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The Grudge 2

The poster for the film
Directed by Takashi Shimizu
Produced by Roy Lee
Sam Raimi
Robert Tapert
Written by Stephen Susco
Starring Amber Tamblyn
Arielle Kebbel
Matthew Knight
Takako Fuji
Edison Chen
Sarah Roemer
Misako Uno
Teresa Palmer
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Jenna Dewan
Jennifer Beals
Christopher Cousins
Joanna Cassidy
Eve Gordon
Yuya Ozeki
Takashi Matsuyama
Music by Christopher Young
Cinematography Katsumi Yanagishima
Editing by Jeff Betancourt
Studio Ghost House Pictures
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release date(s) October 13, 2006
Running time 102 min.
Country United States
Language English
Budget $20 Million[1]
Gross revenue $70,711,175[1]
Preceded by The Grudge (2004)
Followed by The Grudge 3 (2009)

The Grudge 2 is the 2006 sequel to the 2004 American horror film remake The Grudge. The Grudge 2 is the second film in Sony's The Grudge series and is directed by Takashi Shimizu (director of the original series)[2] and written by Stephen Susco.[3] The film is produced by Sam Raimi and stars Sarah Michelle Gellar, Amber Tamblyn, Arielle Kebbel, Jenna Dewan, and Edison Chen. As stated by Takashi Shimizu the film is not a remake of Ju-on: The Grudge 2 and does follow a different storyline.[4]

The film is rated PG-13 by the MPAA, M by the OFLC and 15 by the BBFC for its content of mature thematic material, disturbing images/terror/violence, and some sensuality.[5] The film was released in North America on October 13[6] after being pushed forward a week from the original October 20 release date.[7][8] The film was released in United Kingdom on October 20 and in Australia on October 26, 2006.[9]



The Grudge

Karen, Eason and Aubrey

Karen and Aubrey Davis' sick mother sends Aubrey to Japan to bring her sister home since she is unable to do so on her own, given her current medical condition. Aubrey goes to the hospital in Japan, but initially couldn't see her sister due to the language barrier between the nurses and herself. Eason, a journalist who pulled Karen from the fire in the previous film happens to be at the desk and translates for her. Karen is at first unsure of Aubrey, but once convinced, she repeatedly asks her sister to get her out of the hospital. Orderlies strap Karen down to the bed, and when Aubrey leaves the room, her sister whispers, "Aubrey, don't go in that house."

The lights flicker in Karen's room. She struggles to get free when a hand grabs her right arm. Karen manages to get free and escape the guard and orderlies. After passing a group of medical staff and seeing Kayako, she ends up trapped in a hallway. The lights go out one by one, Kayako staggering towards her with the death rattle. Karen manages to get away and on to the roof of the hospital. She hears the death rattle once more and backs away to the edge of the roof. Kayako pulls Karen over the edge in time for Aubrey and Eason, who are leaving the hospital, to see her land in front of them dead. A horrified Aubrey collapses, while Eason sees Kayako clutching Karen's corpse.

Later, while Eason is in his apartment, he watches one of his interviews with Detective Nakagawa about the original family murder-suicide of the first film. When Eason rewinds and slows the tape down, he is able to hear Kayako's signature death rattle and see her face in the door. He shuts off the television and sees the reflection of Kayako, but when he turns around, she isn't there.

Eason goes over to Karen's apartment to see Aubrey. They talk and Eason explains Karen's behavior, only because he himself feels it. He knows the fire didn't solve the curse, but made it worse.

They go to the cursed house, and Eason tells Aubrey to stay outside the gate. Inside, Eason finds the closet, and inside there is nothing but Kayako's childhood diary. An unseen force flips it to a page with an eye. Outside, Aubrey hears Karen's voice asking her not to enter the house, but she does when Toshio's hand grabs her arm and pulls her in. Eason comes down and they leave.

Eason calls a friend who is more knowledgeable of folklore to understand Kayako's diary. They find out her mother was able to heal people by removing inhabiting evil spirits and feeding them to her daughter Kayako. Aubrey and Eason find a matching photograph and drawing of a torii outside the house where she grew up. The pair spend some time together at Eason's apartment, and when Aubrey falls asleep, he goes into his darkroom to look at pictures he took of the house's exterior. He notices a dark mass in one and develops another, an enlargement of that area. As it develops, the dark mass grows and the chemicals turn black. Kayako's head slowly comes out, and then leaps out and grabs him.

