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The Jack of Spades
Directed by Miceal Og O'Donnell
Produced by Thomas Johnson
Miceal Og O'Donnell
Written by Thomas Johnson
Starring Jennifer Coolidge
Joseph Meissner
Ava Santana
Editing by Mike Ryan
Country  United States
Language English

The Jack of Spades is a Crime Mystery film directed by Miceal Og O'Donnell set to be released in 2009.


The Synopsis

In a marginalized New Orleans still trying desperately to recover from Katrina, a private eye on the fringes of society reluctantly investigates two murders – one present day, one thirty years old. But even as detective Jack Spade encounters ancient French Quarter jewelers, shifty bayou drunks, rich uptown socialites, mysterious street prostitutes, exotic voodoo fortune tellers, corrupt police lieutenants and homicidal Mardi Gras jesters - none of whom he can trust individually – he can’t continue to ignore the mounting evidence that his father may have been involved in both crimes. Ultimately, the only way for Jack Spade to discover the truth may be to unlock the secret of four identical paintings each depicting four playing cards - the three of diamonds, the king of clubs, the ace of hearts, and the Jack of Spades.

Cast Present Day

  • Joseph Meissner as Jack Spade
  • Ava Santana as Justine Gilcrest
  • David Joseph Martinez as Inspector Dwayne Norris
  • Dan DeLuca as Inspector Tyler Langston
  • Holly Ladnier as Lydia Dymond
  • Jennifer Blanc as Candi Devereaux
  • Kim Collins as Hart Singleton
  • Ryan Reinike as The Jester
  • Marc Macaulay as H.L. Dymond
  • Jennifer Coolidge as Monica
  • Lance E. Nichols as Jeweler
  • Dana Daurey as Bartender
  • Jennifer Bergeron as Waitress
  • Gregory P. Williams as Police Detective
  • Shannon Maris as Reporter
  • Dewayne Bateman as Beat Cop
  • Delilah Donovan as Stripper
  • Missy Wilkinson as Stripper
  • Rosemarie Lamarche as Stripper
  • Jake Moran as Drug Dealer
  • Jaymon Yates as Frat Boy
  • Constance Palelei as Jeweler's Assistant
  • Escalante Lundy as Tall Jester
  • Michael Dardant as Juggling Jester

Cast 30 Years Ago

  • Tiffany Campo as Annie Upton
  • Jason Kirkpatrick as Jack Spade Sr.
  • Joey McRae as Arthur Clubman
  • Aaron Sauer as Young H.L. Dymond
  • Ryan Reinike as Young Hart Singleton
  • Abby Rao as Justine's Mother
  • Austin Kelly as Young Jack Spade
  • Zoe Vreeland as Young Lydia Dymond
  • Eric Gaudet as Male Singer
  • Gina Gutierrez as Opera Singer
  • Eileen O'Donnell as Jazz Singer
  • Trixie Minx as Burlesque Dancer
  • Robert Snow as Bassist
  • John Rodli as Guitarist
  • Matt Rhody as Violinist
  • Bruce Brackman as Clarinetist

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