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The Karate Kid, Part III

The Karate Kid, Part III movie poster
Directed by John G. Avildsen
Produced by Jerry Weintraub
Karen Trudy Rosenfelt (co-producer)
Sheldon Schrager (executive producer)
Doug Seelig (associate producer)
Written by Robert Mark Kamen
Starring Ralph Macchio
Pat Morita
Thomas Ian Griffith
Martin Kove
Robyn Lively
Sean Kanan
Music by Bill Conti
Cinematography Steve Yaconelli
Editing by John G. Avildsen
John Carter
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release date(s) June 30, 1989
Running time 112 min.
Country United States
Language English
Preceded by The Karate Kid, Part II
Followed by The Next Karate Kid

The Karate Kid, Part III is a 1989 film, and the second sequel to the hit motion picture The Karate Kid (1984). The film stars Ralph Macchio, Pat Morita, Thomas Ian Griffith, Robyn Lively, and Martin Kove. Like the first two films, it was directed by John G. Avildsen, written by Robert Mark Kamen, stunts choreographed by Pat E. Johnson, and music by Bill Conti.


Plot synopsis

The story picks up almost a year after the events ending the original film and opening the sequel. After it is established that Sensei John Kreese's (Martin Kove) Cobra Kai dojo has lost all its business, Kreese visits his Vietnam War comrade Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith), who is also a karate expert, fellow Cobra Kai (later indicated as the real owner of Cobra Kai dojo), multimillionaire and president of a multinational company with a record of polluting the environment with toxic chemicals. Silver and Kreese scheme to take revenge on Daniel and on his teacher, Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita), and make Cobra Kai successful once again.

Daniel leases a shop, and he and Miyagi prepare to open their own bonsai tree store. Visiting a pottery store across the street, Daniel meets Jessica Andrews (Robyn Lively), and they instantly become friends.

Silver recruits "Karate's Bad Boy" Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan), promising him 25% of potential Cobra Kai profits if he succeeds in claiming Daniel's title at the upcoming All-Valley Karate Tournament, but Barnes demands 50% and Silver gives it to him. After breaking into Miyagi's home, Silver overhears Daniel tell Miyagi that he will not be participating in the tournament, as Miyagi felt that defense of the title would merely be fighting for personal reward.

That evening at the bonsai store, Daniel and Jessica are confronted by Mike and Snake (Jonathan Avildsen), one of Silver's goons. They threaten to harm Daniel if he does not join the tournament. Daniel declines, and Mike, while promising to return, departs in a heated rage. Again at the bonsai store, Daniel and Jessica are again confronted by Mike and Snake, who are now joined by Mike's personal trainer Dennis (Christopher Paul Ford). Daniel once again refuses to enter the tournament. The three goons respond by destroying the shop. When Daniel attempts to prevent this damage, he and Jessica are attacked. Mike demonstrates his cruelty by kicking Jessica brutally in her stomach when she tries to protect herself. Miyagi shows up and fends off the three men. Miyagi and Daniel arrive home to find their stock of bonsai has been stolen, with a tournament application hanging in their place.

Having received no assistance from the local police, Daniel and Jessica decide to dig up a bonsai tree which Miyagi had planted halfway down the cliffs surrounding the Devil's Cauldron. Daniel thinks they can use the tree, which is the one true bonsai Miyagi brought from Okinawa, as a new source of capital, although Jessica doubts Miyagi will condone this sale of a valuable family heirloom. When Daniel and Jessica become trapped at the bottom of the cauldron, Silver's three goons pull up their ropes and force Daniel to finally sign up for the tournament before lowering the ropes again. Barnes then purposely breaks the valuable tree. Daniel returns to the shop with Miyagi’s damaged bonsai, which Miyagi immediately mends and restores. Miyagi, who has sold his truck in order to buy a new stock of trees, refuses to train Daniel for the tournament.

