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The Frontline, commonly known as Frontline, is a rap duo from Richmond, California consisting of Left and Locksmith, also known as Lock. The group is associated with West Coast hip hop music. Despite gaining popularity around the time of the Bay Area hyphy movement, they are not associated as hyphy artists. Their lyrics are more socially conscious than most Bay Area rappers. One of the issues that has been brought up in multiple songs is being positive role models for youths. While they are not opposed to gangster rap and rapping about previous transgressions, Lock and Left don't consistently make records about violence. Although, one of the tracks on their current album involves guns and violence. Their hometown, Richmond, CA has one of the top homicide rates not only in CA, but in the United States. Neither rapper smokes or drinks alcohol, nor glorifies it in their songs. While promoting their second album, "Lock & Left," on Bay Area radio station 106.1 KMEL, they discussed the downside to drugs and alcohol abuse. Much of their work has been produced by E-A-SKI, who also does not consume drugs or alcohol. Lock and Left are both UC Berkeley Graduates (LEFT is currently earning a PhD in African Diaspora Studies). Their dedication to youth and education is also reflected in their after-school mentoring and tutoring programs they have set up in the city of Richmond California. There are also two as-yet unreleased tracks named "I'm Still Livin'" & "Loco", which were released in underground and Bay Area Complication Disc. Locksmith has recently re-entered the battle arena and has emerged victorious in all of his recent battles (all of said battles are on


Bootleg 2.1

Who R You was released on May 10th, 2005.

Now U Know

Lock & Left was released September 25th, 2007. The single, "It's Goin Down," is a hidden track on this album.

  • Released: 2005 (U.S.)
  • Singles:
    • 2004: "What Is It"
    • 2004: "Uh Huhh"
    • 2005: "Bang It"
    • 2006: "Take That"
    • 2006: "When You Want It"
    • 2007: "It's Goin' Down"
    • 2007: "R.I.P."

The group has had three videos on MTV:

  • Bang It
  • When U Want It / The Truth
  • R.I.P.

"When U Want It / The Truth" was MTV Jam of the week on MTV Jams and MTV U

MTV Freestyle Battle

Group member Locksmith first got national exposure appearing on MTV's freestyle battle. He reached the final round, but lost to a rapper named Reign Man.

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