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The Joiner King
Author Troy Denning
Cover Artist Cliff Nielsen
Country USA
Language English
Era The New Jedi Order
Series The Dark Nest Trilogy
Galactic Year 35 ABY
Canon C
Subject(s) Star Wars
Genre(s) Science fiction novel
Publisher Del Rey Books
Released 26 July 2005
Media Type Paperback
Pages 544 pp
ISBN ISBN 0-345-46304-8
Preceded by The Unifying Force
Followed by The Unseen Queen

The Joiner King is a novel set in the Star Wars galaxy. It is the first book in the Dark Nest trilogy of novels by Troy Denning. It is set 35 years after the Battle of Yavin (35 ABY). In the chronology of the Star Wars novels, The Joiner King takes place after the final book of The New Jedi Order series, which is The Unifying Force, and before the second book of the Dark Nest trilogy, which is The Unseen Queen.


Plot summary


Jaina, Jacen, Lowbacca, Alema Rar, Tahiri and Zekk have heard the familiar Force-call of an old friend and comrade coming from the Unknown Regions. After they disappear, Luke, Han and Leia are called by a Chiss emissary to explain the Jedi's presence near Chiss space, aiding an aggressive insectoid species. Luke and the other Jedi Masters agree to handle the situation, and set out for the missing Jedi's last known coordinates.



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