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The Invisible Children of Love
Directed by Shubho
Release date(s) 2003
Running time 43 minutes 43 seconds
Country Bengal (India)
Language English / Bengali

The Invisible Children of Love is a multi-lingual (English/Bengali) film by Shubho released in 2003.



The Invisible Children of Love is a love story set against a small town. The narrator tells the story of his coming into being – how his father and his mother fell in love. Through many fleeting events and passing characters the story moves forward weaving a complex fabric of the small town life, as we follow the lovers in their intimate private settings. But contrary to expectations, the lovers don't meet: the narrator reveals his true identity - he is the unborn child of the ill-fated lovers.

Style & Technique

The film is shot almost entirely in high contrast Black & White with only few shots in color in between. It is characterized by a jerky (and sometimes deliberately shabby) editing with insertion of random images to induce a feeling of the bustle of life in a small town. A strange treatment of passing of time and fragmented characterization make up for a highly stylized narrative. The narration itself is full of short digressions going away from the central theme to conjure fleeting images of everyday occurrences in a small town. The cinematography makes use of extreme close-ups and low-angle shots which add an abstract quality to the film.

Cast & Crew


  • Taufik Riaz
  • Amrita Bagchi
  • Anshuman Chakraborty
  • Amitabha Adhikari
  • Samirmoy Ghosh
  • Montu
  • Samudra Saikia
  • Parthopratim Das
  • Hrit Roy


  • Arnab Ghosal
  • Anamika Roy
  • Shayan Choudhury, aka Arnob
  • Anirban Bhattacharya
  • Shubho
  • Prithwish Das
  • Rudradev Sen
  • Vikram Singh Khangura
  • Nilanjan Banerjee
  • Parvez Kabir
  • Amitabha Adhikari


  • The film was entirely shot in Santiniketan.
  • It features the track Dhulo by the singer Arnob.


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