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The Hating Girl
Cover to volume 1 of The Hating Girl.
(Subeteni Iya Gāru)
Genre Romantic comedy, school
Author Koji Rokunishi
Publisher Kodansha
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Young Magazine
Original run July 17, 20002002
Volumes 5
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The Hating Girl (すべてに射矢ガール Subete ni Iya Gāru ?) is a manga about a mysterious girl who has an arrow stuck in her head and a boy who tries to understand her. The Japanese title literally translates as "All About the Archery Arrow Girl". The word "iya" (射矢; archery arrow) in the title is a pun on the word "iya" (嫌 or 厭; detestable). The covers have a common motif of apples, a reference to the apocryphal William Tell legend of shooting an apple on his own son's head with a crossbow bolt.

Volume list

  • Rokunishi, Koji. The Hating Girl v1 February, 2001 Kodansha ISBN 4-06-336930-7
  • Rokunishi, Koji. The Hating Girl v2 June, 2001 Kodansha ISBN 4-06-336958-7
  • Rokunishi, Koji. The Hating Girl v3 December, 2001 Kodansha ISBN 4-06-361009-8
  • Rokunishi, Koji. The Hating Girl v4 April, 2002 Kodansha ISBN 4-06-361033-0
  • Rokunishi, Koji. The Hating Girl v5 July, 2002 Kodansha ISBN 4-06-361054-3

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