Silver, who has befriended Daniel numerous times under the fraudulent guise of a humble friend of Kreese sent to apologize on behalf of their Korean master for Kreese's previous actions, offers to "train" Daniel at the Cobra Kai dojo. Daniel accepts, and during the training sessions, Silver schools Daniel in many cheap and corrupt ways of fighting. Silver repeatedly invites Daniel to attack a wooden dummy, injuring Daniel in the process. After several sessions, Daniel eventually destroys the entire dummy, at which point Silver proclaims that he is now ready to win the tournament. That night, Silver bribes a man into tempting Daniel into assaulting him while at a club with Jessica. Daniel, displeased by his own aggressive behavior, apologizes for his recent actions to Miyagi and Jessica (who reveals plans to return to Columbus, Ohio), and visits Silver at the dojo to inform him that he no longer wishes to train with him, and that he also no longer intends to compete in the tournament.

Silver reveals his real agenda to Daniel, and both Mike and Kreese enter the room. After Mike proceeds to chase Daniel, Miyagi arrives and quickly fends off all three men. Afterwards, Miyagi finally decides to train Daniel for the upcoming tournament. They train by Devil's Cauldron, where they replant the now-healed bonsai.

At the tournament, Mike makes his way up to the final round to face Daniel. Silver orders Mike to alternately score points and then intentionally lose them by incurring penalties with illegal moves designed to hurt Daniel and break his spirit. Mike is to continue this for the duration of the three-minute regulation period, and then score a quick point in sudden death. Mike does exactly as instructed, and a fearful Daniel begs Miyagi to let him forfeit the match. Miyagi refuses, and reminds him that he still has his best moves left. In the sudden death period, Daniel finds one last bit of resolve and begins the kata that Miyagi taught him. A hesitant and confused Mike finally comes in to attack, and Daniel quickly counters by throwing him to the ground and scoring a point with a punch to Mike's ribs. A disgusted Silver and Kreese walk away as the crowd throws back the Cobra Kai shirts that were given to them. An excited Daniel decides to forego the tradition bow, and instead hugs Mr. Miyagi. The overjoyed duo continue their long, loving embrace as the film ends.



KK3 did considerably less business than the first two films, grossing only $39 million at the box-office.[1] It was dismissed by critics who considered the installment in the series as having jumped the shark[2][3][4][5].

Film critic Leonard Maltin gave KK3 a "BOMB" rating (the worst rating that a movie can possibly get in Maltin's eyes) and regarded KK3 as "an utterly stupid movie that was hopeless."

At the 1989 Golden Raspberry Awards, this entry received five nominations. They are for Worst Picture (Jerry Weintraub; lost to Star Trek V: The Final Frontier), Worst Screenplay (Robert Mark Kamen), Worst Director (John G. Avildsen), Worst Actor (Ralph Macchio), and Worst Supporting Actor (Pat Morita).

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The Karate Kid, Part III is a 1989 film about a martial arts master who, with the help of an old Vietman comrade, attempts to gain revenge on Daniel LaRusso and Mr. Kesuke Miyagi. It is the third film in the The Karate Kid series.

Directed by John G. Avildsen. Written by Robert Mark Kamen.


Terry Silver

  • "Look at this. Ten years ago, nuclear was the preferred waste. You could dump it anywhere! Now everybody's a detective. I'm lucky if I make one deal a YEAR without being indicted!"
  • "Now the real pain begins, Danny-boy."
  • "This slope, what's his name - Miyagi - and that punk kid - I'm gonna get them for what they did to you. They made you suffer, so I'm gonna make them suffer... and suffer and suffer and when I think they've suffered enough, then I start with the pain."
  • [watching Barnes fighting Daniel] "I love it when he pounds him!"
  • "A man can't stand, he can't fight."
  • "A man can't breathe, he can't fight."
  • "A man can't see, he can't fight."


  • [entering the Bonsai Shop] "Room for one more down there?"

"You know it!"

