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The GOD Channel UK
The GOD Channel.jpg
Type Satellite & Cable
television network
Branding The God Channel UK
Country United Kingdom, United States, Israel
Availability United Kingdom, United States, worldwide
Founded by Rory Alec
Wendy Alec
Slogan "The Revolution Has Begun!"
Owner The Angel Foundation
Launch date October 1, 1995 as The Christian Channel Europe
Official Website
GOD Europe
The GOD Channel.jpg
Type Satellite & Cable
television network
Branding GOD 2; GOD UK
Country  United Kingdom
Availability  United Kingdom
Slogan "The Revolution Has Begun"
Owner The Angel Foundation
Launch date 2001 as The Revival Channel
2002 as GOD 2
2005 as GOD UK until February 2007
Official Website

The GOD Channel UK is the flagship channel of global Christian broadcaster GOD TV and is available in the UK along with its sister channel GOD Europe which are both available via the Sky Digital platform and Virgin Media cable. GOD Europe can also be viewed throughout Europe via the Astra satellite, and in Scandinavia via the Sirius satellite. Founded by Rory and Wendy Alec in 1995, The GOD Channel UK contains much material which originates in the UK, such as 'Dream on TV' (an as live youth-based show featuring Christian music and DJ-style presenters). One of the GOD Channel UK's signature tunes is a snatch from Edward Elgar's Nimrod, and its ident sequences feature shots of St Paul's Cathedral, in London.



Founded around the Alec's kitchen table in London, the Christian Channel, Europe grew to become the GOD Channel, reaching across the UK and Europe. As early as 1998, the Alecs had a vision of launching a 24-hour Christian multi-channel package for Europe and in 1999 this became reality with the launch of The Dream Family Network which comprised two Christian TV Stations (The GOD Channel and The Revival Channel) along with secular station The Travel Channel (UK). Also available were radio stations UCB Europe, Cross Rhythms and The Talking Bible (NIV Bible read aloud 24-hours a day). Equipment was offered free to subscribers, although they had to arrange their own installation.

In October 2000 the network was renamed GOD Digital, and another radio station The Dream joined the line-up, broadcasting Contemporary Christian Music.

The network soon moved over to the Eurobird satellite, allowing Sky Digital viewers to also receive the GOD Digital content. This meant that GOD Digital subscribers had to have their dishes realigned to receive the Eurobird signal.

The Revival Channel was renamed GOD Revival, then GOD 2, and finally GOD UK. It is now known as GOD Europe. The Talking Bible ceased transmission, as did The Dream radio station (however, The Dream brand continues in the programme "The Dream on TV" on The GOD Channel).

GOD Digital equipment still exists, but is no longer serviced or maintained by GOD TV.

GODTV has rapidly grown in recent years to become the hub of the modern Christian Evangelical Faith Movement for the upcoming generation of youth and young adults.

GOD TV's HQ is currently based in Jerusalem.[1]

Critical reception

The God Channel has attracted criticism from some commentators; television satirist and critic Victor Lewis-Smith described it as "hour upon hour of hate-filled, rabble-rousing, homophobic bigotry, much of it featuring (and funded by) right-wing American evangelists".[2] Guardian journalist Pete May also wrote a satirical review.[3] A similar article has appeared in the Daily Mail.[4]

In January 2007, it was reported that Channel 4 in the UK had commissioned a critical documentary about The God Channel. The 60-minute documentary is due to be air later in the year.[5]

The channel has also received criticism from numerous Christians who disagree with the theology presented by the majority of its programmes. Peter Glover of the Christian Research Network described it as heretical.[6] A video of a similarly-critical analysis from minister Alan Morrison can be viewed online.[7]

Regulatory action

The channel was also fined £20,000 by the ITC for an advertisement which it was claimed contained political partiality. This followed previous formal warnings from this regulator for on-screen fundraising and broadcasting a claimed exorcism.[8]


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