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The Hills Run Red
Directed by Dave Parker
Produced by Roee Sharon
Jonathan Tzachor
John Carchietta
Robert Meyer Burnett
Carl Morano
Written by John Carchietta
John Dombrow
David J. Schow
Narrated by Robert Burnett[1]
Starring Sophie Monk
William Sadler
Tad Hilgenbrink
Music by Frederik Wiedmann
Cinematography Ilan Rosenberg
Editing by Harold Parker
Studio Dark Castle Entertainment
Distributed by Warner Premiere
Release date(s) September 29, 2009[2]
Running time 81 minutes
Country  United States
Language English

The Hills Run Red is a 2009 horror film directed by Dave Parker and written by David J. Schow.[3]



Tyler is obsessed by the horror movie "The Hills Run Red", considered by those that had seen it the scariest movie ever made, with the deranged serial-killer Babyface in the lead role. However, the director Wilson Wyler Concannon and the movie vanished many years ago and there is no available print. His research is affecting his relationship with his girlfriend Serina, who is needy and feels neglected. When Tyler discovers that Concannon's daughter Alexa works in a night-club, he decides to meet her and asks about the missing movie. The woman tells him that the movie might be in her father's house in the middle of the woods, and Tyler decides to travel to the spot with Alexa, Serina and their friend Lalo. Along their journey, Tyler films and interviews some locals. During the night, they are attacked and bound by the rednecks, but they are saved by Babyface who kills the assaulters. He turns on the group, but is calmed by Alexa, who runs away from him. Tyler, Serina and Lalo manage to set themselves free, and Tyler decides to help Alexa. Lalo and Serina decide to try to get help from the police.

Alexa is chased by Babyface while Tyler tries to find them. He finds a farmer's house which was featured in The Hills Run Red. While Tyler hides behind the haystack, watching someone sit on the chair in the front of the house, Lalo and Serina finally call the police, but before Serina can give them their location, Lalo covers her mouth, telling her with his eyes that they are being watched by someone behind the bush behind them. Lalo fires a signal flare, showing that Babyface was no longer pursuing Alexa, but instead had come for them. Lalo tries to distract him and orders Serina to run. While Serina escapes, Lalo is shot by Babyface in the shoulder.

Tyler goes inside the house through a window, checks all the rooms, and finds a room which contains many video rolls. One particular roll shows Tyler and Alexa in the brothel, while another shows Tyler touching Alexa's breast while they were at the motel. Upon leaving the room, Tyler hears painful screams. He finds Alexa tied to a bed and releases her. The two leave the house and find Serina, but Babyface breaks the door from inside and brutally throws Tyler to a wall. Alexa is slammed against the wall by Babyface and says something to him. Babyface leaves, and Tyler drops unconscious to the ground, as Alexa approaches to him, smiling. Serina runs and hides under the car parked in front of the house. Babyface looks toward the house, but can't find her, and proceeds to search through the yard and enter a barn. Serina quietly moves from under the car to the barn's cellar, but the sound of the door slamming alerts Babyface, who moves to search the cellar. Serina is shocked to find bloodied bodies in the room and, looking through a gap, notices Babyface walking toward her. However, when Babyface goes inside the room, he doesn't find her. After the killer leaves, Serina emerges from drums which served to store blood. She cleans the blood off from her skin and changes clothes. However, when she leaves the cellar, Babyface jumps down at her from the roof.

Tyler wakes up and find himself tied to a wheelchair, sitting at a table. On this table, and on the shelves behind him, are many film rolls, all titled The Hills Run Red and numbered. Tyler is shocked when Wilson, the missing director of The Hills Run Red, appears. The director tells him the secret behind the scares in his film, and plays a video of 20 years before, when the film was in shooting. Wilson is dissatisfied with the actor portraying Babyface, and angrily explains to him how to properly make a scene feel scary. He takes Babyface's costume and axe, and violently stabs the actor to death. It is then that the reason why screenings were canceled and all actors vanished is revealed: the film was considered to be too violent, and all the death scenes in it were real. Wilson pushes the wheelchair into the barn, where Alexa and Lalo (tied and gagged) are. It is revealed that Alexa wants to be a director as well, and to prove herself to her father, she viciously slashes at Lalo's flesh. Wilson and Alexa argue. Tyler, trying to save his friend, tries to convince Wilson that he can make him famous, but Wilson does not fall for the bluff, and he and Alexa continue to argue.

In a room next to the barn, Babyface is holding Serina captive. Wilson calls for him and he moves to the next room, leaving Serina alone. She manages to get rid of her binds and successfully escapes the room, looking through a gap in the wall at the next room. Alexa stabs Lalo in the chest, killing him. Wilson tells his daughter he's the only director of the family, and shoots Alexa in the chest. Babyface, angered by Alexa's death, turns on Wilson and fights him, knocking him down. Wilson screams out that he is Babyface's father in an attempt to stop him, but Tyler takes a camera and encourages Babyface to kill Wilson - which he does, stabbing him several times. Babyface then turns on Tyler, but before he can kill him, Serina stabs through Babyface's body with a long iron stick, killing him. Before they can relax, however, Serina is hit by a shovel. Alexa, who is still alive, strikes at Tyler as well, knocking him unconscious.

Tyler awakens in a cinema-like room built in the house's basement. Set up as members of the audience are the dead bodies of all those who died in the filming of The Hills Run Red, including Wilson and Lalo. Alexa appears and gives Tyler the opportunity to do the thing he'd wanted all along - watch the entirety of the film, uncut. Alexa leaves as the film is screened, leaving Tyler to watch all the bloody deaths of the actors by himself. He bursts into maniacal laughter, and the film abruptly cuts to the credits, casting doubt over what happens to Tyler.

After the first few seconds of the end credits, there's an additional scene of Alexa walking into the cellar, checking in on a still living Serina. Serina, bound by the wrists, struggles, while Alexa tells her to save her strength. Alexa shows Serina Babyface's mask, asking if she thinks it'll be good for the baby - Serina is, surprisingly, several months pregnant. Alexa sings a lullaby to Serina's baby, and the end credits continue to roll.



The movie was released on DVD on September 29, 2009[7] by Warner Home Video.[8] It had previously been shown at the UK Frightfest.[9]


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