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The Incredible Hulk
Incredible Hulk '82.jpg
Created by Stan Lee (characters / created for television)
Jack Kirby (characters)
Voices of Michael Bell
Bob Holt
Michael Horton
B.J. Ward
Narrated by Stan Lee
Composer(s) John Douglas
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13
Executive producer(s) David H. DePatie
Lee Gunther
Producer(s) Don Jurwich
Production company(s) Marvel Productions
Distributor ARP Films (syndication)
Original channel NBC
Original airing September 18, 1982
Followed by The Incredible Hulk (1996 TV series)
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The Incredible Hulk is an animated television series based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. The series ran for 13 episodes on NBC in 1982, part of a combined hour with Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (as The Amazing Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk).

The series is often fondly remembered for the overwrought nature of its musical score and accompanying narration by Hulk creator Stan Lee. Some of the same background music tracks were used for Dungeons & Dragons.


Differences between this series and the live-action Hulk series

Unlike the live-action The Incredible Hulk TV series, which wound up the year this was produced, this series was based more closely upon the Hulk comic in regards to the origin story (albeit with supposedly alien involvement rather than Soviet spies), as well as featuring more characters from the comics including Rick Jones (who would often refer to Bruce as "Doc"), Major Ned Talbot, who was essentially the same character as Glenn Talbot (although perhaps a little less intelligent and more clumsy then his comic book counterpart and as a result of this is referred to by his men as Noodlehead Ned), Betty Ross, and General Ross, along with the first cartoon appearance of the She-Hulk. Yet only one classic Hulk villain appeared in a single episode of the series, The Leader, with a number of villains normally associated with other Marvel characters and newly created foes filling out the other episodes.

Also introduced were the Hispanic family of Rio and his daughter Rita, the father and his efforts to advertise his restaurant (Rio's Rancheros) providing more chances for comic relief and Rita providing a love interest for Rick Jones.

Changes to avoid censorship issues

The series did have a number of changes to avoid censorship issues with a younger audience including arming the troops at Gamma Base with futuristic sci-fi style weaponry. There's also the more frequently remembered quirk that whenever the Hulk transformed back to Bruce Banner, his clothes would miraculously return to normal.

It is currently owned and distributed by The Walt Disney Company, which acquired all Fox Kids-related properties from News Corporation and Saban International in 2001.

Episode list

Episode Title Overview
1 "Tomb of the Unknown Hulk" When high cosmic ray activity triggers Bruce's transformations without him getting angry he tries to lock himself in a cave to protect his friends, but the cosmic rays also block communications and allows Doctor Octopus an opening to stage an attack on Gamma Base.
2 "Prisoner of the Monster" Rick stumbles upon a map for a potion held by a lost tribe that can cure Bruce of the Hulk, but the cure becomes bitter sweet when the Spymaster kidnaps Betty and her father, stealing a deadly weapon from Gamma Base that only the Hulk can defeat.
3 "Origin of the Hulk" The retelling of the origin of the Hulk, with the original Russian Cold War spies replaced with aliens seeking the secrets of Bruce's Gamma Bomb.
4 "When Monsters Meet" Arriving in Paris for a scientific conference, Bruce is given a possible cure for his condition, but his chances of using it are threatened by the appearance of a descendant of Quasimodo who wreaks havoc in the city. (This episode was adapted in comic book format by Marvel, in the one-shot "The Incredible Hulk versus Quasimodo". A back-up, one-page comic featuring editor Al Milgrom disguised as the Hulk explained how this book fit into the animated cartoon continuity, and not current Marvel Comics continuity[1]).
5 "The Cyclops Project" Due to the inadvertent actions of the Hulk, Cyclops, the most world's powerful military defense computer malfunctions and seeks to take over the world, trying to obtain the aid of the Bruce Banner and Hulk to do so.
6 "Bruce Banner Unmasked" When the Puppet Master attempts gain control of the Hulk as a part of his plan to take over Mesa City and its surrounds, the army are finally able to defeat the creature and learn of Bruce Banner's secret identity.
7 "The Creature and the Cavegirl" Bruce learns of a colleague whose developed a working time projector, seeing it as a chance to go back and stop the creation of the Hulk, only for the device to malfunction and transport the entire lab and its occupants back to 1,000,000 B.C.
8 "It Lives! It Grows! It Destroys!" A rival scientist at Gamma Base develops a part plant, part animal lifeform which can eat almost anything in its path, but the creature escapes and threatens the planet as it grows uncontrollably.
9 "The Incredible Shrinking Hulk" After his latest gamma experiment malfunctions, Bruce is shrunk down until he is one inch tall, as two spies attempt to steal a new tank.
10 "Punks on Wheels" When a motorcycle gang kidnaps Rita, Bruce and his friend discover the gang is secretly working for the Leader, who seeks their aid in stealing a shipment of Vibranium.
11 "Enter: She-Hulk" Bruce and Rick travel to Los Angeles to visit Bruce's cousin Jennifer Walters to try and learn how she is able to maintain her intelligence when she changes into the She-Hulk, but their attempt is endangered thanks to the efforts of terrorist group HYDRA to take over the city.
12 "The Boy Who Saw Tomorrow" Betty's nephew Jonah arrives at Gamma Base to demonstrate his amazing psychic ability, able to predict the future with uncanny accuracy he has a vision of Betty's space shuttle crashing into a mountain, with the Hulk and a mysterious madman involved.
13 "The Hulk Destroys Bruce Banner" While testing his new Transmat teleporter on himself, Bruce transforms into the Hulk in mid-teleportation, convincing Betty that the Hulk interfered and leading the charge to capture the creature to attempt to save Bruce.


