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The Kids from Room 402 is a television program that originally aired on Fox Family in the USA starting in 1999, previously aired on Teletoon, and currently airs in the UK.

The show is focused primarily on the students from Room 402, as the title implies. Miss Graves, the teacher, is usually shown as an interlocutor in the problems and injustices that are inflicted upon the students, whether the dilemmas be internal or external. Each show usually ends with a substantiated moral or lesson resulting from such aforementioned situations.

The show is based on the children's book The Kids from Room 402 by Betty Paraskevas and Michael Paraskevas. It was developed for television by Cindy Begel and Lesa Kite who wrote all 52 episodes.



  • Nancy Francis (Mindy Cohn) - Nancy is the blue-haired man with the glasses, you see Nancy is always trying to fit in with the other girls and is always is helping out Jesse because she sees him being picked on a lot. Nancy is a good kid but bossy and she usually gets up to mischief and that's what gets her in trouble. She is always trying to befriend Penny, but can never achieve that goal, and will sometimes end up being "friends" with Polly McShane who she resists instead. Nancy's a Straight A Student.
  • Jesse McCoy (Shawn Pyfrom) - Jesse is not the smartest kid from school, and he is often picked on by friends including Vinnie because his mother treats him like a baby. Whenever he has a task or a homework to do, he usually gets out of it by telling a lie to Miss Graves, but she catches on and gives him different punishments. Jesse is bald and wears an orange sweater with blue jeans.
  • Penny Grant (Tara Strong) - Penny is one of the wealthiest girls in the entire school. Penny is not a snob just because she is one of the richest kids in town. She is very nice and has blonde hair that helps her fit in very nicely. Nancy is always near her because of how wealthy she is but sometimes Penny doesn't even realize that she is rich.
  • Vinnie Nasta (Andrew Lawrence) - Vinnie is the prankster of the bunch. He is a miniscule boy who likes to pull underwear on people. Vinnie is always found wearing a football shirt and spiked up black hair. Vinnie always has some eggs with him to chuck at the innocent kids of the school. He is also friends with Jesse, and the two pull pranks together on occasion.
  • Freddie Fay (Bryton McClure) - Freddie is sadly also picked on and teased like Jesse. Freddie is basically classified as a nerd in the school and he doesn't like that at all. He has glasses, black hair, wears a yellow shirt and sticks out as an easily found school nerd. In one episode everyone picked on him because they thought he wet his pants when in reality the Water Fountain sprayed him by accident and Nurse Pitts came to talk to Freddie's class about Bladder Control.
  • Polly McSheister (Colleen O'Shaughnessey) - Polly, a proud Lithuanian, is a big girl who is a 'teacher's pet'. Polly is the teacher's pet and looks very like it too. Polly is very smart and has glasses, black hair and a plaid dress. The teacher's pets are very annoying but not like this one, Polly loves goats and tries to hang out with others epecially Nancy who she refers to as "Nan" and can never fit in but she always keeps trying. She has an obsession with spoons. Also, the other children frequently know when she is coming, because she exclaims: "yo-da-lei-hoo".
  • Arthur Kenneth Van der Wall (Chris Marquette) - Arthur is always trying to sell really awesome things. Even if you don't buy from Arthur you usually end up paying him in the end. He has brown hair and wears a nice blue suit, now this kid's got everything indeed. But how he gets his cool stuff he sells is unknown, most kids think he steals it from stores or is very rich.
  • Miss Gracie DeathGraves (April Winchell) - Miss Gracie Graves is a really great teacher. The thing is that she is stuck with a tough class. So whenever you see her she's probably just trying to get her class to take at least one pop quiz without getting excuses from Jesse and the others.
  • Mr. Besser (Rodger Bumpass) - Mr. Besser is the incompetent principal of the school. Noted for his stupidity and overweight stature, he is often satirized, whether it be vocal or written, by his students. His negligence and ignorance serves as recurring comic relief within the television show.
  • Melanie Bellanchof (Debi Derryberry) - A newer student to the school, she is Mrs. Bellancough's daughter, her parents are either divorced or split up, as Melanie comes to town to live with her mother. When asked how she likes the school she always exclaims: "smells".
  • Nurse Pitts (Lori Alan) - The school nurse.
  • Coach Bobka (Cam Clarke) - The school gym teacher.
  • Sylvia (Marsha Clark) - A student.
  • Gabrielle (Olivia Hack) - Another fellow student.
  • Mrs. McCoy (Edie McClurg) - Jesse's overprotective mother. She usually treats Jesse like a baby and embarrasses him near his friends who sometimes bully him.
  • Mrs. Bellancough - Mrs. Bellancough Melanie's mother who is a teacher attending Melanie's new school. She got custody of her daughter by lying to the judge about which parent Melanie would rather live with. Mrs. Bellancough does not pay attention to her daughter's interests and even used her position at school to have her daughter join the cheerleading squad despite Melanie trying to tell her she doesn't want to be a cheerleader.
  • Mr. Bellancough - Mr. Bellancough is Mrs. Bellancough's ex-husband. He is not seen and Melanie would rather live with Mr. Bellancough than live with Mrs. Bellancough.