Aubrey wakes up in the morning and finds herself alone. She goes into the darkroom and finds the picture, then notices Eason's body in the corner. She embraces Eason's lifeless body, but he becomes Kayako and his arms wrap around her. Aubrey runs away as all the pictures in the darkroom show Kayako's face.

Aubrey takes a train and then a bus to Kayako's home. A man on the bus plays peekaboo with some unseen child, but Aubrey doesn't notice that the child is Toshio Saeki. She goes to the house and finds Kayako's mother, Mrs. Kawamata, who says that although she fed evil spirits to her daughter to heal others, she did not make Kayako what she is now. She explains that the events are not about the house, but making others suffer the way she suffered; there is no way to stop it. She then realizes that Aubrey had brought Kayako with her. Mrs. Kawamata staggers back and when she opens her eyes, Aubury has become Kayako, who proceeds to walk towards her and Mrs. Kawamata dies.

Aubrey leaves and returns to the cursed house. She calls home and tells her mother Karen is dead. When her mother accuses her of not being "able to do anything on her own," Aubrey tells her she loves her, but her mother has to stop talking to her like that and says goodbye. She goes into the house and sees Karen go upstairs, calling for Doug. Aubrey follows her. Then suddenly, the house appears like what it was when Kayako lived in it. She then sees Takeo reading Kayako's diary. As Aubrey turns to run away, her ankle snaps and she crawls down the stairs, but is caught by Takeo who snaps her neck, exactly in the same way he killed Kayako. Comparison flashbacks from Kayako's death show exactly how she was murdered, and Aubrey is able to understand the pain Kayako went through as she shows her how she became evil. Just before Aubrey dies Kayako walks in from another room and looks down at her with her wide, staring eyes.

The Schoolgirls

Allison (Arielle Kebbel) is a new student at the international high school in Tokyo, where she meets popular students Vanessa (Teresa Palmer) and Miyuki (Misako Uno). Allison is desperate to make friends so she tries to talk to them, despite Miyuki thinking that Allison has been at their school for only three weeks and Vanessa laughing at her uniform. They eventually decide to take Allison to the Saeki House in order to play a prank on her. While there, Allison and Vanessa head upstairs but Miyuki sees the bath where Toshio was drowned and backs away as something sinister stirs submerged. Vanessa then tells Miyuki to follow her upstairs, Miyuki wants to leave but Vanessa then accuses her of befriending Allison and Miyuki chooses to keep her popularity by doing what Vanessa says. The two girls then tell Allison of the Saeki murders and then convince her to enter the closet Kayako and Toshio's bodies were stored in, lying by telling her that they have been the only girls brave enough to enter. Allison, thinking that if she does what they say then they will become her friends, enters the closet and the two other girls force the door closed while she is inside. The idea was to take a picture of Allison's frightened face and show their fellow classmates, humiliating her. After Allison screams, the other girls try to open the door but can't as a mysterious force seems to be holding it shut, and Allison is unable to exit the closet until she sees Toshio, who utters his cat-cry, and then the ghost of Aubrey Davis, who was killed by the ghost of Takeo a couple years ago, emerges from the attic. Allison screams in horror and Vanessa runs from the house, Miyuki close behind. Allison manages to escape from the closet and follows the other two out.

Later, Allison is in class when she feels Toshio's cat brushing between her legs. She then senses human hands on her thighs. Pushing her supplies forward on her desk, she peers under her desk to find Toshio curled in a ball at her feet. As she jumps up, she realizes that he is not there, causing her to be embarrassed in front of her fellow classmates. As she sits down, she notices Toshio's cat proceeding to a very exhausted looking Miyuki sitting at her desk, Miyuki feels the cat touch her but doesn't make a large scene about it and the two then exchange nervous glances.