"It's cool"

Mike Barnes

  • [in Semi-Final fight, winning 2-0]

[sees Daniel] "You're next LaRusso! I own your ass." [with that he finishes his opponent off]

  • "Remember on the phone, when you said if I come down here and beat this LaRusso kid in the All-Valley Tournament, that you'd give me 25 percent ownership of your new dojos? Well, I've been giving it some thought. To perform my best, which is what I want to do, I'm afraid I'm gonna need 50 percent."

Mr. Kesuke Miyagi

  • "If karate used defend honor, defend life, karate mean something. If karate used defend plastic metal trophy, karate no mean nothing."
  • [Miyagi stares wistfully at a picture of him and Daniel together] "Hope confusion end soon, Daniel-san. Miyagi heart empty without you."


Terry Silver: I owe you, man.
John Kreese: You don't owe me anything.
Terry Silver: Oh bullshit. I don't owe you anything? What about Vietnam, huh? How many times did you save my ass?
John Kreese: I don't know. I lost count.

Terry Silver: What, you think you can rely on that crane crap?
Daniel Larusso: It worked last time.
Terry Silver: Hey, wake up and smell the cofee Mr. Larusso! Last time you weren't fighting this.

[Shows Daniel a picture of Mike Barnes]

Terry Silver: [to Mike Barnes before the match] Remember the game plan. First you win a point, then you lose a point. Keep the score zero-zero. Pulverize him for the full three minutes. Then in sudden death you get the point, we win. I want him to experience pain. First he suffers.
John Kreese: Then he suffers some more.

Daniel Larusso: You know, this is the 80s, Mr. Miyagi. You can't be so damn passive!

Terry Silver: [at the climax of Daniel's training] Visualize: this is not a bunch of sticks and pipes anymore; This is a living, breathing wrecking machine who wants to detatch your head from the rest of your body!

[Daniel gashes his fist on the 2X4 with Mike Barnes' picture]

Terry Silver: It's blood. So what? Make believe it's HIS! This guy wants to BREAK you! HUMILIATE you! STOMP YOU INTO THE GROUND! NOW WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?
Daniel Larusso: ...NAIL HIM!
Terry Silver: THEN DO IT!

[Daniel breaks all three 2X4s]

Terry Silver: YES! You nailed him! You're ready!

Terry Silver: [in steam filled bathroom talking to John Kreese on phone] You are back my man, bigger and badder than ever.
John Kreese: [getting back massaged] You're a sweetheart, that's great. But what about those two jerks?
Terry Silver: Those two jerks are taking up 100 percent of my time. Just relax, Johnny. By the time I'm done with that little punk he'll be begging me to be his teacher. And you know what he's going to learn from me: pain in every part of his body. And fear in every part of his mind. And here's the kicker he's going to thank me for it later.
John Kreese: How do you know he'll compete?
Terry Silver: He'll compete. Johnny, when that little twerp steps into the ring to defend his title, I'm going to have him think he's invincible. And then he's going to find out what pain and fear are all about... [smiles a bit more evilly] ...right in front of a thousand people. Anything else?
John Kreese: [looks at his hands] Yeah. Make his knuckles bleed.
Terry Silver: [shocked/amazed] Hey! Hey, I like that! Oh, I like it, Johnny! I'm going to use it!

Snake: [entering shop] What's that smell?
Mike Barnes: I don't know.

[sniffs air]

Mike Barnes: It smells like yellow streak.
Daniel Larusso: Hey! Okay! This isn't funny anymore.
Snake: [real cocky] Oh, I know.
Mike Barnes: Sign the application yet?
Daniel Larusso: No.
Snake: [calls across the room] Hey Dennis! He didn't sign it yet.
Dennis: [puts something down he was looking at and shakes his head back and forth making tsking sounds. Then he karate chops some shoji windows]
Daniel Larusso: Why don't you just take off.
Dennis: [shoves Daniel hard] You take off!

Margaret: [to Terry Silver whose taking bubble bath and smoking a cigar] And if you do not pay your bills, I will sue your collective asses for everything you are worth.
Terry Silver: [whatever type of voice] Yeah. Yeah. Look, I'll have the check out by five.
Margaret: And what about the court on the green?
Terry Silver: Do what I usually do. Bribe them.
Margaret: [astonished shockness] Mr. Silver.