Season 1

# Episode Title Summary Air Date
1 Son of Einstein After Jesse discovered a book with the answers to the math test, he becomes "smart". Meanwhile, Nancy tries to sit with Penny. Unknown
2 Welcome to Safety Corner After Nancy returned from vacation in Mexico with a good luck bracelet, the bracelet soon goes missing and she thinks someone has stolen it. Meanwhile, Polly and Arthur become the crossing guards. Unknown
3 The Used Gum Chewer Jesse eats used gum on Freddie's eyes and, after Freddie told others, everybody laughed at him. Meanwhile, everyone wants to see naked Kinok and his family. Unknown
4 The One Man Committee Jesse, Polly and Freedy must do an assignment about Christopher Columbus. Jesse decides to not do the project. Meanwhile, Nancy buys the same fur hat, like her friends, but it's big and everyone thinks Nancy got a big head. Unknown
5 The Half Wit Jesse buys a Joke Book. Meanwhile, Arthur lost his ring. Unknown
6 Shy Kidney It's school trip time! Arthur looks for the toilet and Jesse discovers that his mother joined the field trip as a chaparone. Meanwhile, Nancy takes care of a boy who can't speak English. Unknown
7 Is Your Refrigerator Running After Jesse and Vinnie prank the teachers by the telephone, Vinnie becomes Mr. Besser's helper by punishment for a week and Jesse fakes illness to guard the phone as he believes Miss Graves decides to call his mother about the telephone pranks. Nancy pretends to be Polly's friend to have a friendship with Penny. Unknown
8 The Arthur Kenneth Vanderwall Library After learning Polly replaced Mr. Jackson and created lots of rules in the library, Arthur decides to create his own library. Unknown
9 Free Lunch Arthur decides to forget his lunch. Nancy learns Karate. Unknown
10 The Moocher Jesse borrows Freddie's homework to copy it. Nancy falls in love with Jeremy. Unknown
11 The Girl in the Plastic Bubble The illness problem appears and Nancy tries to don't be ill for sports day and Jesse hurts his nose. Unknown
12 Over the River and Through the Swamp Arthur begins sing solo, but Polly decides to have a duet. After the problems with Polly, Arthur decides to change the words on the song. Meanwhile, Jesse cuts the pictures from the book to his report. Unknown
13 Pretty As a Picture While on the picture day, Freddie tries to hide his blouse for this day after he discovers Polly wearing the same blouse. Meanwhile, Jesse tries to get a good grade on a Biology test. Unknown
14 The Anti-Mucous Forming, Artery Clogging, Energy Zapping Diet After overhearing that Penny's on a diet, Nancy decides to go on a diet too. Meanwhile, Freddie decides to have a birthday party at Monster land. Unknown
15 All Polly All The Day The morning school radio news approach, but Mr Besser catches the hiccups, so Polly ends up to replace him and he later decides to let her announce the school radio news. At first, the kids think this is a fun, but later, Nancy, Vinnie, Joey, Piggy and Jordan accidentally make various problems which Polly discovers and announces them, making the balmes angry. Later on, the janitor takes the can trash can just as Polly is about to toss the can. When the bell calls, Polly tosses the can to the paper can, but it was seen by Nancy. She and the