After they return to school, all three girls deal with hauntings from Toshio, his cat, and Kayako. After gym class, Vanessa humiliates Allison about taking a trip to the school shrink in front of the other girls. As Allison leaves, Vanessa begins taking a shower in which Kayako haunts Vanessa in a fashion similar to the somewhat iconic scene in The Grudge, Vanessa then sees a ghostly image of Kayako in the locker room that frightens her, causing her to urinate on herself. Miyuki leaves school for an afternoon rendezvous with her boyfriend Michael (Shaun Sipos) at a love hotel. While Michael is in the shower, Miyuki removes her jacket and hair clip before she sits on the large double bed and finds his condom. She gets under the covers waiting for Michael. She then feels something grabbing her beneath the covers. She wriggles and laughs, thinking it is Michael. When she looks towards the bathroom, she sees that Michael is still in the shower, meaning that something else is beneath the covers. Miyuki backs away in terror toward the mirror behind her. Suddenly, her reflection changes into Kayako who then emerges from the mirror and grabs Miyuki, pulling her within the mirror. Michael returns to an empty bedroom.

Vanessa and Allison are later interviewed by the school counselor (Eve Gordon) over the events surrounding Miyuki's disappearance and their trip to the haunted house. Allison is overcome and shouts at Vanessa, blaming her for making her go to that house. Vanessa heartlessly tells her that she wanted to come and Allison bursts into tears and leaves followed by the school counselor, while Vanessa is told to wait in her office. She texts Miyuki, wondering where she is. She waits for the counselor to come back and fiddles with pens and the light. She looks down and notices the lamp is unplugged, but as she goes to plug it in again, she sees Toshio's legs as he runs in front of the desk. The phone starts to vibrate from a call, and as she goes to pick up the phone, she feels Toshio's feet instead on the desk. She cries out in shock and gets out from under the desk, frightened, and picks up the call, thinking it is Miyuki. Instead of Miyuki, it is Toshio on the other line. Vanessa runs out from school grounds to a phone booth and calls Miyuki. All she hears is the death rattle and Toshio grabs her legs, while she is consumed and killed by Kayako's long black hair.

Allison is again called to the counselor's office, where she reveals her belief that she and anyone who enters the Saeki house have been cursed and will be hunted down and killed by Kayako. The counselor reveals that she went to the house with the police, making Allison believe that she will be Kayako's next victim. The counselor begins acting towards Allison as if she is being stupid. When Allison mentions Miyuki and Vanessa being killed, the counselor smiles and tells her that they are right next to her. The ghosts of Miyuki and Vanessa then appear on either side of Allison (with pale white skin and black rings around their eyes like Kayako and Toshio), glaring angrily at her. Allison screams and falls to the floor. The counselor then turns into a ghost as well and advances on Allison making a loud moaning noise. Allison, completely horrified, runs out of the room screaming.

Chicago, Illinois

In Chicago, Bill Kimble (Christopher Cousins) has recently married a woman named Trish (Jennifer Beals), and is moving into the apartment he shares with his daughter, Lacey (Sarah Roemer), and son, Jake (Matthew Knight). While Lacey and her friend, Sally (Jenna Dewan), are friendly with Trish, Jake is distant. The young boy is troubled when the child of his neighbors, the Flemings, moves back in after going insane. At night, he is awakened by a series of loud knockings from the Flemings' apartment. Curious, he follows one of the apartments tenants and sees the person, who is wearing a hooded sweatshirt, getting old newspapers from the trash. When the person turns around to leave, Jake hides behind an object. He then notices two pairs of feet following the person out the basement. Jake looks out, only to see that there is no one behind the person. After Bill leaves for work, Jake and Lacey leave for school, and Jake notices that all of the windows in the Flemming's apartment are covered with newspaper. Bill, doubting his wife's fidelity, returns home unexpectedly under the pretense of having forgotten his keys, only to find Trish on the phone with a coworker she identifies as Nate. It is revealed that Bill is squeezing his keys so hard that they cut his hands, though Trish doesn't notice.

After school, Lacey decides to show off her cheerleader outfit to Sally, who appears ill (presumably due to the curse). Sally drinks a half a carton of milk then vomits the milk back into the carton, then proceeds to start drinking the vomited milk. Lacey returns home to find Jake shivering in his closet, afraid because Trish and Bill have been fighting. Jake is again awakened by pounding on the walls and, upon investigation, discovers his sweatshirt-wearing neighbor is a young woman who is banging her arm on the wall as she furiously cuts her own hair. After seeing the ghostly eyes of Vanessa and Miyuki staring in the window, Jake returns home and spends the night with his sister. That night, Toshio appears by Sally's bed as she dies in the same way as Jennifer Williams in the first movie.