[after Terry Silver met Mike Barnes]

Terry Silver: So what do you think?
Margaret: Oh, he's obnoxious.
Terry Silver: [laughing] Yeah. He's perfect.

[relaxes into bubble bath]

[Cobras are leaving Daniel/Jessica stranded on ropes]

Daniel Larusso: Hey!
Snake: Yes, sweetheart?
Daniel Larusso: Pull us up, man!
Mike Barnes: The stakes just went up. Give us the tree.
Jessica Andrews: No, Daniel, don't!
Daniel Larusso: [does anyway] All right, but just be careful.
Dennis: [laughing evilly] What are you going to do with it?
Snake: Replant it.

[raises it and acts like he's gonna thrust it in the canyon]

Snake: Down there!
Daniel Larusso: NO!
Jessica Andrews: NO!
Mike Barnes: [disgusted] Enough talk. Give me the tree!

[takes it]

Mike Barnes: Okay. Now you want it, right?
Daniel Larusso: Yes!
Jessica Andrews: Yes!
Mike Barnes: And you don't want me to replant down there?
Daniel Larusso: Yes.
Jessica Andrews: Yes.
Mike Barnes: Hey, Daniel.

[breaks the trunk of the tree]

Mike Barnes: Make a wish.

[goes off laughing very hard with Dennis and Snake]

Daniel Larusso: [looks at the injured tree very heart broken]

Daniel Larusso: [tentatively] Mr. Miyagi?

[holds up injured tree]

Daniel Larusso: [a crash of thunder strikes outside]
Mr. Kesuke Miyagi: [seeing this drops broom in sad shock but calmly takes the tree and starts fixing it]
Daniel Larusso: [worried sad] Will it be okay?
Mr. Kesuke Miyagi: Depend if root's strong.

Daniel Larusso: [practicing karate in garden when suddenly the gate busts open] Hey get out of here man, I signed it okay!
Mike Barnes: What'd you call the cops for?
Daniel Larusso: Why'd you steal the trees?
Mike Barnes: No proof.
Daniel Larusso: Oh who left the application, the tooth fairy?

[the two fight until Barnes has Daniel on the ground]

Mike Barnes: [steps on Daniel's throat] There's nothing you've got that I can't counter! Your karate's a joke!
Terry Silver: Let him up punk!
Mike Barnes: Who are you? His mother?
Terry Silver: Maybe.

[They fight until, Terry Silver has Mike by the hair]

Mike Barnes: [afraid he's going to fall, he leans a hand on Silver for balance]
Terry Silver: Get your hand off me. Get your hand off me!
Mike Barnes: [shaking lets go]
Terry Silver: I ever even see you on the same street as this kid I will seriously mess you up. You understand?
Mike Barnes: Ok...
Mike Barnes: YES!
Terry Silver: [lets him go] Good! [kicks his butt] Now get the hell out of here!
Mike Barnes: [zooms out of garden]
Terry Silver: [helping Daniel up] Who was that guy?
Daniel Larusso: The guy I'm going to be fighting.
Terry Silver: Oh. Well, here I brought your book.
Daniel Larusso: Thanks.
Terry Silver: Now let me give you a little lesson on how to deal with punks like that.

Terry Silver: There you are.
Daniel Larusso: Yeah. I had to do some thinking.
Terry Silver: And?
Daniel Larusso: I decided not to fight in the tournament this year. I figured that's the least of respect I owe you. Just to let you know.
Terry Silver: You owe me alot more than that, Danny-boy.
Daniel Larusso: Oh, I can have the payment for the lessons in a couple of weeks. I just need to get the money.
Terry Silver: No money. You're getting in that ring and fighting the tournament. That will be how you pay for the lessons.
Daniel Larusso: Wait. Mr. Silver, you can't make me do anything I don't want to do.
Terry Silver: [laughs] Danny, Danny. Since the moment I met you, I've been making you do things you don't want to do.
Daniel Larusso: [confused] What do you mean?
Terry Silver: What do I mean?

