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The Goode Family
The Goode Family cast.jpg
The main characters of the show
(L–R) Gerald, Helen, Bliss, Che, Ubuntu
Genre Animation/Comedy
Created by Mike Judge
John Altschuler
David Krinsky
Starring Mike Judge
David Herman
Nancy Carell
Linda Cardellini
Brian Doyle-Murray
Dee Bradley Baker
Country of origin  United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Mike Judge
John Altschuler
David Krinsky
Tom Lassally
Michael Rotenberg
Running time 22 minutes
Production company(s) Media Rights Capital
Ternion Pictures
Judgemental Films
3 Arts Entertainment
Film Roman
Original channel ABC (2009)
Comedy Central (2010)
Original run May 27, 2009 – August 7, 2009
Status Finished

The Goode Family is an American animated sitcom that originally aired on ABC and Comedy Central. The show was created by Mike Judge.

The series follows the life of an environmentally responsible, albeit obsessive, family.

On August 8, 2009, ABC Entertainment President Steve McPherson stated that the show, along with Surviving Suburbia, had officially been cancelled due to low ratings.[1][2]

Reruns of 'The Goode Family' aired Monday nights at 10pm on Comedy Central, beginning January 4. It was to be evaluated for new episodes[3], but was pulled off the Comedy Central schedule after only 4 weeks.[4]



The Goode family struggles with the modern social and environmental responsibilities of being liberals, and the paradoxes that arise for a working-class family when trying to be politically correct all of the time about everything. Situations in the premiere episode included shopping at a natural foods store without having brought reusable bags, how to refer to ethnic groups, analyzing conservative beliefs they typically despise and raising modern teenagers. The pilot satirized both stereotypical "liberal" and "conservative" mindsets, including the ongoing derangement of the family's vegan dog (who has taken to eating neighborhood pets).



The Goodes

  • Gerald Goode (voiced by Mike Judge) – An administrator at a community college. He comes from a "long line of over-educated academic liberals". He rides a bicycle for transportation, and his trademark clothing is a cycling uniform. He is very fastidious and easily disgusted, both by animals and people. His voice is similar to that of David Van Driessen, the hippie teacher from Beavis and Butt-head, also voiced by Judge.
  • Helen Goode (voiced by Nancy Carell) – Gerald’s wife. A local activist who has "daddy issues" and does not think highly of people who wear U.S. flag lapel pins. She is concerned about her social status among the other eco-conscious people in Greenville, and often tries to impress the wealthy wife of Gerald's boss.
  • Ubuntu Goode (voiced by David Herman) – The Goodes' adopted son, named after Ubuntu, a concept from African philosophy (mispronounced by the characters as /juːˈbʌntuː/ instead of /uːˈbuːntuː/). The Goodes adopted him in the name of promoting racial tolerance within the community, but due to their vagueness in filling out the adoption paperwork, the family ended up with a white South African baby instead of the black infant they wanted. He is fascinated by machinery. He is often shown conflicted with a seemingly innate desire to go against his parents' lifestyle; however, rather than being an outright rebellion, this seems to reflect the nature vs. nurture debates. Even though he is sixteen years old, he sleeps in footy pajamas that are decorated with big rig trucks. Despite his seemingly dopey and unaware nature, he is naturally accomplished at sports and machinery.
  • Bliss Goode (voiced by Linda Cardellini) – Helen and Gerald's biological daughter. One of the characters with a sense of reason, she often disagrees with and mocks her parents' political stances, about which she is usually better-informed. She serves as the show's chief foil by poking holes in Gerald's and Helen's world view. Yet, in more recent episodes, she has tended to agree with her parents, and in some instances has actually helped them to achieve a common goal.
  • Che (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) – The family dog, named after the socialist/communist revolutionary Che Guevara. He is also vegan but not by choice. He craves meat and often eats neighborhood animals and pets.[5] As a consequence, "missing" flyers of neighborhood pets blanket street poles.
  • Charlie (voiced by Brian Doyle-Murray) – Helen's SUV-driving father who generally likes making fun of her lifestyle. He frequently ridicules Gerald and Helen, although he seems to favor Ubuntu more due to him being involved in the football team, and Bliss who seems to share his opinions.