The next morning, after Trish listens to the banging from next door, she begins to make breakfast in a trance. Bill, all this time having been influenced by the spirit of Takeo, accuses her of having an affair, but she does not respond. After Bill criticizes her for burning the bacon, Trish pours the oil from the pan onto his head before killing him with a blow to the head. Lacey and Jake return home to a dark and messy apartment while the banging from next door continues. As his sister looks for Bill and Trish, Jake discovers his father's body. Searching for Lacey, Jake finds that she has been drowned in the tub. As he hears Trish calling his name, Jake pulls back the shower curtain to find nothing. An already dead Trish appears in the tub, telling him it's time for his bath before Toshio pulls her under the water.

As Jake is fleeing his apartment, he hears screams from the Flemings' apartment. The girl in the sweatshirt turns out to be Allison, haunted by Vanessa and Miyuki, from the school in Tokyo. Jake accuses her of bringing something back with her which caused his family's death, and she confirms that "they" have followed her to Chicago. Allison sees Kayako climbing down the hallway stairs, and, shortly after, Jake sees Toshio inside the hood of Allison's sweatshirt. Kayako's hands emerge from the hood and pull Allison into her clothing, her body disappearing into it. Jake reaches for the sweatshirt as a ghostly hand grasps his arm; Kayako then rises from the hood and lurches towards him as the movie ends.


In The Grudge 2, the story of Aubrey is the first, chronologically, being in 2004, and then the story of Allison, Miyuki and Vanessa follow in 2006, following on with the Kimble family a couple of months later.

Deleted scenes

The names of the deleted scenes are taken from the DVD's 'Special Feature' section.

  • When Closet Door Opens: After Allison was freed from the closet, she found herself with Eason, who seemed somewhat surprised upon seeing her in the closet. Two years earlier, when Eason first entered the house, he found the closet after hearing noises from it. The closet was sealed with tape, and when he removed it, he found Allison in the closet. He was quite surprised to see her, revealing they are both in a time-loop inside the house, within a two year period. This would make the chronology of the storyline more complicated and would remove the fact of having three different time periods.
  • Itako's Film: When Aubrey and Eason were at Itako's apartment, they were watching a documentary film of Japanese exorcisms.
  • The Passport: After being terrorized by the ghostly Principal Dale, Miyuki, and Vanessa, Allison ran back to her apartment to pack her belongings and grabbed her passport, trying to get back to Chicago.
  • Aubrey's Dream: On the bus, Aubrey was dreaming of having a loving relationship with her mother. However, the dream slowly deteriorated into a nightmare, and her mother coughs up a gland and forces Aubrey to ingest it, much like when Kayako's mother would force her to swallow evil spirits when she was a girl. Aubrey then woke up, finding on old man playing peek-a-boo with no one.
  • The Picture: After Eason see's a black smudge of the picture, Kayako slowly comes out of the water staring at Eason, Kayako tries to pull Eason but he got away by sitting down on the floor moving backwards while Kayako continuous to crawl out, but Eason got cornered, then Kayako was crawling to Eason, killing him.
  • Alternate Ending & Epilogue: After Jake finds his family dead, he runs to a neighbor's apartment. On arrival, he finds his neighbors dead. Jake finds Allison, and instead of Kayako's hand appearing and pulling Allison into her clothing subsequently having Allison's body disappear, she crawled from the apartment's stairs and chases Allison and Jake. Parts of this scene were used in the official trailer for the film.
In the epilogue, Karen and Aubrey's mother received a delivery from Japan, a box full of Karen's belongings and Kayako's journal. When Mrs. Davis takes a look at it, she finds some black hairs are attached to a page. She drops the journal and when she picks it up again, finds an eye moving on it. She soon coughs up Kayako's head which is wrapped in black hair. This kills Mrs. Davis, detaching her jaw from her head, and her face is similar to Yoko's jawless face in the first film.

In the Unrated Directors cut DVD are various shots included that were missing from the theatrical release including extended shots of Karen's death in which blood spatters all over Eason and Aubrey and there is a longer shot of blood gushing out from Karen's head.

