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The Know How was a third wave ska band from Gainesville, Florida, formed in 1998. Their musical style blended ska and pop punk and prominently featured a Moog synthesizer alongside more typical ska instrumentation (including an organ and usually one or more trombones.)

Despite releases on Jump Up! Records and Stomp Records[1], numerous nationwide tours (including appearances on the 2005 Warped Tour as well as the second[2] and third[3] Ska Is Dead tours,) the band broke up after their final shows in Gainesville on February 16 and 17, 2007. The band cited financial strains, tour fatigue and fluctuations in the supporting lineup as contributing factors.


Final Show Roster

  • Skyler Stone (vocals)
  • Jeremy "Finch" Kestenbaum (guitar)
  • Dave Lackey (trombone)
  • Joe Dobrowolski (trombone)
  • Evan Cantwell (trumpet)
  • Brian Skeen (bass guitar)
  • Alex Lee (synth/organ)
  • Nick Galluch (synth/organ/keytar)
  • Bryan Wilson (drums)
  • Kyle Nelson (drums)
  • Jeff Rosenstock (saxophone)
  • with special guest appearance from former bandmember David Gardner (trombone)


  • This Won't Hurt A Bit (2000, self-released)
  • Happy Fun Robot Kill Time (2002, Jump Up! Records)
  • Now In Technicolor (2005, Stomp Records)

Other Members

  • Mike Gallers (saxophone)
  • David Krasky (guitar)
  • Justin 'Buppy' Rowe (bass)
  • Mike Cochrane (trombone)
  • Lee Hsu (trumpet)
  • Stuart Parnes (bass)
  • Sean Kane (guitar)
  • Phil Culpepper (trombone)


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