Other characters

  • Kent Jenson (voiced by David Herman) – Gerald's boss at Greenville Community College, and Margo's husband.
  • Kiki (voiced by Amy Hill) –
  • Margo (voiced by Julia Sweeney) – Helen's snooty rival who relentlessly puts down the Goodes (but mostly just Helen). She's an influential member of the Greenville community and embodies everything Helen wants to be, while ironically at odds with Helen and vice-versa. Helen seems to mostly get the best of her, and her purpose is to display the type of person who is holier-than-thou while being a fake personality who seizes on fads to increase her social standing.
  • Mo (voiced by Laraine Newman) – A rugged homosexual woman the Goodes are friends with, along with her life partner Trish. Mo worked on an oil rig.
  • Mr. Heelo (voiced by Howard Kremer) –
  • Penny (voiced by Lori Nasso) – A neighbor who is single and childless, and makes occasional comments about her loneliness and desire to have children. Her beliefs fluctuate, and she will take liberal causes only to abandon them shortly afterwards to her personal benefit.
  • Ray Johnson (voiced by Gary Anthony Williams) – An easy-going black neighbor of the Goodes who drives a gas-guzzling car and thinks of race as less important than the Goodes do, as an ironic device.
  • Solosolo (voiced by Phil LaMarr) –
  • Souki (voiced by Cree Summer) –
  • Treyvon (voiced by David Herman) – A teenage employee at "One Earth," an organic supermarket frequented by the Goodes and Margo. He is also an amateur filmmaker whom Bliss tries to befriend. He comes across as a suburbanite that thinks it is "cool" to mock others of less liberal beliefs.
  • Trish (voiced by Julia Sweeney) – A homosexual woman the Goodes are friends with, along with her life partner Mo. Trish is a mechanic.
  • The Average Guy (voiced by) - A news caster that does stories from the "average" point of view.
  • One Earth - The grocery store that Greenville's Liberal elite shops at. A running gag is a big sign that tells its shoppers what is good and what is bad; Farm-Raised Catfish (Aquaculture of catfish) constantly moving between good and bad.


The show is created by Mike Judge, John Altschuler, and Dave Krinsky, with Altschuler and Krinsky serving as show runners. The show is directed by John Rice, Seth Kearsley, Jennifer Coyle, and Anthony Chun, with Wes Archer as supervising director. Show writers include Jonathan Collier, Jace Richdale, Gene Hong, Owen Ellickson, Dave Jeser, Franklin Hardy, Leila Strachan, Brad Pope, Howard Kremer, Shane Kosakowski, Jordana Arkin, and Matt Silverstein, in addition to Altschuler and Krinsky, and other writers.


Season 1 (2009)

# Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Prod. code
1 "Pilot" Wes Archer John Altschuler & Mike Judge & Dave Krinsky May 27, 2009 GFA01
Bliss takes drastic action and joins an abstinence group after hearing more than her fair share of safe sex talk from her mother. Ubuntu wants to learn to drive now that he's turned sixteen. 
2 "Pleatherheads" John Rice Matt Silverstein & Dave Jeser June 3, 2009 GFA06
Unbuntu finds himself as the main man on the football team so Helen and Gerald need to learn what being a football family actually means. Bliss is worried she might not get into college so she goes to great lengths to give herself a better shot at getting in. 
3 "Goodes Gone Wild" John Rice Jordana Arkin June 3, 2009 GFA02
Helen adopts an uncategorised animal in an effort to get Charlie to notice her good deeds. With no way of knowing how it acts and what it eats, she's got her work cut out. Elsewhere, Gerald gets a helping hand from Che in order to get rid of the squirrels plaguing the college. 
4 "Helen's Back" Jennifer Coyle Jonathan Collier June 12, 2009 GFA05
When Helen loses the ability to walk through a back injury, the family turn to a Latino gardening team in order to be part of an organic garden tour. Elsewhere Bliss and Ubuntu try out the 'trading up' scheme. 
5 "A Tale of Two Lesbians" Anthony Chun Franklin Hardy & Shane Kosakowski June 19, 2009 GFA04
Gerald and Helen offend a lesbian couple so must seek out new lesbian friends in order to prove they aren't being offensive. 
6 "Freeganomics" John Rice Brad Pope & Howard Kremer June 26, 2009 GFA10
Helen gets the support of 'Freegan' Heinrich in order to get more people to come to the Eco Festival. After realising what sort of person he is, they have difficulty getting him to leave their home. 
7 "Graffiti in Greenville" Seth Kearsley Leila Strachan July 3, 2009 GFA08
Helen becomes a grafitti artist in order to make Bliss do some actual work, because she has been lying to her about the work she's been 'doing'. When her work begins to get noticed, Helen realises she's going to have to come out of the shadows if she wants to get recognition for what she's done. 
8 "A Goode Game of Chicken" Jennifer Coyle Gene Hong July 10, 2009 GFA09
Gerald eats a meal that contains chicken even though it's not supposed to. He decides to take on Cranky (a chef) to protest what happened. Elsewhere, nobody can find Che so they assume he's missing. 
9 "After-School Special" Anthony Chun Franklin Hardy & Shane Kosakowski July 17, 2009 GFA12
When Helen and Gerald stop paying attention to their own kids due to mentoring at-risk children, Bliss and Ubuntu start causing trouble of their own. 
10 "Public Disturbance" Anthony Chun Owen Ellickson July 24, 2009 GFA07
In an effort to bring public radio to the town, Gerald tries to get the other residents to become involved as well. 
11 "Trouble in Store" Seth Kearsley Jordana Arkin July 31, 2009 GFA11
Helen is banned from One Earth on the day of Gerald's big meal, after 'stealing' something from the store. 
12 "Gerald's Way or the Highway" Seth Kearsley Jace Richdale August 7, 2009 GFA03
Gerald takes over a highway in order to show his kids what one man can do to change things for the better. When he learns that it is being used to traffic drugs, he gets into a turf war with the dealers. 
13 "A Goode Man is Hard to Find" Jennifer Coyle Dave Jeser & Matt Silverstein August 14, 2009 GFA13
Gerald is under the impression that he is to become a sperm donor, and Charlie teaches Ubuntu about being a man after he gets his first facial hair. 


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