Also some extra scenes below that were included in the Unrated Directors cut DVD:

  • Extended reaction shot of Bill after Trish pours hot cooking oil on his head.
  • The Directors cut presents a whole new frame in which Bill twitches on the floor after Trish hits Bill's head with a frying pan.
  • The transition to the opening title sequence is a different one.The theatrical version shows Trish drinking coffee,then the frame fades to white.The Unrated DVD takes one more time and again shows Bill under the table,lying on the floor.Blood flows from his head.
  • Alternate shots of the schoolgirls:Vanessa,Miyuki and Allison sneaking around the Saeki house.
  • In the bathroom from the Saeki House Miyuki notices black water,which starts to bubble.Scared by it,she steps back and is surprised by Vanessa.
  • Before entering Karen's sick room a police officer asks Aubrey for her ID.
  • After Karen unties herself from the bed she walks towards the door.In the background Kayako is visible.
  • At the motel scene Miyuki holds the condom longer in her hands.
  • Before Aubrey enters Karen's house there's a shot of the moon in the Directors cut.
  • As Eason looks for Aubrey in Karen's apartment Aubrey is sleeping in the theatrical version.In the Directors cut she is walking towards the door in an extended shot.
  • Extended scene where Jake follows Allison as she walks into the courtyard.
  • Eason talks to the expert over the phone and makes an appointment while Allison looks around Karen's place.
  • As Aubrey talks with her mother over the phone the beginning of the scene has been edited differently .The Theatrical version begins with Aubrey taking out her phone.The Directors cut begins with her mother being awakened by the ringing phone.


Actor/Actress Role
Amber Tamblyn Aubrey Davis
Sarah Michelle Gellar Karen Davis (cameo)
Arielle Kebbel Allison Fleming
Jennifer Beals Trish Kimble
Edison Chen Eason
Sarah Roemer Lacey Kimble
Matthew Knight Jake Kimble
Christopher Cousins Bill Kimble
Teresa Palmer Vanessa
Misako Uno Miyuki Nazawa
Takako Fuji Kayako Saeki
Ohga Tanaka Toshio Saeki
Yuya Ozeki Toshio Saeki (flashback)
Joanna Cassidy Mrs. Davis
Zen Kajihara Folklore Guy
Takashi Matsuyama Takeo Saeki
Eve Gordon School Counselor
Jenna Dewan Sally
Shaun Sipos Michael
Kim Miyori Kayako's Mother
Ryo Ishibashi Detective Nakagawa (cameo)



The Grudge 2 was announced 3 days after the release of The Grudge in 2004[10] and was officially fasttracked[11][12] after a positive box office response with the film grossing $110,175,871.[13] In early January 2005 Takashi Shimizu suggested ideas regarding the film's plot. Ideas included the origin of the curse and new character subplots.[14]

The film was later placed into production hell for almost a year until December 2005, where the first few cast (Sarah Michelle Gellar and Teresa Palmer) members were cast. Other production details were also revealed including the original scheduled date for principal photography which was due to begin January 30, 2006 but was postponed until February.[15] Principal photography for The Grudge 2 was held at Toho Studios[16] in Tokyo, Japan and production wrapped up on April 25, 2006. During an interview on Dread Central with Amber Tamblyn, it was reported that sets were created in Chicago, Illinois[17] for Tamblyn to re-shoot several scenes.[18]

Production history

  • October 24, 2004 - The film was green lit by Sony Pictures after The Grudge had a positive box office response in North America.
  • December 4, 2005 - Several details emerged online with film production set to begin on January 30, 2006.
  • December 5, 2005 - It was confirmed that Sarah Michelle Gellar will return to play role of Karen Davis.
  • January 24, 2006 - It was confirmed that Amber Tamblyn would be the lead, playing Karen's sister Aubrey Davis.
  • February 10, 2006 - Several more cast members were added including Jennifer Beals, Arielle Kebbel and Teresa Palmer.
  • March 13, 2006 - Matthew Knight and Shaun Sipos were added into the cast.
  • March 22, 2006 - Eve Gordon, Edison Chen, Takako Fuji, Ryo Ishibashi and Misako Uno were added into the cast.
  • April 1, 2006 - The teaser site went online and the release date was set for October 13, 2006.
  • April 16, 2006 - Sarah Michelle Gellar filmed her role on the 53rd day out of a 64 day shoot.
  • April 25, 2006 - The film finished production and entered post-production.
  • May 15, 2006 - The first pictures from the movie went onto the internet.
  • May 31, 2006 - The teaser poster was released.
  • July 24, 2006 - The trailer was previewed at Comic Con 06.
  • August 1, 2006 - Trailer hits the net.[19]
  • September 18, 2006 - The full website was available to the public.

