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Green Path of Hope
راه سبز امید
Leader Mir-Hossein Mousavi
Founded August 15, 2009
Ideology Islamic Democracy
Free Election
Politics of Iran
Political parties

The Green Path of Hope (Persian: راه سبز امید) is an Iranian association established by Iranian presidential campaign candidate, Mir-Hossein Mousavi, on August 15, 2009, as the organizational body of Green Movement.[1]

Mousavi described it as the "countless self-initiated and independent social networks" which form the body of Green Movement.[2] It has also been mentioned as a "political front" in media.[3][4]



According to Mousavi's advisor, Ali Reza Beheshti, Mousavi himself chose the name. He chose Path, so he wouldn't have to use the words "party" or "movement", "green", because of the green color symbol used by protesters, and "hope", because he had promised to establish a government of "hope" if elected.[5]


The Green Path of Hope seeks to continue protests against the legitimacy of Ahmadinejad's presidency following lawful and peaceful ways, and the full execution of the constitution, as Mousavi says:

"You can't follow some parts of the constitution and throw the rest into a bin."


The establishment of the 'The Green path of Hope'

The "Azadi Flag" of The Green Path of Hope

Mousavi didn't name his movement as a political party or even a movement, but a "path", because according to Iranian law parties and movements need to be authorized by the Interior Ministry and since neither Mousavi recognizes the government legitimate and the ministry is very unlikely to grant him permission, he chose this name to bypass the law. [7]

Mousavi is quoted in describing the movement [8]:

"The Green Path of Hope is formed for the sake of people’s rightful demands and for claiming their rights... the color green is the symbol of this movement; its slogan is demanding the impeccable implementation of the constitution, and innumerable self-motivated independent societies form the body of this movement."

According to organization officials the movement functions on campaign basis including political parties, NGO's and social networks. Referring to new movement Mousavi said on Saturday "The Green Path of Hope is formed for the sake of people's rightful demands and for claiming their denied rights".[4] He pointed that autonomous and spontaneous social networks in community are part of this movement.[9] "During election our mottos chose and remained in constitutional frame work, today we are devoted to those slogans" he said. "We believe if people's demands were treated fairly and instead of using media to link spontaneous movements to foreigners, government promoted truth by fair criticism, they could satisfy public views", he added.[9]


The way has six main members of the central council, that are connected to the reformist parties and movements, NGOs, and the social networks. The main body will be the ordinary protesters. The method is to create pressure from the lower parts of the society and make them connected in a social network, and therefore to lead the protests in a lawful way. [10]

Members of the Central Council

The Green Path of Hope has four central leaders.

# Name Picture Occupation Born Political party
1 Mir-Hossein Mousavi Mir Hossein Mousavi in Zanjan by Mardetanha.jpg Former Prime Minister 1942 Independent
2 Mohammad Khatami Khatami.jpg Former President 1943 Association of Combatant Clerics
3 Mehdi Karroubi Mehdi Karubi-campagne.jpg Former Chairman of Parliament 1937 National Trust Party

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