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"The Italian Bob"
The Simpsons episode
Sideshow Bob (right) with his wife, Francesca (centre), and his son, Gino.
Episode no. 364
Prod. code HABF02
Orig. airdate December 11, 2005
Written by John Frink
Directed by Mark Kirkland
Couch gag A pair of cartoon hands deal out a wild royal flush, consisting of the jack of diamonds (Bart), the queen of diamonds (Marge), the king of diamonds (Homer), the ace of diamonds (Lisa), and the joker (Maggie)
Guest star(s) Maria Grazia Cucinotta as Francesca and
Kelsey Grammer as Sideshow Bob

"The Italian Bob" is the eighth episode of The Simpsons' seventeenth season.



After Mr. Burns gets teased about his old car by the kids at Springfield Elementary School, he sends Homer to pick up a brand new Lamborgotti Fasterossa car in Italy. The rest of his family goes along with him, flying over on Alitalia. After they pick up the car, they have a great time touring the country. During the trip, Homer and Bart manifest limited knowledge of the history of Italy and the Italian language. Lisa, meanwhile, declares that she will be assuming a Canadian identity given the dislike of the United States by many Europeans during the George W. Bush administration. After a huge wheel of Mortadella lands on their car and crushes the hood, they slowly push it into a small Tuscan village nearby called Salsiccia, which means sausage in the Italian language. When they get there, they ask an elderly woman for help, and she tells them that the mayor speaks English.

At the mayor's office, the Simpsons find out the mayor is none other than Sideshow Bob (voiced by Kelsey Grammer). They are shocked to find him there, and he feels the same way. Bob explains to them that after he last attempted to kill Bart, he decided to get a fresh start elsewhere by settling on his new destination of Italy (but only after passing over Orlando, North Korea, Shelbyville and "Bartovia"). After a rough start, the Italians warmed up to him after he helped them crush grapes into wine (using his enormous feet), after which they elected him mayor of their tiny village. Bob no longer has any intention of killing Bart, and it is revealed that he has a wife and son, Francesca and Gino, who know nothing about his past life in America. Bob begs the Simpsons not to tell anyone, and they agree in order to have the car fixed.

The Simpsons enjoy spending time in the village, and they continue to keep Bob's past a secret. However, when Lisa gets intoxicated at a party, she starts to spout off about him being an attempted-murderer. He leads her away from the table, but as she stumbles backwards, she rips off his suit and everyone can see that underneath is his prison uniform. The village finds out that Bob is a robber and attempted killer, and they sack him as Mayor. The Simpsons take off in the fixed car, and Bob swears vendetta on them.

When the family flees, Bob follows them on a motorcycle (a Ducati 999). Homer drives into a ditch and drives onto a Roman aqueduct. When they fall off the end of the aqueduct, the car lands on top of Trajan's Column in Roman Forum. Bob's wife and son meet him, and Francesca tells him that they will kill the Simpsons together as a family.

Meanwhile, the Simpsons are wondering what they should do next, since they are in a foreign country, have no car and no money whatsoever. Lisa spots a bus with a poster advertising Krusty the Clown's performance in Pagliacci. They meet up with him at the Colosseum, and he puts them in as un-noticed extras. However, Bob, Francesca and Gino find them and corner them on the stage while Krusty, who went through a trap door, flees the stage, allowing Bob to perform the climax of Vesti la giubba. Before Bob and his family can finish off the Simpsons, though, Krusty's limousine picks them up; Krusty needs them to smuggle an ancient artifact back to America. The Terwilligers are disappointed at first, but then walk away, grinning maliciously and plotting revenge.


Kelsey Grammer won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance for his voice portrayal of Sideshow Bob in this episode. This marks the third time a credited guest star for the show has won an Emmy, the other two being Marcia Wallace and Jackie Mason although Wallace and Mason both won theirs as a joint win with the rest of the main cast the first time the category was awarded in 1992. This episode won the 2007 Writers Guild Awards in the animation category.

The episode has become study material for sociology courses at University of California, Berkeley, where it is used to "examine issues of the production and reception of cultural objects, in this case, a satirical cartoon show", and to figure out what it is "trying to tell audiences about aspects primarily of American society, and, to a lesser extent, about other societies." Some questions asked in the courses include: "What aspects of American society are being addressed in the episode? What aspects of them are used to make the points? How is the satire conveyed: through language? Drawing? Music? Is the behavior of each character consistent with his/her character as developed over the years? Can we identify elements of the historical/political context that the writers are satirizing? What is the difference between satire and parody?"[1]

Cultural references

The name of the car Mr. Burns purchases, a Lamborgotti Fasterossa is a play on the names of supercar maker Lamborghini and the iconic supercar, the Ferrari Testarossa. The episode's name is a reference to the 1967 film The Italian Job.

  • At one point, Bart says to Sideshow Bob "Of all the regione, in all the village, in all of Italia, you had to be Il Mayore of this one!" This is a parody of a similar speech made by Humphrey Bogart in the movie Casablanca. His character in the Casablanca film is called Rick. The actual line is: "Of all the gin-joints, in all the towns, in all the world... She had to walk in to this one!"


  • When Lisa pulls Sideshow Bob's shirt off, the Italian police pull a book out titled Criminali Americani that has Snake (wanted for home invasion), Mayor Quimby (wanted for driving under the influence of alcohol), Peter Griffin from Family Guy (wanted for plagiarism), and Stan Smith from American Dad! (wanted for plagiarism of plagiarism).
  • In this episode, Bob's prison number is HABF02, which was also the production code for the episode.
  • The word "Mayore" is not the italian term for Mayor. The actual word is sindaco. The term "Drink-o Drive-o" is not Italian, either.
  • Mortadella is actually a sausage, not a cheese, similar to the product known in the US as Bologna sausage, from the Italian city where the mortadella originated.


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