Differences from Ju-on: The Grudge 2

Director Takashi Shimizu stated in an interview with Sci Fi Wire: For The Grudge 2, I was going for this mystery that was never there in The Grudge, and I think that's going to fulfill the audience. ... There's a secret about Kayako's childhood life, so that's part of the big mystery. And the other mystery is, this grudge will never stop, and it's going to ... spread. And how is it going to get spread? That's another mystery." [20]

He also stated that: "The Grudge was a complete remake of Ju-on, meaning the storyline was very similar. Basically, it's the same. But Grudge 2 is actually different from Ju-on 2, and I don't think I would have accepted this job if it was going to be the same storyline. And because it was a different story, you know, my motivation was a bit higher, and I actually enjoy doing this." [20]


Teaser Site

On April 1, 2006 a teaser site was launched with details revealing the October 13 release date. Many Database forum sites such as IMDB were swamped with claims that Sony was playing an April Fool's joke. A few days later, the site's authenticity was proven, and claims that it was a hoax were dismissed.

Missing Person File: Jason C

To promote the film, Sony released a missing persons file on its official blog[21] stating a student filmmaker known as "Jason C" disappeared a few weeks after visiting the set of the film. The blog originally broadcast interviews with the film's stars including Sarah Michelle Gellar and Amber Tamblyn but has been taken over by his roommate who filed the report.[22]

Short films

On September 19, 2006 Yahoo! Movies was the first site to release three short films titled "Tales from the Grudge" with an introduction from one of the producers of The Grudge Sam Raimi. The series of short expands on the story of The Grudge curse.[23] The shorts also appear on the film's official site Sony Pictures Entertainment, here fans who volunteer their mobile phone number, will get surprise calls from Kayako or Toshio. The films are also available on other film and horror related web sites as part of a wide reaching and unique digital marketing strategy.[24]

The shorts were directed by Toby Wilkins Official Site, IMDb page, and Written by Ben Ketai.

Tales from The Grudge

These short films are also available in the DVD's "Special Feature' section. There is an introduction by Sam Raimi.

  • Part 1: - is the first in the series of shorts. It introduces Ross (played by Daniel Sykes) as he wakes up in a Tokyo hotel room and coughs up quantities of Kayako's black hair. He wakes from this nightmare to the sound of his mobile phone he answers to his girlfriend's voice, Abby (played by Stefanie Butler) who is safe at home in the US. Ross explains that his attempts to investigate the house and the woman with long black hair have led to a dead end. When the phone call ends, we stay with Ross as he takes a photo of himself with his mobile phone. He does not notice as Kayako passes by behind him at the precise moment he takes the shot. He then sends the picture to Abby. Ross then goes to brush his teeth and finds black hair in his toothbrush before being grabbed through the mirror by Kayako.
  • Part 2: - is the second short film in which we follow the story of Abby as she ends the phone call from the first short. Abby then proceeds to call her friend, Brooke (played by Ginny Weirick) to ask about plans that evening. When the call ends, Abby receives a photo message from her boyfriend Ross (from the first short). When Abby looks closer at the image, she sees that Kayako is in the hotel room with Ross. Abby attempts to call her boyfriend and warn him, but she only hears Kayako and then it hangs up. Abby looks over at the girl that was sitting beside her to see Kayako.
  • Part 3: - is the third short film that overlaps during the events in School. The film opens with Brooke (as introduced in the second short) receiving a phone call from Abby. As the call ends, Brooke agrees to play hide and seek with the child, Josh, who she is babysitting and chooses a walk-in closet as her hiding place. Brooke soon finds herself trapped and is dragged violently into the underworld by Kayako. Josh then gets up and says "Come out, come out, wherever you are." before Brooke's cellphone begins ringing.



The Grudge 2 premiered at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, California on October 8, 2006. During the premiere, the theme park was open to the public and featured a Grudge 2 maze as part of its 2006 Halloween Haunt.[25]


The film was one of three films not shown to film critics on the release date (others included The Marine and One Night With The King).[26] It received generally negative reviews from critics, with a freshness rating of 10% on Rotten Tomatoes (7 out of 62 reviews counted fresh).[27], despite heavy advertisement.