Bruce Banner was played by voice actor Michael Bell, while the Hulk himself was voiced by Bob Holt, whose stock library of roars created for this series would be used in various other Marvel Productions series and movies.


This series was planned for release on Region 2 DVD in the UK in August of 2008 by Liberation Entertainment as part of a release schedule of Marvel animated series. However, due to unforeseen circumstances the release day was pushed back to October, and then again until November 3. Liberation Entertainment then closed its UK division, making 12 staff redundant. This brought many delays to the releases.

Lace International have bought the rights to distribute this series on DVD.[1] was the first store to receive the first stocks of this DVD set.

This is a two disc set and includes a restoration featurette.


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The Incredible Hulk was a 1982 12 episode cartoon series based on Marvel's Incredible Hulk comic book series.


Tomb of the Unknown Hulk [1]

Stan Lee: [Narrates] Hi, this is Stan Lee. When we think of the sun we think of beaches and fun outdoors. But sometimes there are giant storms on the sun. Storms that hurl waves of radiation towards the helpless Earth. Right now this radiation is encircling America's most powerful army base where a dangerous experiment is now in progress.

Rio: [Tasting soup] Oh, no! This is much too bland! A little curry, some chili rojo.
Rio: [Crying while cutting onions to add] I love my work.

Hulk: Nothing can stop Hulk!

[Bruce is faking being shot with a paralysis beam to explain his Hulk caused disappearance]
Betty Ross: [examining a statue straight Bruce] He's paralyzed, just like the rest of the men were.
Rick Jones: He sure is. It ought to be wearing off pretty soon though.
Betty Ross: So, you've been down here all the time. That should make Dad pretty mad. He thought he had you this time. But right now while I've got you and you can't run away...
[Betty gives Bruce a kiss, Bruce smiling in response once she's gone]

[Rick nurses a broken arm inadvertently caused by the Hulk's rampage]
Bruce Banner: How's your arm Rick?
Rick Jones: Not bad, but I won't be in the major leagues for a while
Bruce Banner: Rick, I... I'm sorry.
Rick Jones: Relax. I told you, it was an accident.
Bruce Banner: Do you understand now why I worry about you? And Betty? And everybody close to me?
Rick Jones: Can't stop you from worrying, Doc. But you can't stop me from sticking around. It's my fault that you're the Hulk. I won't run out on you. Now or ever.

Prisoner of the Monster [2]

Stan Lee: [Narrates] It is true? Is the long search finally over? Is Bruce Banner at last about to grasp his cure?

Stan Lee: [Narrates] Miraculously the transformation stops. Bruce Banner is himself once more. The potion worked! The Hulk is gone forever. But now, without the awesome power of the green goliath, what will happen to the doomed Bruce Banner.

Jamala: Go, Doctor. You are cured. The potion will not work again. It only works once.
Bruce Banner: I understand.

Bruce Banner: [Happy] Say little friend, are you up to being a best man?
Rick Jones: Hey, you mean you're gonna ask Miss Ross to...?
Bruce Banner: I'm free now Rick. I can live my own life, and Betty's gonna be a big part of it.

Bruce Banner: [working at a computer] This is the structual formula for the sonar crystalliser rays. Find me a defense again against it.
Rick Jones: Nothing's working, Doc.
Bruce Banner: This computer's got all the information. If there is an answer, it must come up with it.
Rick Jones: Well, it better hurry.
Computer: Information computed shows only one thing can defeat the sonar crystalliser. The Hulk. The Hulk. The Hulk. The Hulk.
Bruce Banner: No! It's impossible! I'm cured! I can't become the Hulk again!
Rick Jones: The Hulk is dead! You're cured!
Bruce Banner: Rick, there's no other choice. The weapon will destroy cities, innocent people. It will let Spymaster control the world.
Computer: The Hulk. The Hulk. The Hulk.

Rick Jones: The gamma ray machine! No!
Stan Lee: [Narrates] Tormented beyond description, Banner knows what must be done. In order to save those who need him, he must sacrifice himself . The Incredible Hulk must live again.

Stan Lee: [Narrates] Once again, Bruce Banner faces a future of torment and sorrow. But he'll never stop seeking a cure for his horrible malady. He'll never stop hoping he can one day destroy the monster within him.

