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Star Wars: Droids - The Great Heep

PAL video cover
Approx. run time 48 minutes
Genre Animated Science Fiction
Creator George Lucas
Written by Ben Burtt George Lucas
Directed by Clive A. Smith
Starring Anthony Daniels
Country Canada
Language English
Original channel American Broadcasting Company
Release date June 7, 1986
Preceded by Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
Followed by Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

The Great Heep was a 48-minute, animated television special that aired on June 7, 1986. It is part of the Star Wars franchise, and was a follow-up to the Star Wars: Droids series.



C-3PO and R2-D2 travel to Biitu and confront an evil Abominor named "The Great Heep" that built onto itself from the remains of other droids.


The TV special The Great Heep was aired in 1986 and was animated, meant for children. It is also considered a sequel to the Droids TV show, because it also follows the two droids' adventures.

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