The film has received criticisms from several critics regarding a poor plot. Keith Phipps from The A.V. Club stated, "While The Grudge 2 deserves some credit for creating and sustaining a creepy atmosphere, it doesn't matter much when the plot doesn't go anywhere".[28] Pete Vonder Haar from Film Threat stated, "The same problems that plagued the original are on display here. Most notably, the lack of any coherent plot".[29] Paul Debrudge from Variety stated, "The Story is incidental, as auds merely anticipate the scares".[30] Tim Goernert from Joblo stated, "For the most part, I found it really hard to follow the story as well, as there were three of them happening at the same time".[31]

The film has also been criticised as being eye candy. Terry Lawson from Detroit Free Press stated, "The Grudge 2 is just a mélange of images, some mildly disturbing, but mostly just variations on a theme".[32] The film has generated generally negative reviews with an average score of 34/100 on Metacritic.[33]

Box office

The film opened in 3,211 theatres and was expected to generate $27 Million on the October 13 - 15th weekend[34] but generated $10,018,039 on its opening day[35] and $20.8 million on its opening weekend. The film showed exceptionally poor staying power and earned $39.1 million in North America making it the first ever film to open over $20 million yet gross less than 50% of its earnings after opening weekend. It goes without saying that it also easily set the record for lowest gross of a $20 million opener. It earned an additional $30 million internationally.[36] The movie made 70 million world wide.


During post-production on the film, Takashi Shimizu discussed ideas of creating another sequel, "During the script meeting, Our ideas didn't go anywhere good, and we couldn't come up with anything interesting to stop the curse, so if that's the case, I would rather just go for something that could never be stopped. But who knows, maybe something can be stopped in The Grudge 3.[37] During Comic Con 06, Sony officially announced plans of creating the sequel.[38] Takashi Shimizu stated he has offered to direct the sequel but would rather produce the film instead.[39] Moviehole recently reported that the film was putting out a casting ball for new actors to play Kayako and Toshio, since Takako Fuji (Kayako) and Yuya Ozeki (Toshio) have passed on the opportunity.[40] Bloody-Disgusting reports that Shawnee Smith who appeared Amanda in Saw, Saw II and Saw III has finished filming her scenes for the movie.[41]

Release information

The following is a list of the films release dates worldwide.

Country Date
Netherlands October 13, 2006
Canada October 13, 2006
USA October 13, 2006
Iceland October 13, 2006
Malaysia October 13, 2006
United Kingdom October 20, 2006
Pakistan October 21, 2006
Philippines October 22, 2006
Australia October 26, 2006
Germany October 26, 2006
Brazil October 27, 2006
Sweden October 27, 2006
India July 20, 2007
Finland November 3, 2006
Croatia December 7, 2006
France December 27, 2006

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  • The Columbia Pictures "Lady with the Torch" - which normally has short brunette hair - suddenly grows long hair. Her torch then flickers (with the screen blacking out) and is transformed into Kayako Saeki, with "GRUDGE 2" replacing "COLUMBIA" behind the figure for a brief second before an abrupt cut to black.
  • The old man playing peek-a-boo with Toshio is featured in many Japanese horror films including the original Grudge (Ju-on)
  • Toshio isn't portrayed by Yuya Ozeki, the actor from Ju-on 1 and 2 (theater versions), instead he is portrayed by a newcomer Oga Tanaka, due to the fact that Ozeki had aged considerably since the last film. They gave him credit for being in some scenes and flashbacks.
  • The role of Vanessa, now played by Teresa Palmer was originally written for Vanessa Lengies, who eventually turned it down to film My Suicide; the part still bears her name.[42]
  • Actresses Sarah Michelle Gellar and Amber Tamblyn previously worked together on an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer titled "All the Way". While the two were sisters in the film, in the episode Tamblyn played the friend of Gellar's character's sister.[43]
  • Kayako's makeup took 2 hours to apply before filming.[44]
  • Writer Stephen Susco claims that the movie went through 5-6 versions of the script. Sarah Michelle Gellar's role was the hardest. In one version, she's in almost every scene. In another, she's in about half of the film. In one, she's only in a couple scenes; and in one, she's not in the story at all. Because the circumstances of the production kept changing, the role of Karen Davis was mutable through much of the development process.
  • The scene where Vanessa is in the principal office is the same that happened to "Mizuko" in Ju-on 1.


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