other kids reveal to Polly the problem and order her to no announce the school problems and no watching the problems or they'll call Mr Besser about that. Polly later announces she tossed the can to the paper can, but then she once again announces the problems and critics Nancy and the others. Meanwhile, Jessie injures his ankle and his mother forces him to stay at home for few weeks. Freddie comes to visit and tutor Jessie, but Jessie turns into a slacker. With that, Miss Graves decides to let Jessie do the classes with the camera. Freddie sees something wrong with the camera. While trying to fix it, Freddie finds the back button and pushes it, showing Jessie in the bath. The kids begin laugh until Miss Graves shuts down the camera. Unknown
16 Spoons,Spiders and Space Beasts Mr. Besser decides to have the school invention convention. The students will work as a duet and when the one of the duets win the convention, the duet will go to the Space Town. Penny takes the bug project. Nancy lies to Penny she loves the bugs and Penny decides to work with Nancy before she announces she will see her bugs. When Penny comes to Nancy's house, Nancy lies her cat eaten all of the bug collection. Meanwhile, Polly takes Freddie to her duet and decides to use the spoons. Freddie refuses and decides to use another things, but Polly refuses. Freddie gives up and lets the spoons. Jessie and Vinnie use his brother's invention to win, but Miss Graves knows it and orders them to create the invention by themselves. While doing the bug project with Penny, Nancy ends up being attacked by the bugs and has the bubbles everywhere on her body. With the help of their mothers, Jessie and Vinnie decide to create the invention about the magic magnets, but their teamwork ends when they're fighting who will sign the project first. Meanwhile, Polly and Freddie's teamwork also ends when Freddie licks the water from the metal spoon and Polly accuses him for the failure of her invention. Nancy and Penny win the convention, but the nurse forces Nancy out of the trip when she sees Nancy has a fever. Unknown
17 Mercury in Retrograde Nancy has a bad luck and discovers it was a fault of the Mercury in Retrograde. Meanwhile, Freddie splashes his pants on water, but Vinnie believes Freddie was "peeing" his pants. Unknown
18 Bad Seed Jesse is sent to Mr. Karl's class by Mr. Besser. Meanwhile, while on the fire alert season, Arthur is having the pool party. Unknown
19 There Must Be A Pony Polly shows everyone her pony. Meanwhile, Jesse "sends" his report about Tom Sawyer to his grandparents. Unknown
20 Mrs McCoy's Baby Boy After Jesse's mother treats him like a baby near some of his classmates, his classmates begin treat him like a baby. Meanwhile, Nancy becomes arrogant after discovering Jordan is rich. Unknown
21 Eenie Meenie Jesse and Vinnie begin swear in the school, but they must stop it or Mr. Besser and Miss Graves call their parents about this. Meanwhile, Nancy and her team try to play ping-pong. Also entitled Holy Bleep. Unknown
22 Bing, Bing, Bing and a Shot Jesse is forced to have a shot when Polly decides to check the class' medical cards. Meanwhile, The Squirrel team delivers the cookies, only to go into camp for a best duet. Unknown

