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The Karate Kid
Voices of Joey Dedio
Robert Ito
Janice Kawaye
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 12
Original channel NBC
Original run 1989 – 1989
Status Ended
Preceded by The Karate Kid

The Karate Kid was a twelve episode animated series which debuted on NBC's Saturday morning lineup. It starred Joey Dedio, Robert Ito, and Janice Kawaye. It was based on the popular Karate Kid series of films. Hoping to build from the franchise's popularity, DiC Entertainment and Sony Pictures Television premiered an animated Karate Kid on NBC's 1989 Saturday morning schedule.



The show retained apprentice Daniel LaRusso and his mentor Mr. Miyagi, but abandoned the karate tournament motif for an adventure/quest setting. A miniature shrine with healing powers had been taken from its resting place on Okinawa, and it was up to Miyagi and Daniel to recover it. Together with Okinawan girl Taki, the karatekas searched the globe and, naturally, encountered several opportunities to chop and kick their way out of trouble.


Episode formula

The episodes typically followed a similar formula: Mr. Miyagi would obtain a lead on the shrine's location in some exotic corner of the world. Daniel and Taki would follow up on it, and in the process encounter some villains who had either obtained or were seeking to obtain the shrine for their own evil purposes. After engaging, and of course, defeating the villains, Daniel would come within a hair's breadth of retrieving the shrine, only to have it escape from his grasp by random chance, (for example, drifting away after being tied to a bunch of balloons, or being swept into the ocean) thus ensuring that the search would continue into the next episode.


The show came on the tail end of the franchise's popularity, lacking the fan base necessary to overcome heavyweight opposition from Pee-Wee's Playhouse on CBS and The Real Ghostbusters on ABC.


As of May 2009, the show can purchased on iTunes, and can be streamed for free in the US on IMDB, Hulu, and Minisodes are available on Crackle.

DVD Release

Neither DIC Entertainment or Sony Pictures Home Entertainment currently have no plans to release the animated series on DVD at this time.

Episode titles

episode# Title Air Date
1 All the World His Stage September 9, 1989
2 The Homecoming September 16, 1989
3 My Brother's Keeper September 23, 1989
4 The Greatest Victory September 30, 1989
5 The Paper Hero October 7, 1989
6 Over the Rainbow October 14, 1989
7 The Return of the Shrine October 21, 1989
8 Walkabout October 28, 1989
9 East Meets West November 11, 1989
10 The Hunt November 18, 1989
11 The Gray Ghosts November 25, 1989
12 The Tomorrow Man November 27, 1989


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