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The Galloping Ghost
Directed by B. Reeves Eason
Benjamin H. Kline
Produced by Nat Levine
Written by Ford Beebe
Wyndham Gittens
Helmer Walton Bergman
Starring Harold 'Red' Grange
Dorothy Gulliver
Tom Dugan
Gwen Lee
Ralph Bushman
Music by Lee Zahler
Cinematography Tom Galligan
Benjamin H. Kline
Ernest Miller
Editing by Ray Snyder
Gilmore Walker
Distributed by Mascot Pictures
Release date(s) United States 1931
Running time 12 chapters (226 min)
Country  United States
Language English

The Galloping Ghost (1931) is a Mascot movie serial. The title is actually the nickname of the star, American football player Harold 'Red' Grange.



Red Grange is thrown off the Clay College football team in disgrace when his friend, Buddy Courtland, takes a bribe to throw the big game and Red attacks him. Red then proceeds to investigate and hunt down the head of the gambling ring responsible. Red eventually clears his name and both he and Buddy are reinstated on the team.



Grange received this starring role thanks to his business manager, and theater owner, Frank Zambrino. The serial took three weeks to film and Grange earned $4,500 overall.[1]

Director B. Reeves Eason was reportedly fired during filming and replaced by the uncredited Benjamin H. Kline.



This serial was filmed at a time before "stuntmen did mostly everything" which meant that Grange had to do a lot of his own stunts.[1]

Chapter titles

  1. The Idol of Clay
  2. Port of Peril
  3. The Master Mind
  4. The House of Secrets
  5. The Man Without a Face
  6. The Torn $500 Bill
  7. When the Lights Went Out
  8. The Third Degree
  9. Sign in the Sky
  10. The Vulture's Lair
  11. The Radio Patrol
  12. The Ghost comes Back


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