Origin of the Hulk [3]

Stan Lee: [Narrates] Hi, I'm Stan Lee. We all know the Hulk is the strongest and the strangest creature on Earth. Now, hang on to your hats heroes, cause here's where we learn how he got that way! This the lonely desert. The mysterious desert. Where all is silent. Too silent...with a scent of danger in the air.

Stan Lee: [Narrates] Trying to save a teenagers life, Bruce Banner's helpless body absorbs a massive bombardment of super powerful gamma rays.

Stan Lee: [Narrates] Later, at the base hospital, just a few minutes before the most incredible transformation of all time is about to take place.

Stan Lee: [Narrates] Bruce Banner's rage and his frustration finally trigger the powerful gamma rays in his body causing the world's most fantastic transformation, as the Incredible Hulk is born.

When Monsters Meet [4]

Stan Lee: [Narrates] Hi gang, this is Stan Lee. What do you say we take a little trip just to keep the Hulk company. Here we are in Paris, home of the mighty Arc de Triomphe. The famous Eiffel Tower and, of course, the ancient, mysterious cathedral which was the home of one of fictions most grotesque characters: Quasimodo, the hunchback of Notre Dame.

Stan Lee: [Narrates] You've probably figured it out by now. He's not the original Quasimodo. He's not even the ghost of Quasimodo. No, he's the great, great, great, great, great grandson of Quasimodo. A descendant of the original hunchback of Notre Dame. But there's one great difference between the two of them. The first Quasimodo was kind-hearted and good.

Stan Lee: [Narrates] But this one is just the opposite. This one is fiendishly evil. And he has seen Betty Ross.

Stan Lee: [Narrates] Saved by his own savage strength, the Hulk still lives and changes once again. But what of Betty Ross. Little does she dream as she goes to meet the Minister of Finance that a pair of evil eyes are watching.

The Cyclops Project [5]

Bruce Banner Unmasked [6]

Stan Lee: [Narrates] Hey, this is Stan Lee. Wouldn't it be horrible if a super villain could control the Hulk? Well, you're about to see the evil Puppet Master do just that. Hang loose, heroes...'cause here we go!
Stan Lee: [Narrates] Imagine Bruce Banner's shock. He has just been ordered to reveal his own terrible secret. Here he is, the villain we warned you about. The uncanny Puppet Master and his gentle daughter, the blind Alicia."
Stan Lee: [Narrates] The Puppet Master isn't the only one after the Hulk. Here's Major Talbot, drilling his squad of fighting Hulk-Busters.
Stan Lee: [Narrates] Bruce Banner can't fight it any longer. Slowly, relentlessly the helplessly scientist changes into the Incredible Hulk, a monster controlled by the Puppet Master!
Stan Lee: [Narrates] Trapped. Desperate. Not knowing where to turn, the gamma energy in Bruce Banner's cells is triggered once again.
Stan Lee: [Narrates] The sight of the damaged statue, shattered by the fury of the Hulk, reminds Bruce Banner that he can never dare admit his love for Betty Ross.

The Creature and the Cavegirl! [7]

It Lives! It Grows! It Destroys! [8]

Stan Lee: [Narrates] Hi gang! This is Stan Lee. I don't know about you, but give me a mad scientist story any day. And this one's a doozy! We start in the strange laboratory of Dr. Proto who's creating a brand new form of life. The only problem is, he doesn't know how deadly it'll be...
Stan Lee: [Narrates] Alas even though it's Bruce Banner's intelligence that's needed the most the anguished scientist is unable to halt his transformation into a creature of pure unbridled power!
Stan Lee: [Narrates] It's finally happened! For the first time in his life, the Hulk faces danger that can't be defeated by brute strength alone. If he can't even help himself, what can he do to save Rick and Betty?
Stan Lee: [Narrates] But nobody could move fast enough to save himself from the ray blast of the mighty gammatron. A blast that bombards our hero with the amazing gamma rays that transform him into the Incredible Hulk
Stan Lee: [Narrates] For the moment, Bruce Banner seems free of care. But only for the moment...

The Incredible Shrinking Hulk [9]

Punks on Wheels [10]

Enter: She-Hulk [11]

Jennifer Walters: Jennifer Walters could never catch them, but Jennifer Walters doesn't have to! [Transforms into the She-Hulk]

Stan Lee: [Narrates] The savage She-Hulk could reduce that door to splinters but the guards would hear the noise. Jennifer Walters knows there are times when skill is more important than plain brute strength...and this is such a time.

Stan Lee: [Narrates] Inexorably the amazing mist begins to solidify, begins to imprison Jennifer Walters. But no mere mist can imprison the savage She-Hulk.

Stan Lee: [Narrates] But there are other experiments being conducted. Evil experiments.

Stan Lee: [Narrates] When the world's strongest mortal faces the world's most powerful female what will happen next?

Stan Lee: [Narrates] Once again a cure has failed but Bruce Banner can never stop trying, not while the Hulk still lives

The Boy Who Saw Tomorrow [12]

The Hulk Destroys Bruce Banner [13]

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