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The Informer

original film poster
Directed by John Ford
Produced by John Ford
Written by Dudley Nichols
Starring Victor McLaglen
Heather Angel
Preston Foster
Margot Grahame
Wallace Ford
Una O'Connor
Music by Max Steiner
Cinematography Joseph H. August
Editing by George Hively
Distributed by RKO Radio Pictures
Release date(s) 1935 (1935)
Running time 91 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Informer is a 1935 dramatic film, released by RKO. The plot concerns the underside of the Irish War of Independence, set in 1922. It stars Victor McLaglen, Heather Angel, Preston Foster, Margot Grahame, Wallace Ford, Una O'Connor and J.M. Kerrigan. The screenplay was written by Dudley Nichols from the novel The Informer by Liam O'Flaherty. It was directed by John Ford.



A brutish but well-meaning Irishman, Gypo Nolan (Victor McLaglen), informs on his best friend Frankie McPhillip (Wallace Ford), who is a member of the Irish Republican Army, in order to collect the reward of £20 and sail to America with his girlfriend Katie Madden (Margot Grahame). The film traces his conscience-stricken emotional disintegration that eventually leads him to give himself away.


Awards and nominations


Academy Awards – 1935

The film was nominated for the Outstanding Production. [1] McLaglen won the Best Actor for his portrayal of Gypo Nolan, beating out Charles Laughton and Clark Gable for the better-remembered Mutiny on the Bounty, and Ford won for Best Director. Dudley Nichols won the Best Writing, Screenplay, but turned it down because of Union disagreements. It was the first time an Oscar was declined. The film also won the Oscar for Best Score.

Of the 16 (10 would have been eligible for The Informer) competitive awards which given at the time, The Informer had 6 nominations. The Academy did not award The Informer Best Actress for Heather Angel, Best Art Direction for Van Nest Polglase (Art Direction) and Julia Heron (Set Direction), Best Assistant Director for [[]], Best Cinematography for Joseph H. August and Best Sound Recording for Hugh McDowell, Jr. and Robert Wise.

It was the winner of 4 Academy Awards.

Award Result Winner
Outstanding Production Nominated RKO Radio (John Ford, Producer)
Winner was Mutiny on the Bounty (MGM) (Irving Thalberg and Albert Lewin, Producers)
Best Director Won John Ford
Best Actor Won Victor McLaglen
Best Writing, Screenplay Won Dudley Nichols
Best Film Editing Nominated George Hively
Winner was Ralph DawsonA Midsummer Night's Dream
Best Music (Scoring) Won Max Steiner

The film's other awards and nominations:

Adaptations in Other Media

The Informer was adapted as a radio play on the July 10, 1944 and October 17, 1950 episodes of The Screen Guild Theater, the March 28, 1948 episode of the Ford Theatre. On the Academy Award Theater's May 25, 1946 episode, McLaglen reprised his role.


A presentation copy of the script, originally presented to a Seymour Roman and signed by many of the prominent cast and crew, was ostensibly found in Madison, Wisconsin among items being cleaned out of an apartment by a landlord. It was brought to the Antiques Roadshow and was appraised for $4,000-$5,000.


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