Season 2

# Episode Title Summary Air Date
23 The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Nancy babysits Lara Johnson, but soon Nancy becomes lazy and this causes her to quit. Meanwhile, Arthur plays with some little kids. Unknown
24 The Low Sodium, Adult Swim Only,Early Bird Special Vacation Nancy visits her grandparents at Miami, but soon Polly joins her. Unknown
25 Jesse Magoo After cheating at the watch tests, Jesse is forced to wear glasses. Meanwhile, Nancy and Charlie are having a rampage on compitetion for the best sportsmen. Unknown
26 Your Body is Changing The class watches in the evening at school a movie called Your Body is Changing. Jesse wants to find out from where the kids come from, but thanks to his mother, he misses most of the movie. Meanwhile, Polly opens the hospital for spoons. Unknown
27 I Got a Boyfriend Nancy begins flirt with Vinnie. Meanwhile, Arthur tries to learn swimming for pool party at Saturday. Unknown
28 The Peep and the Sheep At the school it's time for a Halloween dance. Unknown
29 The School Fair The students make the school fair in duets to win two bicycles. Unknown
30 A Visit to Nana and Pop-Pop's Jesse visits his grandparents. Unknown
31 Chi Whiz After learning about Chi and Feng Shui, Nancy begins change all thanks to Feng Shui. Unknown
32 Simon of London Nancy wants to her hair cut by Simon of London, but she's unaware he cuts the hair of the stars. Meanwhile, Polly is angry when she gets an A-. Unknown
33 The Dumb Bunny Jesse is sent to the class for geniuses and he decides to escape from school while on the class. Meanwhile, Polly opens up a spoon shop. Unknown
34 A Very Nancy Christmas The performance about Santa Claus starts, but Nancy becomes arrogant with this. Unknown
35 Mr Beeser the Liver Butcher When Miss Graves becomes ill, Mr. Besser replaces her. Unknown
36 The Election Story Polly wins the Election Story and she decides to change all at school to Lithuania. Unknown
37 The Clique Nancy wants to have a friendship with The Clique. Meanwhile, Jesse must write the report about planes. Unknown
38 The Gazotski Polly wants to dance with Sanjay at Gazotski. Meanwhile, Miss Graves helps Miss Belanchof with the problems. Unknown
39 The Sidewalk Boys Nancy wants to see the concert of her favourite band, Sidewalk Boys. Unknown
40 Uncle Bonehead Vinnie discovers his Aunt Kooky is getting married to Mr. Besser. Meanwhile, Polly opens the fire school. Unknown
41 Squirrel Girls and Boys The Squirrel team of girls and boys goes to the camp. Unknown
42 Don't Know, Don't Care, Smells A new girl named Melanie arrives to class 402. Meanwhile, Nancy changes herself to India. Unknown
43 Don't Put Your Fingers in the Light Socket After Jesse terrorizes his babysitters, his new babysitter is Polly. Unknown
44 Squeezed Out While on the vegetable contest, Nancy leaves to her grandmother. Unknown
45 By Invitation Only Melanie becomes grounded and she "invities" someone to destroy her grounding. Meanwhile, Vinne creates the wrong sketch for the art class and this makes his mother and Miss Graves angry, but not the others. Unknown
46 It Takes Your Breath Away Nancy gets an Asthma attack. Unknown
47 No Refunds, No Exchanges Jesse is sent to the Maledonia for the exchange. Meanwhile, Polly opens the spoon school. Unknown
48 The Slam Book Melanie wants to the other kids like her and decides to make the slam book to write someone's name. Unknown
49 Schnitzy R.I.P. Polly becomes depressed after her goat, Schnitzy, died. In order to get out from the math classes, Jessie, Vinnie and Nancy attend the funeral. The next day, Nancy is forced to hang with Polly to the cementery. While Nancy and Polly's mother take Polly to the shelter, Polly is angry because she will have a new pet. Looking for a pet, Polly finds a little goat and decides to name her the name of the former goat. Unknown
50 For Whom the Bell Tolls Nancy, Jordan and Gabrielle wear the bells and beautiful clothes and this makes Mr. Besser angry. Meanwhile, Jesse and Vinnie decide to have the rings. Unknown
51 Believe It or Not Miss Graves is having the problems with taking the school nurse, Miss Pitts, to the school. Meanwhile, Nancy is afraid of Billy Moufchuk. Unknown
52 HIQ As always, Jessie is a dumb and Polly is very smart. Now, Miss Graves gives the class the IQ tests. Polly is excited to she will go to the Lithuania college. After the test, Vinnie sneaks to the grade cards and sees on them......... Jessie has 152 points and Polly has 91 points. Because of this, Jessie is taken to the genius class and Polly is made to hang out with the dumb kids. While hanging out with the dumb kids, Polly reveals she's very smart. While at the genius class, Jessie lures the students to not do their homeworks. The teacher isn't happy and brings Jessie back to the class 402. Miss Graves decides to check the printed grade card and sees on it....... Jessie has 91 points and Polly has 152 points. It is soon discovered Mr. Besser switched the grades. Because of this, Jessie and Polly come back to their old ways. Unknown

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