South Korea Issue
Original run 2006 – 2008
Volumes 7

The Flower of Evil (Hangul:악의 꽃) is a manhwa by Lee Hyeon-Sook


Se-joon an Se-wa are twins, they have always been together. no one could separate them when they were kids, the world revolved only about each other. It was even hard to tell the difference when they were young! At one point in their young lives Se-joon and Se-wa fell ill and they both had a heart transplantation.

But Se-wa's heart is very unstable. Her body rejects the strange heart and attacks it, causing Se-wa to cough up blood and experience agonizing pains if she doesn't take the right medicines.

Ever since Se-joon witnessed Se-wa's struggle for life or death he realized what she means to him. His possessiveness became dark and deep ever since that.

In public it seems as if Se-joon is embarrassed. He keeps up a front and even makes sure that Se-wa is marked as a psycho so no one would dare to get close to her. He cunningly finds ways to have her never meet anyone more important as him. And Se-wa gives in, there is only Se-joon in her eyes.

Suddenly the plot starts to move as Se-joon gets a girlfriend, Su-in. Se-wa's jealous and can't handle him having fun with others.

Se-joon and Se-wa meet a boy who introduces himself as an old friend, Sung-chan. Se-wa becomes interested in him and slowly she starts to built up a friendship with Sung-chan. Sung-chan seems to have sparked something in Se-wa as we see her gradually open up more and more throughout the manwha. Se-joon's girlfriend starts to have her doubts and eventually uncovers Se-joon's front and discovers what Se-joon really feels in his heart for Se-wa. Se-joon and Su-in break up. Se-joon realizes the threat Sung-chan forms for him and Se-wa as he overheard Se-wa say her heart aches when Gi-hoon looks at other women. Jealous, he starts to harbor a deep hatred towards Se-wa who he feels has betrayed him and towards Sung-chan who's stealing what is his. Up to the point where he has nightmares where he murders her with his own hands, he always wakes up in fear afraid of himself.

Later Se-joon discovers that Sung-chan isn't who he said he was! During a class reunion Se-joon meets the real Sung-chan who is similar in appearance but who doesn't resemble Gi-hoon any further in any way. Sung-chan's real name is Gi-hoon. Gi-hoon's sibling and mother died. Gi-hoon claims that Se-wa stole his little brother's heart and he just wanted to verify that. His mother committed suicide after Gi-joon's brother's death. He also says that, even thought that was initially the reason he approached her, he started to develop feelings towards her as their relationship progressed. Se-joon doesn't want him to finish what he has to say and chases Gi-hoon out of his house.

In pure built up anger and frustration Se-joon commits the sin which he feared the most. He made love with her, with his twin sister Se-wa. The next day he realizes what he has done and goes to church to confess. Gi-hoon follows Se-joon and finds out about Se-joon's sin. He confronts Se-joon and is beaten by Se-joon on the head and left for dead. Se-joon's fear that his parents ,... no just that anyone would find out, and that someone would take Se-wa away from him caused him to commit his second sin.

He runs away from home with Se-wa to the old, run down house of their grandmother in the country.

Gi-hoon wasn't dead, there was a witness who brought him to the hospital in time. Gi-hoon recovers and he notices some missed calls on his cellphone by Se-wa.

Se-wa tried to call Gi-hoon. Se-wa starts to have her doubts about the whole "runaway plan" she's also scared and confused as she understands that her brother actually killed someone she liked... Also, her unstable heart is acting up, without her medicines to thin the antibodies her own body will slowly on destroy her heart. Se-joon doesn't realize the seriousness of the situation and dismisses Se-wa comments on "when they will ever return". Then Se-wa starts to cough blood. Se-joon immediately rushes to the hospital, but to no avail. Se-wa's dead.

Se-Joon cries out that God wanted to punish him for his sins. Gi-hoon blames Se-joon for Se-wa's death.

Near the end we see that Se-joon lies alone in his bed. He seems to have some vision of Se-wa where Se-wa reassures him and tells him she'd never leave without him.

His parents find him dead in his bed. One wrist cut open and in the other arm he clutches a picture of him and Se-wa together. He died with a smile on his face



  • Eun Se-Joon

Se-wa's twin brother a gentle and polite boy. He's quite popular. He and Se-wa have always been together when they were kids. But their sibling relationship changed after Se-joon witnissed Se-wa struggle for her life. He realizes his feelings and starts to cultivate a deep and dark love for her. Due to his possessiveness towards his sister he spreads rumors about her to make her rely solely on him. In public he pretends to be embarrassed about his clinging sister and tries to get a girlfriend named Su-In. When Se-wa started hanging around Gi-Hoon, Se-joon's starts to get jealous and investigates Gi-Hoon's past which ultimately led to his sister's downfall after he revealed Gi-Hoon's true intentions.

  • Eun Se-wa

Se-Joon's twin sister who had heart transplant when she was young due to a weak heart. She was obsessed with her brother Se-Joon and he fell in love with her as well but when he rejected her she warms up to Gi-Hoon and becomes a more out-going person. She and Se-Joon ends up sleeping together when Se-Joon reveals Gi-Hoon's true intentions. Se-joon convinces his sister that they need to run away because of the sin they have committed. Se-Joon thinks he killed Gi-Hoon after the latter threatened to tell his parents that the siblings slept together and reveals that to his sister while they are on the run.

  • Gi-hoon

An old classmate and friend of the twins claims that he has been looking for them for several years before he transferred in to the same high school as they. There he ends up in the same class as Se-wa. Twins' classmate whose younger sister died because Se-wa's father cannot help her years ago and his younger brother was killed by boys. Living with his widowed father one day Gi-hoon met Se-wa who transplanted his sister's heart. Gi-hoon was pose as childhood friend of twins later he fell in love with Se-wa. Their relationship progressed until Gi-hoon discovers the twins had slept together. After confronting Se-Joon saying "Se-joon took advantage of Se-wa's inexperienced heart regarding love and relationships in general" He's beaten into a coma by Se-joon

  • Sung-chan

Another name for Gi-hoon, there is an interesting explanation to why he got two names.

  • Su-in

A third year and there for a senior at their school. Has for a long time had her eye on Se-joon. She finally thinks that she has gotten her hand's on him. Balancing school, her struggles with her relationship with the twins and her family's anticipations for her future studies at a good university.

  • Soo-jin

Gi-hoon's ex girlfriend who lose her eye by Se-Jeon

  • Mr Eun

Se-wa and Se-joon's father is doctor

  • Mrs Eun

See-joon and Se-wa's mother is housewife

  • Gi-hoon's father

Living with his son already lost his family include wife and children



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