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The Ice House was a novel written by Minette Walters and turned into a BBC drama in 1997. It stars Daniel Craig as D.S. Andy McLoughlin, Corin Redgrave as D.C.I. George Walsh, Kitty Aldridge as Anne Cattrell, Frances Barber as Diana Goode, and Penny Downie as Phoebe Maybury.

A body is discovered in the old ice house at Streech Grange. D.C.I. Walsh is convinced it is the body of George Maybury who disappeared without trace 10 years before, and who he is convinced was murdered by Maybury's widow, Phoebe.

The local village has been rife with rumours for years about goings on of witchcraft and lesbianism at the Grange where Kitty, Diane and Phoebe live together.

D.S. Andy McLoughlin is convinced there is more going on and struggles to get the bottom of it, all the while also struggling with a growing alcohol problem caused by his wife walking out on him.

D.S. Andy McLoughlin to Kitty Cattrell on meeting her and Diane and Phoebe:

Kitty Cattrell: Our reputation has obviously preceeded us. Don't worry shaking hands with a lesbian is perfectly safe.

D.S. Andy McLoughlin: I have nothing against dykes Miss Cattrell, just wouldn't put my finger in one.

Kitty Cattrell talking to Diana Goode about D.S. Andy McLoughlin: The only disabilities that idiot has are both in his trousers. He's a prick and an arsehole.

D.S. Andy McLoughlin: Did you know where the ice house was?

Kitty Cattrell: No

D.S. Andy McLoughlin: Well, what did you think the hillock was?

Kitty Cattrell: A hillock probably.

D.S. Andy McLoughlin: You've lived here for 9 years, surely you must have explored the grounds.

Kitty Cattrell: Do I look like someone who takes exercise?

D.S. Andy McLoughlin: You're very slim.

Kitty Cattrell: Well, I eat very little, drink neat spirits and smoke like a chimmney. It does wonders for the figure.


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