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The Flying House
タイム教室 トンデラハウスの大冒険
(Taimu Kyōshitsu: Tondera Housu no Daibōken)
Genre Historical, Science fiction
TV anime
Director Masakazu Higuchi and Mineo Fuji
Studio Tatsunoko Productions
Network TV Tokyo
Original run April 5, 1982March 28, 1983
Episodes 52
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The Flying House, full title Time Classroom, Adventures of The Flying House (タイム教室 トンデラハウスの大冒険 Taimu Kyōshitsu: Tondera Housu no Daibōken ?), is an anime television series produced by Tatsunoko Productions in Japan and distributed by the Christian Broadcasting Network in the United States.[1]


The Story

Corkey, Angie, SIR, Justin, and Professor Bumble

The series begins in the middle of a game of hide and seek, as a young boy named Justin Casey (Gen) finishes counting and begins searching for his friends Angela (usually called "Angie") and Corkey Roberts (Kanna and Tsukubo Natsuyama). As he searches for the brother and sister in a wooded area, a storm occurrs all of a sudden. Justin manages to sneak up on the two before the rain starts pouring, forcing them to run for cover. They eventually find a house in the wooded area, previously unseen according to Justin. At first glance it appears nobody is home, until they discover a robot named Solar Ion Robot (Kadenchin), or the acronym SIR. They soon meet the owner of the house, Professor Humphrey Bumble (Dr. Tokio Taimu), who introduces the children to his greatest creation, a time machine. Professor Bumble's attempt at recreating Benjamin Franklin's famous lightning experiment with the use of a kite flying outside the house to get the machine working only leads to a temporary change in SIR's personality before sending the entire house on course for the past. The children never realize how long the journey back home would be due to Professor Bumble's misguidance and errors in time travel, but in the meantime they witness and participate (to little or no consequences) in numerous events in the Bible's New Testament, from John the Baptist's birth to the rise of the Apostle Paul.

Eventually, they make it home the exact same way they traveled into the past in the first place. SIR gets a knock in the head which, again, makes him go berserk and attack the time-machine. Ironically, this attack fixes it in such a way that it finally sends the whole crew back to their own time period, and the show ends, with SIR having reverted to normal by the end of the trip.

English and Japanese Cast



  • Billie Lou Watt (Justin)
  • Hal Studer (Professor Humphrey Bumble, SIR, Paul)
  • Helena Van Cort (Corkey)
  • Ray Owens (Episode Announcer, God, Jesus)
  • Sonia Owens (Angie)


List of Episodes

All episode titles in English.

  1. Blast Off For the Past
  2. Star-Spangled Night
  3. Lost and Found in Time
  4. Voice in the Wilderness
  5. Speak of the Devil
  6. All That Glitters
  7. Military Secrets
  8. The Prize That Was Won and Lost
  9. Another Life
  10. The Runaway
  11. Neighbors
  12. Poor Little Rich Men
  13. The Greatest
  14. Back From the Grave
  15. Real Treasure
  16. What If
  17. The Lost Sheep
  18. Sour Grapes
  19. Dog Gone
  20. Little Orpan Anna
  21. A Word to the Wise
  22. Judgement Day
  23. Possessed
  24. Over the Hill
  25. True Friends
  26. Devil's Gate
  27. Well, Well, Well?
  28. Left Holding the Bag
  29. Who Among You?
  30. Oil and Water
  31. A Special Secret
  32. Midnight Callers
  33. What's it worth?
  34. Fruitless
  35. Fit For a King
  36. The Secret Agent
  37. The Preparation
  38. Betrayed
  39. Who's in Charge
  40. The Crown of Thorns
  41. Golgotha
  42. The Empty Tomb
  43. With You Always
  44. The Prison Break
  45. Good Riddance
  46. The Blinding Light
  47. Bound & Rebound
  48. Tender Grapes
  49. Shipwrecked
  50. Snake Bite
  51. Heartbreak
  52. Homeward Bound

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