[calls in office]

Terry Silver: Shall we show him what I mean?
Mike Barnes: [steps out] I'm what he's talking about shit head.
Terry Silver: We have a little agenda here, Daniel. It's really very simple. [so excited spits out]
Daniel Larusso: You guys are crazy!
Terry Silver: Either you fight one fight on one day, or you fight everyday for the rest of your life. [even more hyped up] So what's it going to be Danny boy?
Daniel Larusso: It's going to be that I'm not going to be there.
Terry Silver: You don't have to. You can just stand there and let him kick your ass.
Mike Barnes: [attacks Daniel] You're doing this to yourself.

[after Mike Barnes beats Daniel up]

Terry Silver: Do you wanna see some more?
John Kreese: I wanna see a lot more.
Terry Silver: [to Mike] Bring him back.
Terry Silver: [to Kreese] You see his face? See the trail? I think he peed in his pants.

Referee: You know the rules. Light contact to the body, *and I do mean light Barnes*.

[the Cobras are pulling Daniel/Jessica but stop about 95% of the way up so they can get the application]

Daniel Larusso: Hey! Pull us up!
Snake: First give us the application.
Daniel Larusso: No! I'll give it to you when we get up there.
Mike Barnes: [lets Jessica fall for 1/2 second. She's fallen 5 feet]
Daniel Larusso: All right! All right!

[gives it to Snake]

Daniel Larusso: Here.
Mike Barnes: Check it out.
Snake: [does] It's cool.
Mike Barnes: [points at Daniel lecturing] You back out of this and this will seem like a pretty nice dream compared to what we all will do to you... and her.

Daniel Larusso: I know you don't believe in fighting, but tournament karate isn't exactly fighting.
Mr. Kesuke Miyagi: Not exactly ping-pong, either.

Terry Silver: You think this is the end of it, old man? I'm gonna open Cobra Kai dojos all over this Valley. Hell, I might even teach for free! From now on, all that anyone will know about is Cobra Kai karate. John Kreese's karate. You won't even be a memory!
Daniel Larusso: Yes, he will. You won't.

[Kreese and Silver are laughing hysterically, as Daniel turns to Miyagi]

Daniel Larusso: NOW... will you train me?
Mr. Kesuke Miyagi: Hai. Now Miyagi train you.

Daniel Larusso: I can't do it! I can't do this! Why can't we just leave? I'm afraid! Why can't we just go home. I'm afraid!
Mr. Kesuke Miyagi: Daniel-San! OK to lose to opponent. Not OK to lose to FEAR!!
Daniel Larusso: I'm afraid! I'm afraid of this guy! What am I supposed to do about it?
Mr. Kesuke Miyagi: Use focus! Your best karate still inside. Now time let out!

Terry Silver: Whoa... 50 percent. Well, I don't think I can afford more than 35.
Mike Barnes: I understand. I guess I'd better get going, then... nice meeting everybody.

[turns to leave]

Terry Silver: Hey...

[Mike turns around]

Terry Silver: ... you fight as hard as you negotiate?
Mike Barnes: Harder.
Terry Silver: You got your 50 percent.
Mike Barnes: And I can get that in writing?
Terry Silver: By noon today.
Mike Barnes: Mr. Silver, you just bought yourself a champion.

Mr. Kesuke Miyagi: Inside you same place you karate come from.
Daniel Larusso: My karate comes from you.
Mr. Kesuke Miyagi: Ah. Only root karate come from Miyagi. Just like bonsai choose own way grow because root strong you choose own way do karate same reason.
Daniel Larusso: I do it your way.
Mr. Kesuke Miyagi: Hai. One day you do own way.

Terry Silver: [speaking to Mike Barnes] If you're looking to be a bad boy in L.A., Snake's the boy to be bad with. Right, Snake?
Snake: You know it.

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