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The Girl Next Door

Theatrical release poster
Directed by Luke Greenfield
Produced by Charles Gordon
Harry Gittes
Marc Sternberg
Written by Stuart Blumberg
David T. Wagner
Brent Goldberg
Starring Emile Hirsch
Elisha Cuthbert
Timothy Olyphant
Chris Marquette
Paul Dano
James Remar
Music by Paul Haslinger
Cinematography Jamie Anderson
Editing by Mark Livolsi
Studio Regency Enterprises
New Regency
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release date(s) North America:
April 9, 2004
Running time Theatrical cut
108 min.
Unrated cut
110 min.
Country United States
Language English
Budget $21,000,000
Gross revenue $30,411,183

The Girl Next Door is a 2004 teen film starring Elisha Cuthbert and Emile Hirsch, directed by Luke Greenfield, about an honors student's pining love for the girl next door, who, as he finds out later, is a former porn star.



Ambitious Westport High School senior, Matthew Kidman dreams of a career in politics. He has been accepted to prestigious Georgetown University, but will only be able to afford it if he can win a large scholarship. With graduation approaching, he struggles to find anything truly memorable about his high school experience. However, his luck changes when he meets his beautiful next door neighbour Danielle. The outlandish Danielle and the steady Matthew each turn out to be the perfect complement for the other, and they are immediately smitten with one another. However, the relationship is challenged when Matthew discovers through his porn-enthusiast friend Eli that Danielle was recently an adult film actress under the stage name "Athena".

Following Eli's advice on how to deal with this incredible revelation, Matthew takes Danielle to a sleazy motel. Danielle guesses that Matthew has discovered her past and punishes him by performing a striptease and offering herself to him sexually. When Matthew becomes distressed and asks why she is degrading herself for him, Danielle calls him out on his base intentions and abruptly ends the relationship. Matthew goes to Danielle's house the following day and attempts to reconcile with her, but learns that she is returning to the porn industry, and is leaving for Las Vegas with her ex-boyfriend, porn producer Kelly.

Matthew, riddled with guilt and remorse, follows Danielle to Las Vegas to find her performing at an adult film convention, where Kelly menacingly warns Matthew not to interfere with his business. When Matthew convinces Danielle not to rejoin the industry, Kelly abducts Matthew from school and physically assaults him, saying that Danielle's failure to arrive on set has cost him $30,000. Kelly offers to let him erase his debt by breaking into rival producer Hugo Posh's home to steal an award statuette, but after Matthew has entered the house Kelly calls in a robbery report and leaves the premises. Matthew narrowly avoids the police and rushes to his scholarship award dinner. High on ecstasy that Kelly told him was aspirin, he improvises a deeply sentimental speech but loses out on the scholarship to a student who resembles nothing so much as the passionless, pre-Danielle version of Matthew.

Kelly then gets his money back by stealing $25,000 Matthew raised to bring Samnang, a brilliant Cambodian student, to study in the United States — not wanting to explain his connections to the adult film industry, Matthew had previously introduced Kelly to the bank staff as his student advisor. Although Matthew has done nothing wrong, he still fears that he will face expulsion or criminal charges for his unwitting role in the fraud, and he turns to Danielle for help. Danielle calls in a few friends from her days as a porn star, and they agree to make a video for Hugo Posh on prom night and on school grounds. After the successful shoot, and after Eli has been dropped off with the tape's master copy, Danielle and Matthew make love for the first time in their limousine.

Matthew Kidman, played by Emile Hirsch.

The next morning Matthew is shocked to find Kelly, in possession of the tape he has stolen from Eli's home, with his parents and school principal at the dining room table. Kelly asks to speak privately with Matthew and says that unless he is given half of all profits, he will play the tape immediately. Matthew, following Danielle's earlier advice to just go with it, refuses because the money rightfully belongs to Samnang. Kelly repeats his threat, but Matthew stands up for himself and dares him, stating that he no longer cares about his now-ruined future. As the tape begins to play, it becomes clear that Matthew and his friends have made a progressive, comprehensive sex education tape rather than a pornographic film. With no more cards left to play, Kelly finally admits defeat.

Hugo Posh and Matthew make millions from the video. Hugo Posh keeps his word and pays for Samnang to come to the USA, while Matthew has enough money to attend Georgetown and take Danielle to DC with him. The final scene is Matthew driving into Georgetown University in a BMW Z4. Matthew's story ends with him getting the girl of his dreams and a chance at the future he has always wanted.


All the main characters at the prom night, including the film crew in the background. From left to right: Klitz, April, Danielle, Matthew, Ferrari and Eli.
Actor Role
Emile Hirsch Matthew Kidman
Elisha Cuthbert Danielle
Timothy Olyphant Kelly
James Remar Hugo Posh
Chris Marquette Eli Brooks
Paul Dano Klitz
Timothy Bottoms Ben Kidman
Donna Bullock Marci Kidman
Jacob Young Hunter
Amanda Swisten April
Sung-Hi Lee Ferrari
Ulysses Lee Samnang Sok
Harris Laskaway Mr. Salinger
Olivia Wilde Kellie
Autumn Reeser Jane
Briana Banks Woman on magazine
Matt Wiese Mule
Luke Greenfield Porn director


Opening on 2,148 screens, the film grossed $6 million on its opening weekend, and took in a total worldwide of over $30.4 million.[1]

Critical reaction

The movie received generally mixed reviews, with Rotten Tomatoes ranking it with 56% positive reviews. Criticism came especially from conservative film critic Michael Medved, for its stereotypically glamorous portrayal of porn stars, particularly female porn stars. Roger Ebert described it as a "nasty piece of business", and faulted movie studios for marketing the film as a teen comedy.[2]


The film was nominated for two MTV Movie Awards including Best Kiss and Breakthrough Female performance for Elisha Cuthbert. It was also nominated for a Golden Satellite Award for Best DVD Extra —mainly for the commentary, as well as a Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Your Parents Didn't Want You to See.[3]

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